Avoid Lawn Mower Repair Shop with These DIY Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

My husband is the friendly neighbourhood lawn mower repairman. His repair business booms in early spring when homeowners get their lawn mowers out from winter storage and attempt to crank them for the first time of the season. His second wave of lawn mower repair business swells in mid-summer when suddenly, the homeowner’s lawn mower refuses to crank or quits during mowing.
While these lawn mower repair problems keep my husband in business, homeowners can frequently avoid the lawn mower repair shop with a these DIY lawn mower maintenance tips.

Proper Winter Storage For Lawn Mowers

The lawn mower that worked perfectly at the end of summer refuses to crank the following spring. Not storing the lawn mower properly during winter is usually the problem.

Avoid spring time lawn mower repair by storing your lawn mower for the winter with gas in the mower’s tank. The gas will prevent the fuel lines and carburetor from drying out and cracking.

Spring Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

Before attempting to crank the lawn mower for the first time in spring:

Remove the old gas that is in the tank and replace it with new gas.

Change the oil, spark plug and air filter.

Sharpen or replace the lawn mower blade(s).

Change the belts on the lawn mower at least every other year.

Check the air pressure in each tire with an auto tire gauge and keep the lawn mower’s tires at the pressure recommended by the manufacturer.

Basic Lawn Mower Repair If Mower Won’t Crank

If you failed to leave gas in the lawn mower’s tank last winter and it won’t crank in the spring, check the fuel lines to see if there are visible cracks. Replace the cracked fuel lines and try to crank the lawn mower again.

If the fuel lines are not cracked or you replace them and your lawn mower still won’t crank, it may be the battery. Have your lawn mower battery checked for charge and/or possible dead cell.

Summer Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

Use the garden hose and spray the lawn mower clean of all debris after each use. Be sure to wash out from under the mowing deck. This will prevent a build-up of lawn debris that will cause corrosion on your lawn mower.

Maintain the lawn mower blade by sharpening it again around mid-summer and change the air filter again in mid-summer. If the summer is extremely dry or part of the area you mow is dry and dusty, change the air filter once a month to prevent it from clogging and choking out the lawn mower engine.

If the lawn mower is mowing unevenly, check the tire pressure to make sure the air pressure is even.

Fall Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

Give the lawn mower one final washing with the water hose and allow to dry before storing, and don’t forget to leave gas in the lawn mower’s tank.

Storing the lawn mower with gas in the tank, keeping the blade sharp, the oil, spark plug and air filters changed and maintaining the proper air pressure in the tires can help you avoid the lawn mower repair shop this summer.