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Taurus TX22 Review
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This Taurus TX 22 review aims at examining the features of this gun. Taurus produces many products, including handguns, shotguns, and rifles. If you are looking for a reliable gun, the Taurus USA TX22 is your solution. It has developed many new products in recent years. One example is Taurus TX 22, a reliable, easy-to-use, and affordable training pistol.

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This small handgun is lightweight and compact, making it great to take out with you on long walks or hiking adventures. The Taurus TX22 pistol is a semi-auto, single action-only handgun designed to fire .22LR caliber rounds. This lightweight, minimal recoil firearm is perfect for casual shooters and experienced handgun owners. The retail price for this gun ranges between $300 and $350. It is a reasonable price for such good quality. The Taurus TX22 can be purchased online from many e-commerce websites and your local, reputable gun dealer.

Features of Taurus TX22

Grip and Textures

The Taurus TX22 mostly features a rubberized grip. It has a rounded grip shape that fits perfectly in your hand, making it very comfortable to hold and shoot. The grip is textured for better control, which is important. The front and backstrap are also fully textured, strengthening your grip even more. The Taurus TX22 has serrations on the front and back of the slide. The serrations provide an easy grip when cocking or un-cocking the gun. It is important for gripping that slide serrations are strong but not too sharp. The Taurus TX22 features slide serrations that are perfect enough to offer maximum control without cutting your hand like some other models of handguns.

Taurus TX22 Grip and Textures

Size and Weight

The full-sized frame makes this gun very easy to hold and shoot, while the shorter barrel allows for increased portability. It features an overall length of 7.06 inches, with a 4.10-inch barrel. The weight of this handgun is only 17.30 ounces, making it lighter than many other handguns despite its heavier duty frame and fully textured grip. The size of this handgun is small enough that you can easily conceal it on your person. It is also perfect for home use if you are looking for something reliable and effective. The Taurus TX22 holds 16 round magazine capacity and uses .22 LR caliber bullets. Taurus TX22 has an effective range of up to 15 yards.

Stopping Power

The Taurus USA TX22 uses .22 LR bullets to fire at its target. These are smaller rounds than most other handguns use, but the .22LR bullet is still very effective at stopping a threat to your home or personal safety. These rounds are enough to shoot and stop an attacker in a self-defense situation. It has a muzzle velocity of 1640 feet per second and features maximum stopping power. This handgun is also great for recreational shooting and plinking, with reduced recoil due to its small size and lightweight frame. It is also a very accurate and highly praised handgun.

Taurus TX22 Stopping Power

Safety Features

Manual safety is the most common type of handgun safety. It disengages when you squeeze the trigger to allow your gun to fire. The Taurus TX22 features a standard manual safety lever which must be engaged in order for the firearm to fire. This ambidextrous safety lever provides an additional layer of protection for preventing accidents or injuries while this gun is not in use. The Taurus TX22 has a striker block safety system. This safety system reduces the chance of unintentional firing since it requires extra pressure from the user’s finger before the gun will fire.


This feature provides extra security against accidental misfires. This model has a trigger safety lever. A trigger safety lever is a type of handgun safety that prevents the gun from firing if your finger is not on the trigger. This feature makes it almost impossible for this gun to fire when dropped or bumped into something, which could potentially cause an accident or injury. The trigger must be completely pulled for the gun to fire, which is an additional feature that can prevent accidents in case your finger slips.

Taurus TX22 Safety Features

Slide Stop and Magazine Release

The Taurus TX22 has a manual slide stop/release. This feature prevents you from unintentionally pulling the trigger when attempting to release the slide. It can also prevent jams and misfires while practicing, allowing you to stay safer while using this gun. This gun has a magazine release button located to the left side. The Taurus TX22 magazine release is an extended style, making it easy to find and use. This makes it simple to eject empty magazines while shooting, allowing for faster reloading when in a self-defense situation.

Taurus TX22 Slide Stop and Magazine Release

Trigger Mechanism

The Taurus TX22 features a single-action-only trigger mechanism and has a short trigger reset. This means that the firearm will only fire when the hammer is cocked. Single-action-only trigger mechanisms are typically lighter and easier to pull than double-action triggers, allowing for smooth firing with minimal effort required. This model is a semi-automatic striker-fired handgun. This means that it uses a spring and striker mechanism to fire bullets once the trigger is pulled. With this firing system, you can expect a smooth and easy-to-use trigger, with less required effort to pull the trigger. The gas pressure from one round fired propels the slide back and chambers another round while cocking the hammer for safety before releasing all tension on the spring for subsequent firings.

Taurus TX22 Trigger Mechanism

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

Recoil is defined as the force applied to the gun when it is fired. Whereas the muzzle flip is a quick and uncontrolled rotation of the handgun caused by firing that results in poor accuracy on subsequent shots. The Taurus TX22 features a lightweight polymer frame that helps reduce the felt recoil, resulting in increased accuracy on subsequent shots for better performance. This model is easy to control and has minimal muzzle flip, allowing for quick target reacquisition with minimal training needed, making it easier to control while shooting and engaging a target. Recoil can be minimized if this motion is controlled and directed back towards the shooter’s body instead of directed away from their arms which could cause injury. This can help to prevent soreness and increase accuracy during extended firing sessions.


The Taurus TX22 features a matte black hard anodized slide finish, slide is made of aluminum. The aluminum slide makes this model lightweight and sturdy. This model also has a polymer frame with an ergonomic grip for better handling. It has a durable construction that allows it to withstand numerous rounds without any signs of wear, making it ideal for self-defense situations. This model has a steel alloy barrel which is strong and durable. It has a matte black finish on its barrel that offers protection from corrosion and wear. This model has a Picatinny rail that is located on the underside of its frame.


