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Bersa Thunder 9 Review and Price

A Comprehensive Guide

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Bersa Thunder 9 Review and Price
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From $276.99

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By reading this detailed Bersa Thunder 9 review, you’ll learn everything you need to know about this reliable semi-automatic handgun. In this article, we’ll review the features of the Thunder 9, how it works, its pros and cons, as well as any maintenance that needs to be done regularly. So if you’re ready to learn more about the Bersa Thunder 9, keep reading. With its sleek design and simple operation, the Bersa Thunder 9 is a perfect option if you want something that looks good and performs well in all conditions. 

Table of Contents

Whether you’re just learning how to shoot or are already experienced, the Thunder 9 will help you improve your skills. And if you want to take your shooting game up a notch, this firearm is customizable so that you can make it perfect for any situation. The Bersa Thunder 9 has a suggested average price of around $420, but it is available at a low price tag. Even though it’s less expensive than many other handguns, the Thunder 9 still has a durable design that ensures its longevity and will easily last for years to come.

Features of Bersa Thunder 9

Grip and Textures

The 9mm luger Bersa thunder has black polymer grip panels to ensure that it’s lightweight and won’t slip in your hands when they’re sweaty or wet. The grip panels fit well in your hand and ensure that you have a solid hold and enhanced control to shoot with accuracy. The Bersa pistol has textures on the grip panels and slide to ensure a comfortable, hand-filling grip on the firearm. With these different textures, you can shoot with accuracy and confidence, knowing that you won’t lose gun control.


It also has a textured back strap so you can get a better grip on this semi-automatic handgun, even if you’re wearing gloves to protect your hands while shooting. The cocking serrations on both sides of the slide, making it easier to rack back the slide when loading your firearm. These serrations are also helpful if you want to use a speed loader so that your speed and accuracy aren’t affected by poor grip or slippery hands.

Grip and Textures of Bersa Thunder 9

Size and Weight

The Bersa Thunder 9 is a gun that’s small enough to conceal yet big enough to feel comfortable in your hand. It can easily fit in any bag, making it great for carrying when you’re on the go. The size of the grip combined with its weight makes this firearm easy to hold and shoot without getting tired. The overall length of this handgun is 7.6″. It has a barrel length of 4.3,” and its height is 5.5″. The maximum thickness is 1.25″. The overall weight of the Bersa pistol is 28 ounces, making it an average weight for any full-size handgun. The Thunder 9 is a lightweight gun, making it easier to carry and handle. This weight also makes it perfect for those just learning how to shoot as it won’t be too heavy for beginners to handle. The caliber of the Bersa Thunder 9 is 9mm and the magazine capacity is 17+1 rounds. It means it can hold more rounds than other firearms in its class, making it perfect for target practice, home defense, and tactical use.

Size and Weight of Bersa Thunder 9

Stopping Power

The stopping power of the Bersa Thunder 9 is impressive. The 9mm luger Bersa Thunder has excellent stopping power because of its high-velocity cartridges. When using the right ammunition, this handgun will be able to stop any threat in its tracks. The Bersa Thunder 9 has a bullet grain of 105-147. It means it’s the perfect choice for target practice and shooting at an indoor range because you have a wide range to choose from, so you can find what works best for your firearm. The muzzle velocity is 1,245 feet per second, making this gun great for hunting small game and larger animals. With all these features in mind, it’s easy to see why the Bersa Thunder 9 is one of the most popular firearms on the market today. You won’t find another handgun with this combination of features for this price.

Stopping Power of Bersa Thunder 9

Safety Features

It has a manual safety activated by a decocking lever. The safety lever and slide release are ambidextrous. When the control lever is pushed down, it will stay in place so that you can move your hand away from the trigger. It ensures that you won’t accidentally shoot when there is no need to. An automatic trigger tail ensures that there’s no way you can accidentally pull the trigger and shoot. It locks the firing pin, so the only way you can shoot is when you pull the trigger. This feature makes this handgun an excellent choice for those just learning how to shoot. The automatic hammer block prevents the firing pin from hitting the cartridge if it comes into contact with another solid object and places it in the first rest locked by the sear. It reduces the risk of an accident and ensures that you won’t shoot yourself by mistake.

