Winchester Model 1892 Review and Price

Winchester Model 1892 Review and Price

A Comprehensive Guide


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Technical Data

  • Model
    Winchester Model 1892
  • Caliber
    44-40 Win, 44 Rem Mag
  • Length
    37.5 in
  • Barrel Material
  • Barrel Length
    20 in
  • Weight
    96 Oz
  • Magazine Capacity
    10 Rounds

This review will provide a detailed look into the Winchester Model 1892. This gun has been widely regarded as one of the most innovative and well-built firearms to be produced in the United States, which is why there are currently three different production models still being manufactured today. The Winchester Model 1892 revolutionized the world of strong rifling using an exposed hammer, tubular magazine, and solid top receiver. Even though this rifle has been in production for over 100 years, there are still many people interested in purchasing a Winchester Model 1892, which is why it is critical to take the time to fully understand what makes it such a great gun and what specific models will fit the buyer’s needs.


Table of Contents

In the following article, we will thoroughly examine everything from the dimensions of this rifle to what makes it such a desired firearm. We will conclude with insight into what the future holds for Winchester’s most recognizable rifle design. The Model 1892 is a beautiful lever-action Winchester rifle produced by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company from approximately 1892 to 1941. The Model 1892 was chambered almost exclusively for .44-40 Winchester, even though several chamberings were available in earlier models of this gun. These calibers include 44 Rem, 357 Mag,  and 45 Colt. The Winchester 1892 weighs 6 pounds even when chambered to shoot the standard .44-40 Winchester ammunition.


This makes it a standard firearm for hunting, as the weight of this gun combined with .44-40 will help absorb some of the recoils experienced when firing this rifle. Winchester is recognized as one of the most innovative and well-made firearms ever to be produced in America, which has led to its continued production 125 years after its introduction. The Winchester 1892 is a follow-up design to the extremely popular Winchester Model 1886. When this rifle was first put into production, it was chambered for .45-70, .45-90 WCF, and .40-82 WCF,  all extremely popular cartridges in the late 19th century. These calibers were used extensively by big game hunters in North America. 


Price of Winchester Model 1892

The price of a new Winchester Model 1892 will vary depending on the caliber, barrel length, and excellent condition of the firearm.  For example, a .44-40 model in excellent condition with an extra octagon barrel will be worth more than one that does not have these features. Finding a used version of this rifle for sale at a reasonable price is not as difficult as it would be for other popular rifles such as the Winchester Model 1873  or the Winchester Model 1894.  Typically this gun can be found for around $1000, making it one of the more affordable firearms still being manufactured today.


Features of Winchester Model 1892

The Winchester Model 1892 had some of the same features found in today’s rifles, including a solid top receiver,  button magazine tube under the 20-inch barrel, and an exposed hammer that allowed for easier cocking.  This rifle also handled cartridges with greater ease than many lever-action firearms before its robust solid frame design. Here are some of  the most prominent features of the Winchester Model 1892: 

Stock and Grip

The Winchester Model 1892 has a straight grip design that allows the shooter to get more leverage on the firearm when cocking it. This walnut stock also has more drop at the comb than many other rifles, making it easier for shooters to sight in their target. Since this gun is so good, it is not uncommon to find a used version with its forend stock. These wooden parts are made from walnut, and as such, they should fit together quite well with tiny movement between them. It is no secret that having a solid walnut stock helps absorb some of the recoils that shooters experience when firing this firearm.


It also features a straight stock design; this style of stock results from the design of this gun’s pistol grip. This stock style is not as ergonomic as some other rifle designs, but it does have its advantage.  Due to its solid design, this type of stock is better at steadying the aim of shooters than different styles. It also has the added benefit of increasing accuracy since less movement occurs between the stock and the forearm.

Stock and Grip of Winchester Model 1892

Size and Weight

The Winchester Model 1892 weighs 6 pounds, light enough for most shooters to carry when hunting. However, some shooters complain that this weight puts more strain on the arm than other rifles of its design. Overall this rifle is 37.5 inches long, and it has a 20-inch barrel; its length makes for an easy-to-store hunting gun, while the barrel makes it easier to move through the woods quickly if needed. The gun’s overall length results from the Winchester 1892 being reasonably compact and having a shorter barrel. It should be noted that the Winchester Model 1892 has a receiver that is hollowed out inside. This design makes it lighter and places more of the firearm’s weight toward the rear, which helps with absorbing recoil.  The weight of the firearm is also balanced so that it sits on top of the shooter’s hand.

Size and Weight of Winchester Model 1892

Stopping Power

The stopping power of the Winchester Model 1892 is not as good as some other rifles on the market, but it still should be more than enough to take down medium and large-sized games such as deer and wild boar.  It’s also perfect for taking down smaller prey like rabbits or squirrels. These rifles are chambered for pistol cartridges such as the .44-40 or .38-40; when they are fired, they send a bullet downrange that is much slower than other rounds found in other rifles. However, these calibers still pack a pretty good punch because of their size and weight.


