Walther PK380 Review and Price

Walther PK380 Review and Price

A Comprehensive Guide

Walther PK380

Walther PK380
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Technical Data

  • Mag. Capacity
    8 Rounds
  • Barrel Length
    3.66 in | 92.964 mm
  • System
  • Weight (Empty Mag.)
    17 Oz | 481.942 g
  • Caliber
    .380 ACP

The Walther PK380 review provides an in-depth look at this gun’s specifications, features, and performance. The Walther PK380 is an exceptional handgun with great value for money, making it perfect for beginner shooters looking for something that’s reliable and has good accuracy. The gun is made by one of the biggest gun manufacturers, so it’s no surprise that the quality of this handgun exceeds expectations. 


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Walther PK380 is aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically shaped, making it easy for shooters to handle. Moreover, this handgun has great accuracy and power, making it ideal for self-defense. The Walther PK380 comes at an average price that beginners and professional shooters find reasonable. The price range will change from state to state, but in general, it is between $400 and $500.


Features of Walther PK380

Grip and Texture

The grip is made of high-grade polymer, making it extremely durable and sturdy. It is also ergonomically shaped, like all modern handguns, to give the shooter a firm hold on the gun and control when shooting, making it an extremely comfortable grip. You can shoot all day without fatigue, whether you’re a right-handed or left-handed shooter. This ergonomic grip has improved texture technology from Walther, ensuring a good grip when holding the gun. The textured surface makes it easy to grip the gun even when wet, sweaty or oily.

Grip and Textures of Walther PK380

Size and Weight

The PK380 is a medium-sized handgun light enough to carry around easily. It weighs about 1 pound, making it perfect for shooters who find larger guns bulky and uncomfortable. The weight distribution of this handgun is great, making it very easy to balance when shooting all day. The overall measurements of the PK380 are 5.2 inches in height, 1.2 inches in width, and 6.1 inches in length. This handgun weighs about 17 ounces without the magazine, which is lighter than most other handguns on this list. The weight doesn’t affect shooting performance as the caliber of pistol is low; the firearm’s trigger guard will have less recoil and be easier to handle than other handguns. The barrel length of this gun is 3.66 inches, which is slightly shorter than most handguns. However, the accuracy of the PK380 far exceeds expectations for its size and caliber.

Size and Weight of Walther PK380

Stopping Power

This gun is extremely accurate, with an average shooting range of about 25 yards. The stopping power of the PK380 is great for self-defense, making it easy to put down targets during target practice. The PK380 has a low-caliber round which is less powerful than most handguns. However, this gun’s compact size and perfect weight distribution have great stopping power despite its small caliber. This pistol also has a longer barrel length than other handguns in the same class. The result is that shooters can be more accurate when shooting instead of missing the target due to inaccuracy. The caliber of this decent pistol in .380 Auto, which is one of the most powerful among small handguns.


However, it’s also quite popular because of its popularity in the United States. Many people already use this caliber for their guns, so finding ammo should be easy. This pistol can shoot a 95-grain bullet at an average muzzle velocity of about 1,000 feet per second. This handgun has one of the best muzzle velocities among handguns in this price range. The result is that this gun will have less recoil than most others in its class, making it easier to fire repeatedly during target practice or self-defense situations.

Stopping Power of Walther PK380

Safety Features

This gun has several safety features to make it safe and easy for a beginner and an experienced shooter. It features an automatic slide lock safety. The hammer-block safety is a small lever on the slide, and one can easily activate it with either hand. This safety feature prevents the gun from firing when users release the slide on a fresh magazine while there’s still round in the chamber. The PK380 has a decocking safety that is large and easy to use. It can prevent shooters from accidentally firing their gun when pulling the trigger for a holster or keeping it in storage but will only disengage if you’re ready to fire at your target.


This safety makes it possible for both right and left-handed shooters to use this handgun safely. There is also external thumb safety on the back of the slide. This external hammer improves the appearance of this handgun. An external hammer is one of the key features of a pocket pistol, making it easy for shooters to cock the gun before firing. Overall, the PK380 has very few safety concerns because it has several built-in safety mechanisms. However, shooters should still use caution when carrying their handguns and shooting.

Slide Stop and Magazine Release

Walther PK380 has an internal slide stop that prevents shooters from engaging the slide with no magazine inserted. A slide stop is a very important safety feature because it makes sure that users cannot accidentally load rounds into their guns without knowing, making it impossible for them to fire. The slide stop and magazine release on this gun is easy to access for both right-handed and left-handed users. When shooting, it’s easy to control the PK380, so shooters can quickly move from target to target during a shooting competition. After firing the last round, the slide locks back, making it easier to empty the chamber. The magazine release on this gun is ambidextrous and is easy to access for right-handed and left-handed shooters. The magazine release is large, so shooters can easily empty the chamber by hitting it with their thumbs after firing their last round.

Slide Stop and Magazine Release of Walther PK380

Trigger Mechanism

The PK380 has a single-action/double-action trigger mechanism. Single-action is one of the best types of triggers for handguns because it’s easy to shoot without being too hard on the gun’s frame. The double-action handgun is more complicated to use. This trigger type draws back the spring in the hammer when shooters pull it. As a result, this gun’s trigger has fairly long travel before releasing the striker to fire. With double-action triggers, users must actuate two actions for each shot at the range. The trigger pull on this gun is about 4 pounds, and the trigger travel is about 0.4 inches. It’s much lighter than most other handguns of this size that come with a double-action trigger mechanism. The trigger has a smooth surface that makes it easy to shoot without applying too much pressure, so shooters can fire more accurately and rapidly when they’re in an emergency.

