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Winchester Model 1895 review is about one of the best-known rifles Winchester made, the model 1895.  1895 was a result of years and years of evolution starting with the model 1866, then model 73, and finally the model 88.The model 1895 was an almost complete redesign at the time, and the new rifle it resulted in was a marvel of its day.  It was one of the most popular hunting rifles up to WWII for hunters all over the world.

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The Winchester Model 1895 is a lever-action repeating rifle that was produced by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This rifle takes its name from its designer, John Browning, who had his companies’ weapon engineers design it to use all of his previous creations: thus creating an entirely new style of lever-action rifle. The model 1895 was originally chambered to fire 30-40 Krag and 30-06 Springfield, but later other rounds were made for it, including the deadly .405 Winchester which remains to this day one of the most powerful commercial cartridges ever created. The Winchester Model 1895, besides being a technological marvel in its day, was also one of the most common hunting rifles up to WWII. It was an extremely popular weapon worldwide for two primary reasons: it had very few competitors compared to its outstanding performance and reasonable price.

Price of Winchester Model 1895

The model 1895 was introduced in the year 1895, hence its name. The rifle was offered at $25, making it very affordable for all citizens -even hunters- in its day. Now, 1895 in decent condition can be priced up to $3,000. The Winchester 95 wasn’t only the first Winchester but was probably one of the most important rifles in history. Its price is enough evidence of its popularity among hunters. Still, it was also very accurate, sturdy, easy to maintain, and was designed to make it equally suitable for left-handers. The model 1895 was one of the best rifles in its day, and competition was scarce: many hunters bought it because it was an excellent all-around hunting rifle, and Winchester didn’t have to lower its prices.

Features of Winchester Model 1895

The model 1895 was a lever-action, repeating rifle with a tubular magazine. This type of action is very strong and reliable, but it is also more time-consuming to operate than the more popular “turn-bolt” actions, such as the later versions of Mauser 98.

Stock and Grip

The stock and grip are one of the best features of this rifle.  The stock is made from black walnut wood, which was very popular in the nineteenth century because it would not warp with exposure to moisture but rather remain stable. It had a straight wrist design with an average drop at heel and a raised comb on its top surface. The shape of this stock was very similar to the one used in the model 1886, which is no wonder since it’s practically an improved version of that rifle. The difference is evident in the grip area. The grip is straight on the model 1895, which allowed for a much more comfortable shooting position.


On the other hand, it made it harder for shorter people to properly stabilize their aim since they couldn’t holster the grip against their chests as comfortably as some other models, but this is true of any straight wrist rifle with no drop at heel. The Schnabel forearm is not checkered but has a smooth finish to it. This makes it easy for hunters to stay on target when they slide their support hand forward and draw the rifle back toward them to reload. The forearm also acts as a hand stop. Many people like this feature because it allows the wrist of the stock to sit higher up, which is more comfortable for most shooters.

Winchester Model 1895 Review and Price Stock and Grip

Size and Weight

The Winchester Model 1895 is a long-action rifle, and the weight depends on the cartridge it is chambered for. For instance, models chambered in 30-06 Springfield can be up to eight-pound heavier than models chambered for other rounds. Its weight is a disadvantage in hunting situations since it can make the rifle cumbersome and more difficult to carry for long periods. But in combat, having a bit more weight in things is an advantage because it lends itself well to steady aim when firing from the shoulder. The length of the rifle is typically 42 inches, but since it has a straight wrist stock, it can be custom-fitted to any shooter’s needs.


The pull-on this rifle measured 14 inches from the trigger to the butt plate, which was adequate for most hunters, but not very large people. The length of pull can be customized, however. Hunters who like to shoot from a bench will find the distance too short. This forces them to either bend their support arm or rest the under forearm against the bench, which is not as stable as using the actual stock itself as a steady rest for your shoulder. For these purposes, it’s better to purchase an aftermarket rubber recoil pad and install it on the rifle if they want to keep this length.

Barrel and Tube Magazine

The model 1895 features a round barrel that measured 24 inches, slightly shorter than rifles with smaller cartridges chambered for, but not by much. It’s also worth mentioning that Winchester offered its customers the option to choose different barrel lengths, but one had to pay extra for the barrels. The magazine of the model 1895 consisted of a tube that ran almost the entire length of the stock under the barrel. This arrangement allows for the use of pointed bullets, which are dangerous when loaded into standard tubular magazines because they can damage or destroy each other if the rifle is not loaded correctly.