The .44-40 cartridge fires a bullet that weighs around 200 grains at roughly 1100 feet per second. The .38-40 fire shots are 180 grains in weight at about 990 feet per second. Both have unrivaled stopping power in their respective weight classes. The Winchester Model 1892 can be chambered for even larger pistol bullets, but the stopping power that these rounds provide is less solid when compared to the .44-40 and .38-40.

Stopping Power of Winchester Model 1892


The Winchester Model 1892 can chamber different calibers of ammunition, which are listed above. However, it is important to note that this rifle was not designed for these other cartridges. This firearm cannot handle high-pressure rounds due to its design and lack of a strong locking mechanism. Therefore it should only be used with ammunition that has “safe” pressures. It should be noted that the Winchester Model 1892 is also available in .357 Magnum or .44 TRem Magnum.


If the user wants to fire these cartridges, they will need to purchase this firearm with a different caliber. The best two types of ammunition with this rifle are round balls or .45 Colt. A round ball fired from this gun will be accurate up to 120 yards if adequately sighted in. The .45 Colt bullet is what used to be the standard for all new guns; it fires a 230-grain projectile downrange at about 1050 feet per second. These rounds are significantly slower than some other hunting rifle cartridges, but they can still take down big game like deer and even elk with relative ease.

Safety Mechanism 

The Winchester Model 1892 has a lever-action rifle. This means that the user must pull down on a small lever to eject and load each round into the chamber. The actual factory design of this firearm makes it so that users cannot fire the gun by accident, which is excellent for hunting since it prevents animals from being spooked and running away before being harvested. However, the lever-action design is not perfect. The user must pull down on the lever to eject each round after it has been fired, so when firing quickly, the gun will pause between shots. This can be annoying when trying to take down animals with speed. It also makes it harder for novice shooters to hit moving targets because the gun must be aimed slightly lower to account for the time it takes to eject and load each round.

Safety Mechanism of Winchester Model 1892

Trigger Mechanism 

The trigger mechanism on the Winchester Model 1892 is not the best out there. After it breaks, it has a lot of creeps, making it harder to hit far-away targets. This can be especially troublesome for hunters used to faster-firing rifles that don’t require much anticipation before each shot. On the plus side, the trigger mechanism has an incredibly short reset, which means the gun fires and resets itself in very little time. This makes it easier to fire off shots quickly and accurately, suitable for hunting. It has a heavyweight of about six pounds, which is more than most other lever-action rifles on the market. This makes the gun harder to carry from place to place, and it also makes firing a round a bit more complicated. Slowing down a shot can be dangerous for hunters because an animal might get away before it can take a second shot.

Trigger Mechanism of Winchester Model 1892

Recoil and  Accuracy

 The Winchester Model 1892 has a peculiar recoil pattern. The gun kicks forward hard, which is standard for any rifle, but the butt stock of this gun also has some bite to it. This can make firing multiple rounds in quick succession difficult because the user’s cheek will get bruised trying to keep up with each shot. Luckily this bruising is not severe, but it’s still an annoyance for some shooters. This rifle is generally accurate up to 100 yards if the user has a good aim and understands how this rifle fires. However, the bullet starts to drop beyond that range, which makes hitting a target accurately a bit more complicated. This can be especially problematic when hunting animals that live in open spaces.

Recoil and Accuracy of Winchester Model 1892


The Winchester Model 1892 has two original sights, one of which is fixed. This makes it slightly more difficult to use this gun while hunting. The user cannot maneuver the rear sight to accommodate different distances between themselves and their prey. However, both types of sight are still adequate if the user understands how their rifle shoots at varying ranges. It is one of the most well-known rifles out there, and it’s easy to see why. It has a long history of use by hunters worldwide for over 100 years. It has also been in many well-known movies like “Tombstone” starring Kurt Russell, making it stand out from the average lever-action rifle.


The Winchester-Model 1892 has an excellent design that most hunters love. It’s simple yet elegant, with intricate details that make this rifle unique. These details include vines, leaves, birds, skulls, and more. The gun has artistic carvings on the stock and the receiver, which are aesthetically pleasing to look at. 1892 is an attractive rifle that competes with other well-known hunting rifles like the Marlin 336, Henry Golden Boy, and the Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle. Its simple yet intricate design makes it stand out from the rest of the pack, giving this gun a unique look.

