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Beretta M9A3 Review and Price

A Comprehensive Guide

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Beretta M9A3 Review and Price4 - Ballachy
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Technical Data

The purpose of the Beretta M9A3 review is to provide an understanding of the features and benefits of this semiauto pistol. We will explore the specifications of this handgun and the advantages and disadvantages of the Beretta M9A3. We will also discuss the aftermarket accessories and parts of this handgun. M9A3 gun owners can use this information to determine whether or not they want to purchase the handgun and how much it should cost to improve its capabilities and upgrade components.


Table of Contents

Beretta is a firearms manufacturing company founded in 1526. The dominant product manufactured by the company is handguns. Firearms made by Beretta are used by armed forces, law enforcement agencies, and tactical shooters all over the world. The M9A3 has many functional features that make it stand out from other handguns on the market. The gun is semi-automatic and has contrast sights instead of the traditional ones found on most handguns. The Beretta M9A3 is compatible with aftermarket accessories to improve the handgun’s safety features or extend its lifespan. Let’s check out this pistol in more detail.


Features of Beretta M9A3

Grip and Textures

One unique feature of the M9A3 is its angled grip. The handgun’s grip tapers to meet the lower part of the frame, which allows the shooter to have more control over the gun. This design decreases muzzle flip and results in improved accuracy during the fire. The Beretta M9A3 has a grip that measures 1.3 inches in width. It is thinner than the grip of the M9A1, but it’s still wider than other handguns on the market. Depending on the shooter’s preference, it can be pros or cons. A wider grip can make the handgun more difficult to conceal, but it can provide a more comfortable grip for some users.


Textures on the Beretta M9A3 grip provide shooters with a sense of control. The gun has Vertec-style thin grips with an advanced textured finish. These textures allow the shooter to get a firm grip on the handgun in all conditions. The Beretta M9A3 also has textured checkered areas on its front- and backstrap that extends onto either side of the gun’s grip to give shooters a more secure grip when firing the weapon. This angular grip with a straight backstrap is designed to give shooters a sense of control in all conditions while also making it easier to rack the slide and fire the weapon.

Beretta M9A3 Review and Price Grip and Textures

Size and Weight

The Beretta M9A3 weighs in at 33.4oz and has a length of 8.7 inches. It makes the gun slightly heavier than the standard Beretta M9, but it’s still lighter than many other handguns on the market today. The weight of the handgun is distributed evenly, and some shooters like this aspect. The Beretta M9A3 is also slightly larger than the standard M9. The added size can make it more difficult to conceal, but it does offer shooters a longer 5-inch threaded barrel for improved accuracy. The overall width of the Beretta M9A3 is 1.5 inches, and the sight radius is 6.3 inches. This increased sight radius is advantageous for tactical shooters because it can provide a more precise aim.

Beretta M9A3 Review and Price Size and Weight

Stopping Power

The Beretta M9A3 is a 9mm handgun with excellent stopping power. The 9x19mm cartridge has been around for many years and has proven to be an effective round for self-defense and law enforcement purposes. The handgun’s magazine can hold 17 rounds, and the gun comes standard with two magazines. This amount of ammunition allows for sustained fire without reloading during an engagement. 

Safety Features

The Beretta M9A3 has several safety features that make it stand out from other handguns on the market. The gun comes with a decocker, which allows the shooter to lower the hammer without firing around safely. It is a critical feature that is not found on most other handguns. The Beretta M9A3 also comes with several safety mechanisms that make it easier for the shooter. The gun has an ambidextrous safety switch that both left or right-handed shooters can easily access. The Beretta M9A3 comes with a manual safety that can be engaged when the handgun is cocked.


This safety switch blocks the firing pin from hitting the cartridge until the shooter fires. The manual lever is on the left side of the frame, allowing shooters to engage or disengage the safety. This safety lever is easy to reach and can be operated with your thumb. When the lever is in the “safe” position, it will block the firing pin from hitting the cartridge. If the gun is not fired, the manual safety can be engaged even if it’s cocked. If this switch is in the “safe” position, the decocking mechanism will remain inaccessible, so you can’t accidentally lower your weapon without firing it.

