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Beretta 950 Review and Price

A Comprehensive Guide

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Beretta 950 Review and Price 3
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From $599.99

Technical Data

There are many factors to consider when you’re in the market for a new handgun, and it can be difficult to determine which ones are most important. Before you go out and buy another gun on impulse, take some time to find Beretta 950 Review. We’ve done all of the research for you so that we could make this informative article about Beretta 950 Review. It will give you more insight into how these guns work, what they’re like to shoot, their pros & cons, as well as a couple of recommendations from us. Let’s get started.


Table of Contents

First of all, let’s talk about what the Beretta 950 is. Many people are surprised to discover that this gun was introduced in 1952 by Beretta Italy. Even though it’s fairly old, many experts agree that the 950 is one of the most dependable compact pocket pistols on the market. It has been consistently rated as a top reliable pocket pistol for over 50 years. This pistol is made of steel, which gives it a little bit of heft. With that being said, you can rest assured knowing that this gun won’t jam on you during your dangerous times. Even though the Beretta 950 Review rates this weapon as one of the best pistols on the market for self-defense, many people also use it as their standard gun. It’s a great choice for concealed carry because it’s not too big or bulky, but it’s still got a lot of stopping power.


Beretta 950 Price

Now that we explored a little more about the Beretta 950, let’s look at the price. As with any other gun, the price of the Beretta 950 can vary depending on where you purchase it. However, you can generally expect to pay around $600 for this weapon. Beretta 950 price can vary depending on where you look. Some people have said that they’ve been able to find these types of pistols for as little as $300. Once again, however, this will depend on which retailer you choose to purchase from.


Features of Beretta 950

There are many Beretta 950 Reviews out there, but you won’t find one that gives you all of the comprehensive information.  That’s why we’ve decided to put together this article. It will give you an in-depth look at all of the features that come with the Beretta 950, as well as what people have had to say about it.

Grip and Textures

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Beretta 950 is its great plastic grips. Many people say that it’s one of the best grips they’ve ever felt on a pistol. This is because it has some great textures. The grip is also slightly curved, making it more comfortable to hold. While many people like the Beretta 950 have a great grip, they’re more interested in how it helps to reduce recoil. The curved design of this gun makes it a point naturally, which means that your shots will end up hitting exactly where you want them to. This is great for self-protection and hunting.

Beretta 950 Review and Price Grip and Textures

Size and Weight

This gun probably won’t be winning any awards for its size or weight, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider purchasing it. The first thing people tend to notice about this weapon is that it’s fairly small. It’s lighter than a lot of other guns out there. While this may be a problem for some people, others argue that the size and lightweight construction help them get comfortable with handling the gun. Even though this is a fairly small weapon, you probably wouldn’t guess that by looking at it. Most people will think that this is a full-sized pistol. This means that you’ll have no trouble concealing it underneath your clothes. As long as you purchase one of the Beretta 950 Holsters for concealment, you shouldn’t have any problems carrying it around with you wherever you go.

Beretta 950 Review and Price Size and Weight

Stopping Power

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a weapon is its stopping power. This means that the gun can incapacitate an attacker or a target. To do this, the bullet must cause significant damage to the body. The Beretta 950 falls into this category. With calibers like the .25 ACP, .22 Short, this pistol can easily stop an attacker in their tracks. Not only is the Beretta 950 powerful, but it’s also accurate. This means that you’ll be able to hit your target without any problems  no matter where you are. Another thing to consider when purchasing a pistol is the magazine capacity. This is the number of rounds that the weapon can hold before reloading it. The Beretta 950 comes with a 6-round and 8 round magazine, which may not be ideal for some people. However, keep in mind that this gun was designed for self-protection and hunting, not target shooting.

Safety Features

Even though the Beretta 950 is a fairly small weapon, it’s still packed with safety features. This pistol probably has more safety features than most other pistols out there. Here are just some of the things you can expect. To load and un-load the weapon, you’ll have to pull back on a manual safety that sits on top of the gun. Another safety feature is a decocking lever. If you ever find yourself in an unsafe situation, all you have to do is push down on this safety to release the hammer and prevent it from hitting the firing pin. The Beretta 950 has some great safety features that can help protect both you and the people around you. These features make it a great choice for the best-concealed firearm for undercover agents. Keep in mind that you should always practice safe handling techniques when using any weapon.


Slide Stop and Magazine Release Controls

The slide stop and magazine release controls are located in the same spot on Beretta 950. This can be confusing for some people, especially if they’re not used to pistols with this type of control layout. The slide stop is the small lever located on the side of the gun. To release the slide, you’ll need to press down on this lever and pull back on the slide. The magazine release control is the small button located just before the trigger guard. To remove the magazine, you’ll need to press down on this button and pull the magazine out from the gun. While it may take a little bit of practice to get used to the controls on the Beretta 950, it’s worth it in the end. This pistol is packed with features that make it safe and easy to use.


Recoil and Muzzle Flip

One of the most important things to keep in mind when purchasing a new gun is how much recoil and muzzle flip it has. This means that you need to consider how much the weapon kicks back after each shot and how high it flips up after firing. The Beretta 950 has relatively low levels of both recoil and muzzle flip. This means that you’ll be able to fire multiple rounds without having to worry about getting thrown off balance. Additionally, the Beretta 950 has a low muzzle blast. This means that the person next to you won’t be affected by the muzzle flash when you fire the weapon. While the Beretta 950 doesn’t have the lowest recoil and muzzle flip levels, it’s still much lower than many other pistols on the market. If you’re looking for a gun that is easy to control and doesn’t have a lot of kick, then the Beretta 950 is worth considering.