Aesthetics of Winchester Model 1892

Advantages of Winchester Model 1892

Here are some of the advantages this rifle has to offer:


This rifle is reliable, making it an excellent firearm to use in dangerous situations. It can fire under any weather conditions without jamming or misfiring, which is especially useful when hunting because the user might need to fire their gun quickly and accurately if they encounter a potentially dangerous animal.


The Winchester Model 1892 is made from high-quality metal that can withstand any unfair and fair condition like rain or snow. The metal frame of this rifle is highly sturdy, which means the user doesn’t have to worry about repair costs. This has been tested by hunters who used this rifle in different environments, and it worked without fail.

Ease of Use

The Winchester Model 1892 has a long barrel that makes it easy for the hunter to aim at targets. The lever-action mechanism allows users to reload quickly to take another shot if necessary. There’s also no need to break down the gun. All of the components are easy to disassemble and reassemble, which makes it great for beginners who want a reliable rifle without going through the trouble of learning clean rifling. The Winchester Model 1892 is a well-known rifle that many hunters have praised. It’s praised for its reliability, durability, accuracy, and ease of use. The design of this gun is aesthetically pleasing to look at, which makes it a great rifle to add to any hunter’s collection.

Disadvantages of Winchester Model 1892

Here are some cons to consider with the Winchester Model 1892:


The Winchester Model 1892 is considerably heavier than most hunting rifles on the market today. It weighs about nine pounds, making it somewhat difficult to carry around for hours. However, considering the rifle’s high-quality metal frame, it isn’t surprising that this gun is heavy. As long as the user exercises regularly and has good upper body strength, this gun shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Another factor to consider is that it’s common for the stock and barrel of the rifle to warp over time because they’re made from wood. This usually doesn’t affect the performance or accuracy of this gun, but it’s something to keep in mind.


This rifle is more expensive than most hunting rifles on the market, which can be problematic if the user isn’t prepared to spend that much. However, it’s worth noting that the Winchester Model 1892 comes with a lifetime warranty which means any defects in material or workmanship will be repaired by the manufacturer free of charge. This goes to show Winchester’s confidence in their product.

Aftermarket Accessories – Winchester Model 1892 Review and Price

The Winchester Model 1892’s popularity has led to many aftermarket accessories. The user can find everything from replacement stocks and barrels, rifle scopes, mounts, slings, ammunition pouches, sights for rapid target acquisition, and even holsters. This gives the user more opportunities to customize their gun according to their needs and preferences. Some of the aftermarket accessories available today include: 


There are many different rifle scopes for the Winchester Model 1892 on the market. These allow hunters to aim at their targets more accurately to take them down successfully. This scope includes high-powered lenses, magnification, and adjustable zoom, so it’s easy to adjust depending on lighting conditions or distance.

Scope Mounts

The Winchester Model 1892 has pre-drilled holes in the receiver for easy mounting, allowing hunters to install different scopes or sights. Many users choose to mount their rifles with a wide field of view optics to acquire targets quickly during critical moments.


There are two primary slings for this gun, adjustable or fixed. Adjustable slings come with swivels so the user can quickly remove them if their sling gets in the way when they’re trying to take a shot. Fixed slings don’t have swivels, so they usually need to be detached from the rifle whenever they’re not being used.

Ammunition Carriers

There are many different ammunition carriers available for the Winchester Model 1892. The user can choose between side-mounted pouches, shotgun loops, leather belts, bandoliers, and shoulder slings. This gives hunters more options to carry their ammunition to access it whenever they need it quickly.


A holster is often considered an essential accessory for hunting rifles, and the Winchester Model 1892 is no exception. Because this gun can be cumbersome to carry around at times, it’s helpful if the user has easy access to their rifle when they need it. There are several different types of holsters available on the market, including shoulder, belt, leg, bandolier, and even rifle scabbards. Here is a recommendation  on where to purchase the holster for your gun:

Bulldog Cases Pit Bull Tactical Rifle Case

Bulldog tactical rifle case is designed for the Winchester Model 1892 and is manufactured in a highly durable Nylon. Moreover, the material used to make this case ensures that your rifle does not get scratched, making it very reliable. It comes with three mag pouches for holding accessories, ammunition, etc. The velcros on the mag pouches ensure that they fit securely and nothing falls out. The inner of the case is soft, so there will be no scratching of your rifle at all.

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The Winchester Model 1892 is a very well-built rifle that has stood the test of time. It helped change how people hunted, and it still holds up today as one of the best rifles on the market for mid-range hunting. Moreover, because there are so many different accessories available for this gun, the user has more freedom in how they choose to hunt. The rifle’s rugged durability makes it a weapon that hunters can rely on when they’re in the field. The Winchester Model 1892 review revealed the gun’s features to introduce new buyers to what the rifle offers. It has also included a couple of sections about where you can purchase holsters, ammunition carriers, and other equipment for this rifle. We hope you found this article to be helpful.

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