Beretta M9A3 Review and Price Safety Features

Slide Stop and Magazine Release

This semiauto pistol comes with a slide stop that the shooter can easily engage. This feature allows the shooter to hold the handgun in “safe” mode after releasing the magazine.  When the slide stop is engaged, it will lock the slide open and prevent it from moving. This feature is extremely helpful when you need to take immediate action. This combat pistol has a magazine release that the shooter from either side can easily access. This feature allows the shooter to quickly and easily remove the magazine from the handgun. The magazine release is located on the left side of the frame and can be easily operated with your thumb. When the release is pressed, it will release the magazine and send it flying out of the handgun. The handgun’s beveled magazine well also makes it easier to reload the weapon in a hurry.

Beretta M9A3 Review and Price Slide Stop and Magazine Release

Trigger Mechanism

The squared-off trigger guard allows for a firm grip and protects the trigger from accidental discharges. This double-action/single-action pistol has a large trigger that shooters can easily operate with different hand sizes. This accurate pistol has a trigger pull that is much heavier than most other handguns on the market, but it will also provide you with improved accuracy because of this feature. Both right and left-handed shooters can easily access the improved trigger mechanism. 


The trigger is smooth and can be easily pulled with your finger. When this single-action/double-action trigger is pulled, it will cock the hammer and release it. This firing mechanism is extremely reliable and can be found on many other Beretta firearms. Moreover, this beautiful pistol comes with a three-position trigger that allows the shooter to customize their shooting experience. The first position is for normal firing, the second is for deactivating the safety, and the third is a decocking mode.

Beretta M9A3 Review and Price Trigger Mechanism

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

The combat pistol is designed to reduce recoil and muzzle flip, making it easier for the shooter to operate. This recoil-reducing pistol has a  smooth bore edge that reduces the muzzle flip when fired. It has a low bore axis, making it easier for the shooter to aim and control this combat pistol in rapid-fire situations. This combat handgun also comes with a redesigned slide with a low profile, which reduces the effects of recoil. The muzzle flip is high and problematic for shooters looking to conserve ammunition. It is a powerful handgun, but it will also send all of its shots straight up into the air.


The barrel design of Beretta M9A3 is an interesting feature worth mentioning. The barrel has a hexagonal profile that makes it more resistant to wear and tear. This design also helps to reduce recoil and muzzle flip, which is a huge plus for shooters. This handgun also has a threaded barrel for replica suppressors and muzzle breaks, which is a feature that most other standard handguns don’t have. By using this barrel, you can easily attach a sound suppressor to make it easier for you to shoot in stealthy situations.

Beretta M9A3 Review and Price Recoil and Muzzle Flip

Advantages of Beretta M9A3

The Beretta M9A3 is a combat pistol with many advantages for shooters. 


This combat pistol has a frame-mounted safety, making it safer for the shooter to operate in combat situations. This safety feature allows you to engage easily and disengage it with your thumb. It is especially useful for shooters that want to quickly take the safety off of the handgun when they need to access it in a hurry. However, this can also be a disadvantage because many people accidentally deactivate their safeties when holstering their handguns


The grip is another great feature that deserves attention. The handgun’s ergonomic grip provides shooters with a firm yet comfortable grip that both right-handed and left-handed shooters can easily operate.


This combat pistol also comes with high-profile sights designed to make it easier for the shooter to aim and hit. The sights are also designed to be snag-free, so you don’t have to worry about them getting caught on anything when you are trying to draw your handgun.


The Beretta M9A3 is made of extremely durable and high-quality materials, which will last for years to come. Each component of this combat pistol is manufactured with extreme precision, which ensures that the handgun will handle any type of challenge. The metal components are also designed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.


Disadvantages of Beretta M9A3

Unfortunately, this combat pistol has some disadvantages that shooters should know before purchasing.  