Beretta 950 Review and Price Recoil and Muzzle Flip

Advantages of Beretta 950

It is a semi-automatic pistol of Beretta’s line. With its sleek, compact design and high-quality construction, the Beretta 950 has been popular for over three decades. But what are its Advantages? Let’s explore them below.


One of the biggest advantages of the Beretta 950 is its reliability. This pistol has been tested and proven in both the lab and the field, and it continues to deliver time and time again. Whether you’re using it for personal use or sport shooting, it is a gun you can count on. The Beretta 950 is also easy to use. The controls are simple and intuitive, meaning you won’t have to spend hours learning how to use your gun. Additionally, the recoil and muzzle flip are relatively low, making it easier for novice shooters to hit their target.


The Beretta 950 is also a very durable carry gun. This gun can withstand even the most strenuous conditions with its high-quality construction. Whether you want to use it for personal protection or target shooting, the Beretta 950 is sure to hold up under pressure.


The Beretta 950 is also a very concealable pistol. With its small size and lightweight construction, you can easily hide this gun on your person. This makes it the perfect choice for concealed carry applications.


Disadvantages of Beretta 950

While the Beretta 950 has many advantages, it also has drawbacks. Let’s take a look at some of them below.


The Beretta 950 is not a cheap pistol. With a price tag of over $600, this gun is not for the budget-minded shooter. If you’re looking for an affordable option, the Beretta 950 may not be the best choice.

Limited Capacity

The Beretta 950 also has a limited magazine capacity of six and eight rounds. While this is enough for many types of shooting, it may not be enough ammo if you’re looking to use your gun in high-stakes defensive situations.

Lackluster Aesthetics

Lastly, some people don’t appreciate the aesthetics of the Beretta 950. It has a pretty basic look that won’t appeal to everyone. But, if you’re looking for a gun with a sleek design and great quality construction, the Beretta 950 may be just what you need.


Aftermarket Accessories - Beretta 950 Review and Price

Now that you know a little more about the Beretta 950, you may be wondering what kinds of aftermarket accessories are available for this gun. Let’s have a glance at some of the most popular options below.


New sights are one of the most popular aftermarket modifications for the Beretta 950. There are many different types of sights available so that you can find the perfect set for your needs. Whether you’re looking for night sights or target sights, there’s a set of sights out there that’s perfect for you.


You can get a new holster for your Beretta 950. There are many different holsters available, including inside-the-waistband holsters and outside-the-waistband holsters. With so many options available, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect holster for your Beretta 950.


A new trigger is another popular aftermarket accessory for the Beretta 950. There are many different types of triggers available, including smooth triggers and light triggers, so that you can find the perfect one for your needs.

Parts Kits

You can find part kits as a great aftermarket accessory for your Beretta 950. This is an easy way to upgrade your gun without replacing all its components one by one. It also allows you to choose the best components for your needs.

Target Grips

Target grips are also aftermarket modifications for the Beretta 950. Not only do these look great, but they’re also designed to help improve accuracy and reduce recoil, making them a valuable accessory for shooters of all skill levels. You can change the factory grip for a minimum price. There are many different types of aftermarket accessories available for the Beretta 950. With so many options, you’ll find the perfect accessory to meet your needs.

Best Holster for Beretta 950

When looking for a decent holster for your Beretta 950, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The first thing you need to consider is what you plan to use the holster for. If you’re looking for a holster for concealed carry, you’ll need to find one that is small and lightweight. If you’re searching for a holster for target shooting or home defense, you can be a little more flexible with your requirements. Now, let’s look at the best holster option for this gun. The best IWB holster option for the Beretta 950 is the STICKY HOLSTERS Pocket Small Black Holster.

Sticky Holsters Pocket Small Black Holster

This holster is made of a high-quality synthetic material designed to stick to your body. This holster is designed to be worn inside the waistband, making it great for concealed carry. It’s also small and lightweight, making it comfortable to wear all day long. And since it can fit multiple types of handguns, this holster is ideal for shooters with more than one gun. This holster is made of breathable elastic neoprene and features a sticky backing that keeps it in place. It’s also designed to fit small firearms, making it the perfect option for the Beretta 950.

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Sticky Holster SM-5


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The Beretta 950 has a lightweight construction with an unloaded weight of less than one pound.

Is the Beretta 950 easy to conceal?

The Beretta 950 can easily be concealed on your person due to its small size and lightweight construction.​

Can I use the Beretta 950 for self-defense?

It is a great choice for self-defense applications. It has a small size and lightweight construction that makes it easy to conceal on your person. Additionally, it has a six or eight-round magazine capacity, depending on the model.

What is the barrel length of the Beretta 950?

The barrel length of the Beretta 950 is less than four inches. This makes it a great choice for concealed carry applications.

Can I mount a laser sight to the Beretta 950?

Yes, there are a variety of lasers available for use with your Beretta 950. It is a versatile gun that allows you to customize


If you’re looking for a pistol that will give you the best bang for your buck, Beretta 950 is an excellent option. TLaworcement and military personnel have used this gun worldwide with great success. It’s durable, accurate, easy to use, and customized in many ways using aftermarket parts or accessories. The only downside we found was its price, which might dissuade some people from buying it right away, but this handgun could become their most prized possession if they have a little patience. We hope our Beretta 950 review helped you decide whether or not this firearm is worth considering as part of your arsenal. 

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