The main disadvantage of this arrangement was that it made the magazine harder to load than normal magazines, which could simply be opened and filled with cartridges until they were full. The tube magazine has only two ways to load it, both slow – either one cartridge at a time or through the muzzle end directly into the receiver. The 24-inch barrel length isn’t wrong at all, and it did not require a break-action muzzleloading loader like some other rifles did because the cartridge was loaded directly into the chamber. The model 1895 had an advantage over many other regular bolt-action rifles. Still, on the other hand, most hunters considered it to be a disadvantage because it only meant that they had to load cartridges one by one.

Winchester Model 1895 Review and Price Barrel and Tube Magazine

Stopping Power

The Winchester Model 1895 was chambered for rounds inherited from the models 1886 and 1873. This means that it used the same .45 caliber cartridge but different bullet weights depending on the rifle’s specific purpose. For example, some rounds like the 405 WCF (Winchester Center Fire) were made especially for hunting. In contrast, others like the 405 WSL (Winchester Short Magnum) were created in semi-automatic pistols. The Winchester 1895 was by no means a weak rifle.


It could not compare to stronger rifles like the model 1886, but it should be sufficient for most hunters even if they are worth their salt. Cartridges like The Winchester Model has a short and light trigger. While most hunters would prefer something heavier, the lightweight of this rifle is great for field carry because it allows you to make rapid shots without too much practice beforehand. It also makes it easier to shoot accurately, which isn’t bad considering its size and weight.

Safety Mechanism

The Model 1895 comes with top tang mounted safety. It’s in the same place as the lever of 1866 and 1886, but it’s easier to use for people accustomed to 1895. Just push it forward while holding down the trigger to engage the safety, and you’re ready to go. To switch it off, just pull it back and release the trigger simultaneously, which is more common among modern firearms. By pulling the trigger back, you disengage the striker from the firing pin, which allows it to move on its own and reset itself so you can fire again if necessary.


The safety mechanism of the model 1895 worked well, and it prevented accidental firing. At first, like many new rifles, the Winchester Model 1895 had a problem with sticking shell extractors, and some shells wouldn’t eject on their own. This flaw was fixed in time, and new models were manufactured with better shell ejectors that ejected almost all spent casings by themselves after the gun was fired.

Recoil and Accuracy

The model 1895 is relatively light for a rifle of its caliber, and the recoil isn’t too bad unless you fire it from your shoulder. As with other powerful rifles, firing from positions that don’t allow you to control the gun properly will only make things worse for you because, at that point, accuracy ceases to matter. You’ll hit what you’re aiming for, but not necessarily in the right place, so you should practice with it carefully. The Model 1895 tends to spitfire because of the short barrel, which can be either good or bad depending on what you’re doing. If your target is close enough, the muzzle flash might just blind it, which means that you can hit it without even having to aim.


However, suppose it’s too far away, and you’re trying to hit a specific spot. In that case, the muzzle flash will only give your position away, which means that you’ll have a hard time hitting any long-distance targets with this rifle unless you pay close attention to its trajectory. The accuracy of the model 1895 is not bad at all, especially since you won’t have to use it at longer ranges. However, experienced hunters can take it much further with practice, and there are many stories about people hitting targets over one mile away using the Model 1895.

Winchester Model 1895 Review and Price Recoil and Accuracy


The Winchester Model 1895 looks like it belongs in the hands of a mountain man or any sort of hunter. It has long a wooden stock with beautiful grain and checkering on its grip while the metal parts are blued, making them look more stylish than just raw steel, even if it requires more maintenance than other finishes. It also comes with a straight grip suitable for most people because it provides a more precise platform for your hand. The weight of the model 1895 makes it easier to hold steady at longer ranges so you can aim better and shoot with greater precision even if you have less time to prepare yourself. As with other rifles designed by John Browning, the Model 1895 comes with a drilled and tapped receiver suitable for scope mounts. Since it’s a powerful rifle, it can be pretty heavy even when you’re used to carrying it over long distances.