Safety Features of Bersa Thunder 9

Slide Stop and Magazine Release

The slide stop is on the left of the gun, making it easy to reach with your thumb. It ensures that the pistol will not fire when you release the slide. It makes it easier for you to load and unload your firearm without engaging in a dangerous activity that could cause an accidental discharge. The 9mm luger Bersa Thunder has a magazine release located on the left side of the firearm. It makes it easy to reload and replace your old magazines with new ones so you can continue shooting. The Bersa Thunder 9 is a handgun with an excellent design and delivers impressive performance shots.

Slide Stop and Magazine Release of Bersa Thunder 9

Trigger Mechanism

The Thunder 9 has a smooth single-action/double-action trigger mechanism that makes it easier for you to do a quick follow-up shot. The double-action trigger pull is smooth, and the trigger press is consistent. It means that each shot you fire will have the same amount of pressure behind it, giving you a better chance to aim and hit your target accurately. The single-action pull has a short travel, making it easy for you to shoot without jerking or moving around. You can ensure that every shot counts because you will be able to shoot with maximum accuracy every time you pull the trigger. It also gives beginners the ability to follow through with their initial shot to get the best results.

Trigger Mechanism of Bersa Thunder 9

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

When firing the 9mm luger Bersa Thunder, the recoil is much less than other firearms in its class. It is because of its low bore axis and ergonomic grip that sits perfectly in your hand. The low bore axis means that this gun doesn’t have much recoil because it’s not pushing you back into the palm of your hand. The muzzle flip is more than manageable, so you won’t have to worry about it affecting your accuracy. After you fire a shot, the slide will move back and return forward as fast as possible. It helps reduce the muzzle flip and ensures that you won’t miss your intended target because there is too much recoil behind each shot. It’s perfect for an average shooter who doesn’t want to feel the jolt of a firearm after it’s been shot. You can hit your target more accurately and fire with maximum precision.

Recoil and Muzzle Flip of Bersa Thunder 9


The Bersa Thunder 9 has a traditional military design that is sleek and durable. It has a matte black slide made of steel and is lightweight, making it easier for you to carry without adding weight. The Bersa Thunder 9 has a lightweight matte black polymer frame with an alloy steel slide. This material combination makes the gun durable and easy for you to hold, ensuring that it stays in your hand when you shoot. 9mm luger Bersa Thunder pistol features an ergonomically designed black polymer grip that makes it easy to hold whether you are right or left-handed. Front and rear slide serrations make it easier for you to rack the slide. They also aid, making sure that your hands are in the correct position every time you want to fire a shot.

Advantages of Bersa Thunder 9


The Thunder 9 is very comfortable and easy to conceal because of its lightweight design and compact size. Since it’s lightweight, the firearm is also very easy to carry because of the compact size that makes it great for close contact.


The Bersa Thunder 9 has an excellent design which makes the gun easier to handle and fire. The design eliminates the unnecessary bulkiness and makes it a comfortable carry weapon. The Thunder 9 also has a very manageable recoil, so you will have an easier time shooting without feeling fatigued or sore after several rounds.


The Thunder 9 has a steel slide with an alloy frame, so you know that the design is dependable and durable. The gun will have no trouble lasting for several years if it’s well taken care of and properly maintained. It can handle being dropped several times without breaking down, making it perfect for tactical situations where you may need to use it in the line of fire.

Ease of Use

If you are familiar with pistols, then the 9mm luger Bersa Thunder will be easy for you to handle. The traditional military design makes it simple to use and operate. All you have to do is chamber a round, take aim at your target, and pull the trigger to shoot. You can also fire double or triple taps if needed because of the lighter recoil.


The Bersa Thunder 9 is an affordable handgun with all of the features you need for self-defense. It fires 9mm rounds at affordable prices, which makes it perfect for anyone who is just starting to learn how to shoot.

