Best 9mm Rifles

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Best 9mm Rifles are highly accurate and reliable weapons that are great for beginners and experts alike. They are simple and easy to use, although they still provide accuracy and power. In addition, their lightweight makes them highly portable, making them perfect for various situations.


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The MPX is offered in the PCC competition ready platform that gives you the same reliability with the ultimate in performance. New on the PCC is the Timney MPX trigger designed for long-term performance in the MPX, slim M-LOK handguard for a more M4...

Though 9mm has been around for a long time, its popularity seems to be rising. It is now being widely accepted as one of the best calibers available, along with .45 ACP. It has been due to its relatively low cost and the quality of the ammunition. Another concern for buyers of this caliber is its lack of effectiveness in stopping power. There is a wide assortment of 9mm self-defense rounds available on the market today that offers various levels of stopping power. 

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If you are in a hurry to purchase the best 9mm Rifles, and you want to make the best decision, here are our top 3 picks:

Top 3 Best 9mm Rifles

When buying the best 9mm rifles, there are several factors to consider. We will discuss these later in this article. Let’s begin.

5 Best 9mm Rifles (Ranked And Reviewed)

1. Sig Sauer MPX PCC 9mm Rifle


It is a great choice for an accurate and reliable weapon. Its lightweight design makes it great for beginners, while its reliability makes it perfect for experts. The overall length of this rifle measures 35.25 inches, with a 16-inch barrel attached. The MPX is very simple to use and maintain. It has a high capacity to fire up to 30 rounds accurately. It features a free-floating ergonomic slimline M-LOK handguard that is fully machined and has a black anodized finish. This feature adds to its accuracy. It is also comfortable to hold. It also has a full-length Picatinny top rail and is ready to accept your favorite accessories.


The TIMNEY single-stage trigger enhances this rifle’s accuracy and performance by enhancing the shooter’s ability to fire quickly. It also greatly reduces trigger take-up and overtravel, which further adds to the accuracy of this gun. It has a 5-position folding/telescoping stock for various firing positions; that is practical and compact. It is easy to adjust and has a high-quality locking mechanism. It is designed for tactical use and is made of high-quality materials that ensure its durability. It has a sleek and modern design. It is simple to disassemble for cleaning and does not require tools. The barrel is made of carbon steel. The receiver has a hard coat anodized finish.



2. Century Arms NAK9 


Century Arms NAK9 measures 19.10 inches in length, has an 11.14-inch barrel, weighs 6.38 pounds, and is unloaded. It is highly accurate and reliable. Its small frame allows it to be easily carried in many situations. The NAK9 is a great choice for those who want a compact gun that can still pack a punch. It comes with a 33-round magazine, offering an extended capacity. The NAK9 has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to hold, even for extended periods. This gun comes with an enhanced trigger group that offers better control and a smooth pull.


The enhanced trigger group also allows for a faster rate of fire. It has a functional textured grip that ensures you have a secure grip on the gun at all times. The NAK9 can be easily disassembled for cleaning without any tools or additional parts required. The Draco NAK9 has a Picatinny optics rail on top of the dust cover. It allows you to mount your favorite accessories, whether scopes or red dot sights. The Draco NAK9 features a precise barrel and flash suppressor, which reduces recoil when firing. This feature helps make follow-up shots faster and more accurate. It has a safety lever that locks the trigger/firing mechanism.


It enhances safety while carrying this gun. It also has a reversible magazine release that left-handed shooters can easily access. It also has a rear sling mount to attach a variety of slings. The design of this gun makes it great for tactical use. It features a black metal finish on the upper and lower components of the frame. The gun’s front, and rear iron sights are fully adjustable to help you achieve accuracy when firing. It is made with high-quality materials that ensure its durability. It has a compact design that can be easily carried.

Century Arms NAK9 N2



3. Kel-Tec SUB2000 9mm Rifle


The Kel-Tec Sub2000 is one of the best 9mm rifles on the market due to its lightweight and compact design while still having plenty of firepowers. The Sub2000 measures 30.5 inches long when fully extended. It has a 16.25-inch barrel length. The Sub2000 can be disassembled for easy cleaning without using any tools. The Sub2000 is chambered in 9x19mm Luger. It has enough stopping power or self-defense while still light enough to be carried in many situations. Its slim profile makes it an ideal firearm to take with you on your next hunt or when out camping. It has a Picatinny optics rail on top for mounting accessories. The Sub2000 doesn’t use a traditional locking system like other firearms. Instead, it has a straight blow-back system that is very simple and easy to maintain.


It has a safety lever that is easy to operate from either side of the firearm. It has a reversible magazine release that left-handed shooters can easily access. The stock on this gun is made of a polymer material and folds to the side of the gun. This gun is an excellent choice for those who want a 9mm rifle that can easily be carried while still having the power of a pistol. The Sub2000 can fire accurately. It has a sleek, lightweight design, making it easy to carry. The rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation, allowing you to achieve accuracy when firing at your target. It has a low recoil which allows for follow-up shots to be fast. The Sub2000 has superior ergonomics that allow you to spend hours at the range without feeling tired.



4. Kalashnikov USA 9mm Semi-Auto Rifle


It is a  pretty big and heavy gun.  The gun measures 34.5 inches in length and weighs around 6.85 lbs. It is a pretty long rifle for concealed carry, but it does well as an assault rifle. It uses 9mm Luger ammunition which is very common and inexpensive. The gun has a 30 round magazine capacity which helps with fast-paced scenarios for self-defense or hunting. The KR-9 has a skeletonized Vityaz triangle-style side folding stock. The hinged top cover has a built-in Picatinny rail and comes with 1/2 inch x 28 suppressor-ready muzzle threads, which allow the usage of most US muzzle devices and suppressors. It also comes with a factory-installed flash suppressor.