Muzzle Flip

The muzzle flip is high and problematic for shooters looking to conserve ammunition. It is a powerful handgun, but it will also send all of its shots straight up into the air. This handgun has too much recoil and muzzle flip to make it an ideal choice for shooters. The muzzle flip is so high in this handgun that you have to take time to re-aim the gun when it is fired. It can be a problem if you are in a combat situation and must fire multiple rounds quickly.


As mentioned earlier, this pistol comes with a three-position trigger that allows the shooter to customize their shooting experience. The problem with this trigger is that it can be confusing for shooters that are not used to it. You have to activate your safety, switch modes on the decocking lever, and then deactivate your safety, all while pulling back on the trigger. It can be a daunting task, especially if you are in the middle of a firefight.


Aftermarket Accessories - Beretta M9A3 Review and Price

If you are looking to accessorize your Beretta M9A3, then you are in luck. This combat pistol is extremely popular, so many aftermarket accessories are available. You can find everything from replacement barrels to sound suppressors that fit this handgun.


The sights on this combat pistol are a great feature, but you can also upgrade them if you want to upgrade them. You can find many replacement sights that provide the shooter with high-profile front and rear sights for greater accuracy when shooting.


Another great aftermarket accessory for this combat pistol is a laser. A laser provides the shooter with an accurate aiming point to be more precise. 


If you are looking for a way to light up your target, you should consider purchasing a flashlight designed to fit the Beretta M9A3. It will allow you to see your target in low light situations and make it easier to hit your mark.


The aftermarket grips available for the Beretta M9A3 are designed to improve the shooter’s grip and, therefore, increase accuracy. They also keep the shooter’s hand from sliding and getting cut by the gun’s sharp edges.


The Beretta M9A3 comes with a standard ten and 17-round magazine. If you are looking for an extended magazine that will give you more rounds before you have to reload, many options are available on the market.

Magazine Pouches

If you are looking for a way to carry your extra magazines, you should consider purchasing a magazine pouch. It will keep your magazines secure and easily accessible when you need them.


Slings are a great way to carry your handgun without having to hold it in your hands. It will free up your hands so that you can do other tasks, such as climb a ladder or open a door.


Beretta M9A3 holsters are specially designed for this handgun and provide the shooter with a secure and safe way to carry their gun. These holsters come in various designs and sizes, so you can find one that works for your lifestyle.

Beretta Mod. 01 M9A3 Black Right-Hand Holster

It is a high-quality holster made of premium leather with visible stitching. It is designed for right-handed shooters and fits Beretta M9A1, M9A3, and 92X pistols. This holster is designed to provide a snug fit for belt carrying. It has a molded shape that fits the pistol perfectly and keeps it in place. The holster also features a convenient thumb break for an extra level of security. This leather loop with a double-button belt release secures the holster to your belt. You can attach it at any point around your waist or belt for greater comfort and flexibility in carrying. The loop itself has an exquisite metal buckle with a chrome finish, so the overall look of the holster is sharp yet refined.


What kind of mag release feature does the Beretta M9A3 have?

The Beretta M9A3 has a standard function mag release button that allows the shooter to quickly and easily reload their handgun. It also allows you to switch it to either side of the gun, depending on which hand you shoot with.

What kind of gun maintenance does this gun require?

You should regularly clean your M9A3 to ensure that it continues to function properly. You should also occasionally oil it so that moving parts do not disappear over time.

Does the Beretta M9A3 have any safety feature?

Yes, the Beretta M9A3 features an internal firing pin safety that prevents the gun from being fired when disengaged. The safety is automatically disengaged when you pull the trigger.

What type of holster does this gun require?

The Beretta M9A3 requires a holster that is moldedfeatures the specific handgun, so it may be difficult to find an off-the-shelf holster for this particular model.


Hopefully, this Beretta M9A3 review has answered some of your questions about this combat pistol. Its molded features an excellent handgun for shooters of all levels, and it is sure to provide you with many hours of shooting enjoyment. Thanks for reading.

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