Disadvantages of Bersa Thunder 9

Availability of Spare Parts

The spare parts for the 9mm luger Bersa pistol are not very readily available, so if something happens to your gun you may have difficulty repairing it. You should always carry extra spare parts with you to make sure that you can fix the gun if something does happen.

Magazine Release

The Bersa Thunder 9 has a small magazine release button. This means that it may be a little bit difficult for older users to quickly push the button and eject the used round from their firearm. However, younger shooters shouldn’t have trouble ejecting the magazine because of its size and design.


The sights on this gun aren’t very special, which means that you may have a difficult time firing at moving targets. The front sight is an integral post and so is not replaceable. This means that you will only be able to adjust the rear sight to fine-tune your shot.

Aftermarket Accessories - Bersa Thunder 9 Review and Price

Bersa Thunder 9 comes with an accessory rail to attach quick-targeting accessories like flashlights or laser sights, making it great for tactical missions. However, there isn’t an abundance of Bersa Thunder 9 accessories available for purchase. Also, you won’t be able to find many different types of holsters, but you can buy a tactical holster for your Thunder 9.


The Bersa Thunder 9 has black polymer grip, which means that it may not be comfortable for everyone. You can buy aftermarket grips to make them more ergonomic and comfortable to use.


There are not a lot of lasers available for the Thunder 9, so if you wanted to use this handgun for personal protection then it may be difficult to find an attachment that works with the gun. There are few aftermarket laser sights that are designed for this firearm, but it’s also very expensive and doesn’t come cheap.


If you wanted to use this firearm as your home defense weapon, then it may be difficult for you to find a flashlight attachment. There are not a lot of aftermarket accessories available for the Thunder 9.


The barrel on this gun is not very long and it’s also made out of steel, which means that you can easily damage or change the barrel as needed. If you wanted to, then you could also purchase a replacement barrel for your firearm.


You can purchase a tactical holster for it. If security is a big concern, you may want to consider this accessory when you choose your gun. But there aren’t a lot of holster attachments available for the Thunder 9, so it may be difficult to find one that fits correctly. You can buy an inside-the-pants or belt holster for your handgun.

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The molded contours provide secure retention yet allow for a quick, easy draw. The steel rivet attachment system firmly anchors the holster to your belt. The paddle also has adjustable detents that allow it to be custom fitted for your particular weapon. With normal use and proper care, one set of Fobus evolution series paddle holsters or magazine pouches will provide a lifetime service that far exceeds any other holster on the market today. Fobus stands behind every holster and magazine pouch with a lifetime warranty. If the holster or magazine pouches are ever damaged, Fobus will supply a replacement holster.


What are some good accessories for this gun?

There aren’t many aftermarket accessories for the Bersa Thunder 9, so you may have to customize it to fit your needs. You can purchase a new grip with finger grooves and aftermarket sights for your firearm, but that’s about all that is available.

Is Bersa Thunder 9mm good for self-defense?

The 9mm rounds on the Bersa Thunder 9 are a good choice for self-defense. They have very good stopping power due to their high velocity and penetration abilities.

Is Bersa Thunder reliable?

The Bersa Thunder 9 is a reliable firearm that is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of experience with handguns. The simplicity of the gun makes it easy to maintain and keep up on a regular basis.

How many rounds does a Bersa Thunder hold?

The Bersa Thunder 9 holds a maximum of 17 rounds in its magazine. The gun handles very well and is easy to control with the ergonomically designed grip.


This is an excellent firearm for anyone who wants to start learning how to shoot. It comes at an affordable price and has fewer accessories, which means that you will have to spend less money on the gun itself. This makes it perfect for people who are just starting their journey into owning firearms. This Bersa Thunder 9 review is designed to give you the information that you need to know about this firearm, so you can make an informed decision on whether or not it’s right for your needs. When buying any gun it’s important to research the benefits and potential cons of owning this gun before making a final purchase.

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