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What is Ballachy About?

  • Photography

    Ballachy writes about content within the photography niche, including product reviews, best of lists, tips and tricks, tutorials, and more. We feature the top-rated cameras, tripods, GoPros, and much more on our blogs. Our mission is to help you choose the best products that will cater to your needs. 

  • Outdoor

    Ballachy also provides in-depth and extensively researched content, like product reviews and how-to guides on birdwatching, feeding birds and other animals, biking, hiking, fishinh and other outdoor activities involving nature.

  • Traveling

    We know that traveling often goes hand-in-hand with photography. That's why we made sure to include content geared towards travel photography. This usually means traveling with light and portable gear. We have content and reviews dedicated to travel-friendly gear

  • Written with Care

    Our content is written with the reader's experience in mind. We believe in delivering useful and unbiased information to help our readers take the best decision regarding their purchases. We only recommend products if they have proven to be worthy and stood the test of time. 

  • Tested by our Team

    Every product we feature on our website has been tested vigorously and verified by our experienced team. We take pride in recommending the product we use or have used in our everyday lives as well as doing intensive research on the topics we are passionate to write about.

  • Product Line

    Ballachy is currently in the process of developing innovative in-house products that cater to the needs of its audience. At the moment, Ballachy is selling a tripod exclusively on Amazon USA marketed from hobbyists to professional photographers, and birdwatchers alike. 


What kind of content does Ballachy write about?

Ballachy is a platform dedicated to product reviews, shopping guides, and tips on everything you want to know related to photography, traveling, birdwatching optics, and any other activities related to the outdoors. Our team of experienced and passionate writers works around the clock to provide you with recommendations of the best products in your specific niche.

Our website covers a wide range of topics since we believe that many of these activities are interconnected. Our interest was initially in photography but it grew to encompass similar hobbies like traveling. You can expect to find content on our website about best-of gear reviews related to photography such as camera, tripods, and other gear reviews not specifically intended for photography (like reviews of the best spotting scopes).

How does Ballachy select its recommendations?

We understand that shopping for gear can be complicated, confusing, and often time-consuming. The outdoors and photography industry is massive and sometimes difficult to navigate. For that reason (amongst many others), we created Ballachy with the hopes of simplifying all products into simple to understand and read text that specifics the pros and cons clearly. This would make it easier for the reader who's interested in purchasing the product if it will work for them.

Because we want to provide extensive but also comprehensive buying guides, we select recommended products that members of our team have used or are currently using as well as look at the average customer reviews for each product. So, several factors go into determining the top choice and this also depends on the niche. For example. tripods are determined by weight, maximum weight capacity, maximum height, minimum height, materials used in the construction of the tripod, amongst many other factors! We state the reasoning for each product in our blog posts to ensure complete transparency.

I would like to send Ballachy my product for a review.

We would love to test your product in exchange of a review on our website. You can contact us here to get in touch. 

Can I submit content for Ballachy?

We're so grateful to hear that you are interested in writing or producing content for us. We would love to collaborate with anyone who has an interest in writing about a topic of their interest within the niches of photography, the outdoors, and traveling. We would love to provide you with a platform where you can share your experiences, how-to guides, product reviews, perspectives, video tutorials and whatever else you are interested in contributing to our community at Ballachy. We don't discriminate, everyone is invited to produce content (even if you're just a beginner in your field of interest).

What should my submission look like?

You're free to write as much as you want and about whatever you want. However, it's important that you write original content that is not published on other sites to avoid plagiarism. We encourage you to post your own shots and videos in your content. We will credit you for your photos, as we do not claim any rights to your work. We may also promote your work across our social media platforms, which you will be credited for. 

If you're interested in writing for us, you can reach us at or you can also contact us here!