Trigger Mechanism of Walther PK380

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

The Walther PK380 has rubber grips, which reduces the amount of recoil felt when shooting this gun. It makes it easy for shooters to handle their handguns without worrying too much about kickback or pain in their hands. The PK380 is great for people who want to use their handguns in competitive shooting matches. Walther PK380 has a powerful muzzle flip because of its relatively heavy slide and small grip. This handgun’s recoil spring is also larger than most handguns on the market, making it harder for shooters to keep their guns steady when they’re firing.


One thing that makes this gun easier to handle is its rubber grips. The size of the grip also reduces recoil, making it easy for shooters to keep their handguns steady when they’re shooting. Shooters’ hands fall naturally into the groove of the slide stop/release, which makes it easy for them to hold onto their handguns because there won’t be wobbling from your gun when shooting multiple rounds.

Recoil and Muzzle Flip of Walther PK380


The Walther PK380 comes with a matte black finish and polished edges. This gun is also available in matte silver, which gives it a nice, modern look. The PK380 has a polymer frame, making it lightweight and easy to handle. PK380 pistol is one of the most aesthetically appealing handguns on the market. It’s available in nine color options that combine style with functionality. The black version would look great in any shooter’s collection because it gives off an air of mystery and sophistication. The ergonomic grip makes the PK380 easy to handle. The PK380 feels natural in a shooter’s hand, so users don’t have to worry about excessive pain or discomfort when they’re handling the handgun.


The Picatinny rail mount on this handgun is appropriate for mounting accessories like pistol light laser and flashlight. The slide on the PK380 pistol has serrations, which allows shooters to manipulate it more easily. The slide is easier to grip when shooters are in an emergency because of the serrated grooves. The 3-dot sights have adjustable rear sight, which means that shooters can easily change their position depending on the shooting style.

Aesthetics of Walther PK380

Advantages of Walther PK380

Comfortable Handgun Grip

The grip surface has a design that makes it easy for shooters to have a confident grip on their handguns. The finger grooves allow users to activate the slide stop without taking their fingers off the gun’s grip, which gives them more control over their weapons.


The PK380 is lightweight and small, making it easy for shooters to carry their handguns without worrying about the weight or size of the handgun. It’s easy to conceal and carry this gun in a pocket, holster, or another carrying device.


The materials used to make this gun are sturdy. The Walther PK380 will last for years even if it’s dropped, mishandled, or otherwise treated badly during routine use.

Perfect Weight Distribution

The balance on the PK380 is between the slide and the front end of the grip. It makes it easier for shooters to handle their handguns, allowing them to keep their weapons steady while they’re firing rounds.


This handgun is affordable compared to other models on the market. The Walther PK380 has a reputation for being one of the most reliable guns available for shooters who want a quality firearm that’ll last for years.


The Picatinny rail mount on the PK380 makes it easy for shooters to customize their handguns to meet their specific shooting needs. The decent sights are simple to adjust, so users don’t have to use any tool to reposition them. Shooters can also install aftermarket sights, lasers, or flashlights on the PK380 because of the Picatinny accessory rail.


Disadvantages of Walther PK380

Ammo Capacity

Walther PK380 comes with an 8-round magazine, meaning shooters can’t fire as many rounds before they have to reload. The capacity limits its usefulness in shooting situations that require extended firings, like self-defense.

Aftermarket Accessories – Walther PK380 Review and Price

Because of its popularity, the PK380 pistol has a lot of aftermarket accessories for shooters that you can easily find at local gun shop or an online store. They include a concealed carry-gun holster, pistol light laser sight, magazines, ammunition pouches and bags, ear protection, and more.


Many aftermarket sights are available for PK380 handguns, so each shooter can choose what works best for them. This type of customization is available for any shooter who wants to add a different feature to the gun.


The grips that come with the Walther PK380 aren’t as good as other aftermarket grips. They’re not ideal because they don’t offer shooters much protection and grip compared to other models.

Magazine Pouch

No magazine pouch is included in the pistol purchase, so shooters have to purchase one separately. The magazine pouch pouches come in different sizes and colors to provide optimal concealment to the user. It can be concealed in a flap or hidden under a shirt. The magazine pouches are made of high-quality leather, durable and sturdy.


Shooters can choose from different designs of holsters for their pistols. The Walther PK380’s durability allows it to be carried in a carry holster that protects the gun while not hindering its use in emergency cases. Holster materials are leather, steel, and polymer for different price ranges and protection levels. The custom holster is also available in the market.

Fobus Right Hand Roto Evolution Paddle Holster

Fobus Evolution holsters are designed to be ultra-lightweight and compact. The minimalist design eliminates unnecessary bulk, slimming down the holster’s profile. The low-profile design of the holster keeps your firearm close to your side, virtually eliminating visible printing. The rubberized paddle insert ensures firm retention on the belt while protecting clothing. When holstering, the shooter does not have to remove their hand from the gun’s grip.


The firearm will always be drawn in a natural direction and naturally falls into the palm of the shooting hand. The holster has an adjustment screw with a positive lock parallel to the trigger guard of the firearm. The locking screws are accessed from inside the belt channel and can be adjusted by the user for retention. All Fobus products carry 100% customer satisfaction and are covered by the company’s warranty against defects.

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Recommended Holsters for Walther PK380


The Walther PK380 review provides a detailed analysis of the handgun’s pros and cons. It is a good choice for shooters who want a concealable, light handgun that is easy to use while being accurate. The gun’s high-quality materials make it a durable and long-lasting investment.

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