Beretta M9 Review and Price

Beretta M9 Review and Price

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Beretta M9 Review

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This Beretta M9 review explains the technical aspects of the Beretta M9 semi-automatic pistol. First manufactured in Italy, the M9 is one of the first 9mm pistols other countries have used as their standard military handguns. The Beretta M9 was first introduced to the United States Army in 1985 as a primary sidearm in replacement for the Colt 1911. It became prevalent because it was lighter than the 1911 pistol. It is a semi-automatic, recoil-operated service pistol with a 10 round magazine capacity. 


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The 9mm Parabellum cartridge has a lower velocity compared to .45 ACP but offers lesser recoil and a flatter trajectory. It has greater stopping power compared to .45 ACP with a similar magazine capacity. The Beretta M9 full metal jacket 9mm bullet was designed to penetrate light or heavy clothing and skin and then expand. It is lethal to humans at close range and effective against unarmored targets. The price of a new Beretta M9 pistol is lower than other handguns of its class. This makes it the most affordable option for armed forces and law enforcement personnel on a tight budget. Beretta M9 retails for around $649.00.


Features of Beretta M9

Grip and Textures

The Beretta M9 features a textured grip that offers friction and prevents the user from dropping it. The non-reflective matte black finish of the steel slide provides a low reflectivity for tactical advantage in an urban environment. It also has a lanyard loop under the pistol grip to attach retention lanyards to prevent weapon loss. The grip panels are made of checkered plastics designed to give the user a secure grip. You can replace them with other panels that are available from Beretta. It has serrations on the rear of the slide and on the top, which allow for a positive grip when racking the slide.

Grip And Textures of Beretta M9

Size and Weight

The Beretta M9 is a full-sized service pistol that is slightly shorter and lighter than 1911. It measures 5.4 inches in height, 8.5 inches in length, and 1.5 inches in width. The unloaded weight of the M9 is 33.3 ounces. The barrel of the Beretta M9 is 4.9 inches long. It is hammer-forged with a hard chromed bore that provides better corrosion resistance and increases the life of the pistol. The barrel features a spiral rifling that stabilizes the bullet and increases accuracy.

Size And Weight of Beretta M9

Stopping Power

As mentioned earlier, this pistol is chambered in a 9mm Parabellum cartridge. The 9mm Parabellum cartridge was designed for military use by European armies to penetrate light or heavy clothing. This standard sidearm can shoot accurately and has enough stopping power to take down a human target at close range.

Stopping Power Of Beretta M9

Safety Mechanism

The Beretta M9 has several safety features that make it a safe and reliable handgun for military and law enforcement personnel. The Beretta M9 has three automatic safeties: a firing pin block, a magazine disconnect, and an automatic sear release. It also has a manual thumb safety that must be engaged to fire the weapon. The Beretta M9 has an open-top slide that assists the user in ejecting empty cartridges. It allows the weapon to be safely reloaded without putting your fingers at risk of getting pinched. The external safety lever blocks the trigger from being pulled. It can be engaged or disengaged with the user’s thumb by pushing it up or down. The safety lever on the slide of the Beretta M9 is located at the rear and does not interfere with racking it to load bullets.

Safety Mechanism Of Beretta M9

Slide Stop and Magazine Release

The slide stop is located on the left side of the pistol and is used to lock the slide open. This allows the user to inspect the chamber to ensure that the weapon is unloaded or clear the chamber if it is not. Slide-mounted safety levers are available on the Beretta M9. Slide mounted safety levers are difficult to disengage with thick gloves. Beretta M9 slide-mounted safety levers are easy to find and press even if you’re wearing tactical gloves during inclement weather conditions. The magazine release is a button-style release located at the end of the trigger guard on both sides of the grip. This reversible magazine release lets the user drop the magazine with either hand. One can easily activate it by using your thumb or index finger. This allows you to release the magazine from the pistol without changing your grip.

Slide Stop And Magazine Release Of Beretta M9

Trigger Mechanism

The Beretta M9 has a squared-off trigger guard and double-action/single-action trigger mechanism. Double-action mode means that the pistol will cock and release the hammer when the trigger is pulled. Single-action mode means that the pistol will only cock and release the hammer when the trigger is pulled to the rear. The Beretta M9 has a trigger pull weight of 10.8 pounds in double-action mode and 5.5 pounds in single-action mode. This makes it difficult to fire accurately for inexperienced shooters. However, for experienced shooters, this provides a level of safety and prevents accidental discharge of the weapon.

Trigger Mechanism of Beretta M9

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

The Beretta M9 has a recoil that is sharp and stiff. This makes it difficult to fire quickly and control the weapon. The muzzle flip of the Beretta M9 is very pronounced. The muzzle of this pistol has a relatively high rise after firing due to the required force needed to extract and eject empty cartridges. This makes it hard for users to engage a second target with exceptional accuracy because the handgun will come out of the proper firing position as soon as you fire a single round.