The integrated accessory rail offers compatibility with aftermarket lights and lasers. This customizable feature can be used to target and illuminate your target, making it easier to see and engage targets in low-light situations or at night. The Taurus TX22 has a fixed white dot front sight and adjustable rear sight. The rear sight allows you to adjust for improved accuracy at various distances or during low-light situations.  The trigger guard is also large enough to accommodate gloved fingers.

Taurus TX22 Aesthetics

Advantages of Taurus TX22


Taurus TX22 is small and lightweight, allowing you to easily conceal the firearm under loose clothing or in pockets. This makes it less likely to draw attention and easier to carry during your daily activities, allowing you to protect yourself and others if necessary should the need arise.


The Taurus TX22 is one of the sturdiest handguns. Its durable construction can withstand heavy use without wearing down or breaking, so it’s great for self-defense use when you may need to fire multiple rounds before your situation is brought under control. 

Ease of Use

This model is easy to use. It has a striker-fired mechanism that allows you to fire rounds without having to pull the slide back each time, allowing for quick firing and reloading. This gun has minimal recoil which can help achieve the best class accuracy on subsequent shots. The large, textured grip frame makes it easy to hold onto the firearm should you need to fire it.


The Taurus TX22 is a reliable model. It has no external controls that may snag on your clothing, allowing for a quick draw and firing when needed without any unnecessary delays.

Disadvantages of Taurus TX22

Magazine Capacity

The Taurus TX22 has a small magazine capacity and it does not have an external safety or decocking mechanism, so you might need to fire multiple rounds to drop your target. This could be a disadvantage if you are not properly trained to react quickly, especially in high-stress situations where any delay or hesitation can result in serious consequences.

Heavy Trigger Pull

The trigger pull on this model is heavy, making it harder to fire accurately. It also does not have a safety switch, making it even more difficult for you to ensure that it is not fired accidentally when stored or during your daily activities.

Aftermarket Accessories - Taurus TX22 Review and Price

There are many accessories available for Taurus TX22. Some of these are:


A laser can help you to aim your target and make it easier to line up your shot in low-light or stressful situations where you may find it harder to aim correctly. The best laser sights for this model are equipped with pressure pads that allow you to activate them when needed without having to take your eyes off the target during a potentially dangerous situation.


A flashlight can help you to identify your target better, especially if it is dark or if the lighting conditions are less than ideal. It allows you to see your target clearly and engage them more accurately should you need to fire at them during a self-defense situation. The best models for this model integrate strobe and laser functions, allowing you to choose between a bright, narrow beam of light or a wide-angle beam. These functions can be used together or separately depending on your situation and will make it easier for you to identify and engage the target in low-lighting conditions without alerting them that they are being targeted.


Grips can be added to this model to improve its ergonomics and make it easier to hold on target. This, in turn, can improve accuracy and stability when firing multiple rounds at your target during self-defense situations.


Sights can be added to improve the accuracy and stability of this model. The best sights for this handgun must be adjustable so that you can adjust them as needed without having to remove them by using a sight adjustment tool. Some models also have fiber optic fronts, making it easier for you to line up your target in low-light conditions. It can be useful if it is harder for you to see your target clearly in less than ideal lighting conditions.

Magazine Holster

A magazine holster can help you to carry extra ammunition on your person without having to carry loose rounds in your pocket or lose them during daily activities, especially if you are required to travel through rough terrain. It is because the magazine is safely stored with quick access to it should you need to load the Taurus TX22 quickly during an emergency.


An inside the waistband holster may be beneficial for you if you need to carry the Taurus TX22 concealed on your person. It is because the holster keeps the gun close to your body and ensures that it does not snag on items during your daily activities or if you need to draw it quickly in an emergency situation. A strong side, outside the waistband holster, may also be useful for this model.

UM Tactical IWB/OWB Right Hand Holster (QU-TAU-TX22-RH)

The Taurus TX22 right-handed holster could easily be adapted for specific needs. It is an IWB/OWB holster made out of durable material. This holster has 2 adjustable screws on each side of the holster. It has a quick-release belt clip for easy on and off access and can be worn either IWB or OWB. This holster would make a great addition to any tactical unit, as well as an excellent general use holster for those who need such versatility. An OWB strap is included with this holster that offers the ability to switch from IWB to OWB carrying. This holster has an adjustable retention screw so you can customize the fit of your weapon. 


What is the Taurus TX22 designed for?

The Taurus TX22 is designed to be a concealed carry weapon. It is a .22 caliber affordable training pistol. It is very light and easy to handle, making it ideal for use as a training gun or for casual shooting. Also, its simplistic design makes it easy to use for shooters who are new to handguns.

Can I attach accessories to the Taurus TX22?

Accessories such as lasers, flashlights, and grips can be attached to the Taurus TX22 and will not affect its performance in any way. However, it is also important to note that some accessories such as lasers and flashlights need to be activated separately from the Taurus TX22 before they can be used effectively.

What type of ammunition does this handgun use?

The Taurus TX22 uses .22 caliber ammunition. It is a popular choice for concealed carry weapons, as it produces less recoil than larger calibers. It is also easier to find and more affordable than most other types of ammunition.

What is the Taurus TX22's magazine capacity?

The magazine capacity of the Taurus TX22 is 10 rounds. It should be more than enough to allow you to engage a target without reloading during a self-defense situation at close range. However, if your circumstances require a larger magazine capacity, it may be worth looking into purchasing an extended magazine.

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The Taurus TX22 is a handgun that is designed to be used by shooters of all skill levels. It is reliable, easy to use, and has enough accessories available for it to suit the needs of most shooters. Hopefully, the Taurus TX22 review provided a useful insight into what this handgun has to offer. Keep reading for more reviews.

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