About Us


Hey there! We are Gabriel and Jennifer, a young couple with a blooming passion for photography and traveling the world. We launched Ballachy in the summer of 2018 with the intention of curating a platform featuring the best products for all photographers, whether you are a novice hobbyist or an expert professional photographer with many years of experience. As explorers of the outdoors, we prioritize lightweight, sturdiness, durability and its ability to prevent shakiness as the most important features in high-quality tripods. A remarkable tripod does not only provide the proper stabilization for the equipment placed on top, but it’s also an essential life companion for photographers, hikers, birdwatchers, campers, hunters, vloggers, and stargazers.

As time passed, we realized that having a hobby for photography also means to have hobbies for other outdoor activities. So, we decided to expanded our website to reach to hobbyists like us and provide them with ultimate review guides. We did not want to only provide reviews of products, but also provide a platform where knowledge could be exchanged.

Launching The First Ballachy Tripod on Amazon

We understand that not all tripods are built the same, making it sometimes difficult to carry heavier tripods and other gear to captivating eye-capturing destinations. This motivated us to launch the first Ballachy tripod inspired by our hobbies for the outdoors towards the end of 2018. We are not only photographers and needed a tripod that could works with our other hobbies like camping, hiking, exploring the flora and animals in the forests and other natural environments, hiking, birdwatching, stargazing, and vlogging our expeditions across the world. It was at that moment we realized that there are few truly multi-functional tripods in the market.

Our mission was to design a unique, multi-functional, yet affordable tripod that can be paired with DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, spotting scopes, GoPros, and smartphone cameras. It was especially important for us to include a universal smartphone adapter. In the last few months, we found ourselves to often be using our smartphone cameras to photograph beautiful scenery, especially when reaching certain spots requiring long and tiring hikes. While searching for a phone tripod on the market, we found that many were lacking the qualities found in the traditional tripod stands for cameras. So, we embarked on a journey to launch a multi-purpose tripod that could accommodate the different needs of photographers, outdoor explorers, and world travelers. Countless days and nights were spent researching and testing a wide variety of tripods under intense conditions to determine the best materials and components for our own tripod. We launched the Ballachy tripod on Amazon because we believe in Amazon’s fast and reliable shipping services to be beneficial for our customers. With experience, we wish to expand our tripod line with specialized and niche-specific tripods.

Our Mission Statement- What’s Next for Ballachy?

We are a young company but with our eager spirit and enthusiastic passion for photography, we aspire to provide the best products for our customers. At Ballachy, we truly believe that affordable and high-quality can coexist. We’re excited to learn with our clients and expand our collection of outdoor goods built with expertise and innovation for all photographic needs. We inspire to create lasting relationships filled with creativity.