KR-9 has a simple and reliable closed-bolt blowback design which is very efficient. This feature allows firing only when the bolt is fully closed, and the trigger is pressed, thus increasing safety. The bolt hold-open device locks the bolt to the rear after the last round is fired. This gun is suited for both hunting and self-defense/law enforcement purposes. It does well in both areas with its high capacity magazine and good range potential. The KR-9 comes in a matte black finish that looks very sleek and modern. The side-folding stock is skeletonized, and the triangle Vityaz pattern adds to the gun’s visual appeal. This gun is beautiful and well crafted.

Kalashnikov USA 9mm Semi-Auto Rifle N4



5. Rugerproperly PC Carbine Rifle


The Ruger PC Carbine rifle is a 9mm carbine with a 16.12″ threaded barrel and a total weight of 116.8 oz. It has a telescopic stock with three positions, an overall length of 35.50 inches, and short stock, making it easy to control at close range. The telescopic buttstock also makes it easier to transport the gun when folded safely. The Ruger PC Carbine rifle has a CNC-milled handguard for increased durability. It has a threaded barrel compatible with most suppressors and muzzle devices for increased accuracy. It also comes with a factory-installed Picatinny rail for mounting accessories easily accessible to the shooter. The Ruger PC Carbine rifle comes with multiple magazine wells interchangeable for added versatility. The rifle is compatible with most Glock and Ruger magazines, so owning multiple magazine wells is advantageous.


A simple takedown enables you to quickly separate the PC Carbine’s forend assembly from its action for storage or transport. The Ruger PC Carbine rifle is ideal for home defense, target shooting, or hunting small game. It comes with a reversible magazine release to help you adapt for left-handed use. The charging handle is also reversible for easy access. It has a  black synthetic stock with a matte black steel barrel. Its lightweight build makes it easy to carry and provides excellent stability during long-range shooting. The aluminum free-float handguard provides durability and increases accuracy. The aluminum receiver has a type III hard-coat anodized finish that provides increased abrasion resistance. Ruger PC Carbine rifle is the ideal choice for home defense, target shooting, or hunting small game.



What To Consider When Buying Best 9mm Rifles?

There are a few things to consider when looking for the best 9mm rifle:

Magazine Capacity 

Generally, rifles with large magazines are suitable for home defense and hunting. The detachable box magazines will allow you easy and quick reloading. High capacity may also indicate a good self-defensive weapon as it helps you keep your opponents at bay for some time.

Barrel Length 

The length of the barrel is often correlated with accuracy. Longer barrels generally provide better accuracy, while short barrels are lighter and more maneuverable.


There are many different types of rifles used by hunters, military forces, multiple calibers to choose. What makes rifles good for certain shooters is the caliber and not the size of the rifle. The rifles listed above are all 9mm Luger calibers, a good choice for a powerful yet small weapon.


Customization is always a bonus as you can further improve your rifle’s performance. Rifles with rails on top provide an easy way to customize them with a scope, red dot optics, and flashlight. They also allow you to attach various accessories such as foregrips and lights.

Stock Type

The type of stock you choose should depend on your comfort. The stocks that are made for hunting allow shooters to take steady aim while military forces or self defenders would want a stock that is collapsible and lightweight, allowing them easy transport.


Check for the rifle’s overall design and material. A 9mm rifle is a gun you will want to keep for a long time, so it is important to choose a reliable and durable one.


This factor is very important for hunters and shooters who shoot at competitions. You want to choose a 9mm rifle that is accurate and has good target acquisition. Good accuracy will make a big difference in hunting and shooting competitions.


9mm rifles are generally on the expensive side; however, many are available for less than $1000. If you use your 9mm rifle for hunting or self-defense, you must select one that suits your budget.


It is important to make sure the rifles you want to buy are available in your region, both in terms of price and availability. 

Legal Restrictions

Always check your country’s gun laws before buying any type of firearm. Some countries have specific restrictions for certain rifles, so it is important always to be informed.


9mm rifles are most commonly used by special forces or secret service members who need to carry a small, light-weight gun for long periods. Hunters also use 9mm rifles because it has low recoil, making shooting more comfortable.

Even the best 9mm rifle with a high-quality barrel will be accurate compared to other rifles with different calibers. But 9mm rifles are not considered sniper rifles; they are small-caliber rifles with an effective range of 200 yards or less.

A 9mm rifle is light-weight, has low recoil, is easy to carry for long periods, and is accurate. It’s also much cheaper than .223 or .308 caliberalways important rifles and has good stopping power.

The effective range of a 9mm rifle with a high-quality barrel is 200 yards. But it depends on what you mean by “effective range.” Most gun experts agree that an effective range for a 9mm rifle is about 200 yards. Some will argue it’s even less than that, depending on the make and model of the gun itself.


This article is a detailed review of the best 9mm rifle based on effectiveness, design, handling, material, and the availability of different accessories. The most important aspects you should consider when buying a 9mm rifle are your budget, comfort, accuracy, and the legal restrictions for your country. The best 9mm rifle has an effective range of 200 yards and is easy to carry for long periods. Also, it must have good accuracy and stability. 9mm rifles are the perfect weapon for hunters who want to shoot accurately at a close range and self-defense shooters who need a gun that is easy to transport. 

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