1911 Holster

1911 Holster is designed specifically for carrying your firearm, which means that it fits perfectly every time. It is 100 years since John Browning produced this 1911 pistol. This weapon is so iconic that even after 100 years its popularity hasn’t gone down at all. If you are looking for an accurate replica then this one will be perfect for you. The original design has been used as a base for numerous modifications after its successful introduction. You won’t have to worry about any extra bulk or weight slowing you down either because this holster weighs less than 2 ounces.

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Best Holster for 1911

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The 1911 gun is popular but tucking it into your waistband could be difficult for some because of its size. For those who are looking for concealed carry options, here We have a variety of 1911 holsters of big brands. We also have on our list holster for magazines of M1911 when you need some extra ammo, and get benefited from the multi-purpose utility of 1911 holster. We know once you try out this product, you won't want anything else ever again.

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