Winchester Model 1895 Review and Price Aesthetics

Advantages of Winchester Model 1895

Some of the advantages of this rifle are given below:


The Winchester Model 1895 is a very reliable rifle, and it’s resistant to the elements. Keep in mind that most modern rifles use plastic parts for their moving mechanisms, but this rifle has metal parts like they used to make them decades ago. This means less chance of mechanical failure or corrosion, which can be deadly when you’re hunting somewhere with unpredictable weather.


If you’re looking for a rifle that’s good for hunting big game at close ranges, then the Winchester Model 1895 is what you need. It has high muzzle velocity and energy, making it perfect for short-distance shots where accuracy takes precedence. Its long barrel length also provides enough stability to allow experienced hunters to take long-range shots if they correctly measure the distance and wind conditions. Hunters will also benefit from its beautiful appearance because it’s a classic rifle that many experienced hunters use when they go after dangerous games.


The Model 1895 has a very long service life, and it’s resistant to the elements. It can serve just as well outside in wet conditions or deserts. All you need to do is keep it oiled and, once in a while, disassemble and clean its moving mechanisms with ethanol. This allows experienced hunters to take shots even if it’s raining or dusty.

Heavy Caliber

Being chambered in 405 Winchester, this rifle fires a heavy caliber round with high muzzle velocity and energy. It can be used to take down the big games at close ranges, which means it’s intended for hunting and self-defense.

Disadvantages of Winchester Model 1895

However, the rifle has some disadvantages, which are listed below:


It’s not an issue when it comes to hunting, but if you’re used to shooting with lighter rifles, it can be pretty heavy even when empty. It would also be difficult for children to handle this weapon effectively without any prior experience.

Long Barrel

The model 1895 has a long barrel, making it harder to carry and transport, especially when you’re on a hunt. The length also increases the rifle’s weight, whereas experienced hunters can take advantage of this feature to shoot at longer ranges accurately.

Aftermarket Accessories - Winchester Model 1895 Review and Price

There are some aftermarket accessories that you can use to enhance the performance of your rifle:

Scope Mounts

The drilled and tapped receiver is suitable for scope mounts, but you need to find the right kind for this model. Most standard scope mounts will not work because it has a straight grip, so you should look for something designed specifically for this rifle.


You can use slings to carry your rifle over long distances or across rough terrain. This allows you to take shots from different positions and angles without stopping every time you want to shoot. Sling mounts are also suitable if you have a sling for extra stability when aiming at longer ranges. They prevent the rifle from moving too much, so you can take accurate shots when hunting. Sling mounts are available from different manufacturers, so you have one compatible with your rifle. You should also look for a sling made of high-quality material which will hold up well in other conditions over time.

Cleaning Kit

Your rifle will need regular cleaning to prevent the buildup of rust, affecting its performance. Use a good cleaning kit for this purpose, and always clean your rifle after every hunt or shooting session. You can also buy cleaning tools and chemicals from different manufacturers, but they must be compatible with your specific rifle.

Rifle Case

Always protect your rifle against any kind of damage by using a case to transport it. This will prevent it from being damaged on the go, which is why you need to buy a good-quality rifle case for this purpose. If you want to buy the best rifle case for 1895, you should always consider the material’s durability. Look for cases made of strong and durable plastic which can resist any kind of impact or shock to the rifle in transit. Here is a recommended product for rifle case at the best price:

Bulldog Extreme Rifle Case

Bulldog is one of the most reputed manufacturers of rifle cases for rifles. This model is designed specifically for Winchester Model 1895 and can fit perfectly this or similar models. It has a durable outer shell made of nylon which protects your rifle from minor bumps and scratches, so it stays looking like new even after long-term use. It has an adjustable carrying strap that can be adjusted to fit different sizes and also comes with a carrying handle for easy transportation and handling during hunting or target practice.


Recommended Holsters for Winchester Model 1895


This rifle is a classic design that will always be popular with hunters and target shooters. It has a reasonable rate of fire for a hunting rifle but may not be suitable for competitive shooting since it does not have a removable magazine. You should try this model out for yourself to determine if it meets your needs from different angles before making the final purchase. We hope this Winchester Model 1895 review helped you learn more about this model and its specifications which will help you make a better buying decision.

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