The Beretta M9 has a simple design that is both basic and functional. It does not have many aesthetic features, such as an ornate handle or sculpted grips. The only elements of the pistol that could be identified as aesthetically pleasing are the polished steel and shiny chrome finish. The Beretta M9 has a matte black finish that is uniform throughout. The only other elements that contrast this tone are the white sights, the magazine release, and the slide stop, which stand out because they are made from stainless steel. The frame of the Beretta M9 is made from a lightweight alloy that makes it easy to carry. It also has a corrosion-resistant finish that makes it resistant to the elements.

Original Sights

The Beretta M9 has white three-dot sights. The rear sight blade is slightly curved, making acquiring a target for novice shooters easier.

Original Sights Of Beretta M9

Advantages of Beretta M9


The Beretta M9 is not a small handgun. However, its relatively short length and lightweight allow you to conceal it under a shirt. This makes it possible for you to carry this weapon at all times if you are authorized by your law enforcement agency or military unit.

Ease of Use

The Beretta M9 is a user-friendly handgun. Its controls are easy to reach and operate. It also has an open-top slide that allows users to eject cartridges and reload the weapon easily.


This handgun is very easy to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance. This makes it ideal for use by law enforcement officials who are required to clean their weapons regularly.


The Beretta M9 is a very durable handgun. It is made of high-quality materials and has been tested to withstand the rigors of combat. Although it has some recoil and muzzle flip, the Beretta M9 is a reliable handgun with a proven track record in military service. Its weight, length, and controls make it easy to use, while its durability makes it an ideal weapon for law enforcement officers who must carry their weapons every day.

Disadvantages of Beretta M9

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

The recoil and muzzle flip of the Beretta M9 are significant drawbacks to this handgun. This makes it difficult for inexperienced shooters to fire accurately and control the weapon.

Trigger Mechanism

The double-action/single-action trigger mechanism of the Beretta M9 is a disadvantage for inexperienced shooters. This makes it difficult to fire accurately for those unfamiliar with this trigger type.

Lack of Accessories

The Beretta M9 is not a popular handgun, and therefore, there are not many accessories available for it. This can be a disadvantage if you add custom features to your pistol.

Aftermarket Accessories – Beretta M9 Review and Price

The Beretta M9 is not a popular handgun. However, some aftermarket accessories are available for this weapon to complement your shooting style. These include replacement grips, magazine pouches and holsters made of leather or nylon. If you are looking to upgrade your Beretta M9, make sure to buy only parts specifically designed for this handgun model.

Aftermarket Sights

The standard sights of the Beretta M9 are small and difficult to use if your vision is poor. However, there are replacement night sights that you can buy for this handgun.


There are no lasers explicitly designed for the Beretta M9. However, aftermarket laser sights can regularly be mounted on this weapon.


Grips for the Beretta M9 are available in different styles and colors. They will not improve the accuracy or performance of your weapon, but they can make your handgun easier to use and more enjoyable to shoot. These aftermarket grips are available in both rubber and wood finishes.


The Beretta M9 comes with a 10-round factory magazine. However, extended magazines can hold up to 15 rounds, ensuring enough extra ammunition is on hand. These magazines are available from aftermarket manufacturers. These magazines should only be used if you are authorized to do so by law enforcement officials in your area.

Magazine Pouch

A magazine pouch is a great way to carry an extra magazine with you when carrying your Beretta M9. There are many different styles and colors of magazine pouches available on the market. They are made from various materials, including leather, nylon and plastic. Also, magazine pouches can be attached to your belt for easy access.


There are slings designed specifically for the Beretta M9. These slings attach to your handgun with swivels and D-rings, allowing you to carry this weapon over your shoulder or across your back. Slings are usually available in black leather finishes.


There are holsters explicitly designed for the Beretta M9. There is a wide variety of styles, colors, and designs for holsters and materials, including polymer belts and leather holsters. A holster can be chosen based on activities, dress code, and personal preference. An officer who spends most of his time working in an office environment may prefer to carry their handgun inside the waistband (IWB). On the other hand, an officer who works outdoors and needs much easier access to their weapon may choose a holster with a lower profile design for concealment.

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Is there any accessory rail for this gun?

No, the Beretta M9 does not feature an accessory rail. However, a 3-slot Picatinny rail system can be purchased aftermarket accessories to attach accessories, such as lasers, flashlights, or scopes.

Is Beretta M9 compatible with removable sights?

Beretta exhibits a three-dot sight system. There are no factory-installed removable sights on the Beretta M9. However, aftermarket replacement night sights are available for this handgun.

What type of barrel construction is used in Beretta M9?

Beretta M9 uses a stainless barrel. This threaded barrel is also for the attachment of a suppressor. Suppressors are not legal in all states, so please check your local laws before purchasing one.

What type of polymer belt holster is available for Beretta M9?

Beretta offers an injection molded polymer belt holster specifically designed to fit and secure the Beretta M9. This holster can be worn inside or outside the waistband and has a reversible thumb break. It is also made of a durable polymer material.


This Beretta M9 review examines the best-in-class firearm made by the world’s oldest firearms manufacturer. This review focuses on the gun’s features, specifications, and accessories available. Any gun lover looking for a quality handgun will find the Beretta M9 a good choice. It is durable, reliable, and straightforward to use. Moreover, it offers customization options to fit the user’s needs perfectly. So, if you’re in the market for a new handgun, consider the Beretta M9; you won’t be disappointed.



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