Taurus G2c Review

Taurus G2c Review

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Taurus G2c Review

Taurus G2c
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Taurus is known for its affordable, reliable guns, and the Taurus G2c pistol is no exception. That’s why we’ll provide an in-depth Taurus G2c review in this blog post.  This handgun has an oversized grip which makes it easy to hold securely in your hand, while also being lightweight at just 17 ounces. It also comes with interchangeable rubber grips so you can change them out depending on what feels best to you.

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The Taurus G2c is a lightweight, reliable self-defense gun. The Taurus G2c holds 10 rounds of 9mm ammunition in its magazine and features 3 dot sights that are self-illuminating both day and night. This gun also offers a thumb safety feature as well as a trigger safety which means it will be difficult for anyone but you–the owner–to fire this weapon by accident. The pistol has a strong shooting rate of almost 1,000 rounds per minute and also comes with a 20-round magazine. The Taurus G2c can be used to defend your home or business, and also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Features of Taurus G2c

The Taurus G2c is a strong, lightweight handgun that has the features and specifications to make it great for self-defense. Here is in detailed Taurus G2c review:

Safety Mechanism

The Taurus G2c also has two different safeties that are designed to keep the gun secure. The first is a thumb safety that will lock both the slide and trigger, which prevents anyone from pulling the trigger. It also has a trigger safety that will only allow the gun to be fired when your finger is on the trigger, making it difficult for anyone else to accidentally fire this handgun. The Taurus G2c also features a firing pin block that will only allow the gun to be fired when you’re pulling the trigger, so it’s difficult to accidentally fire this handgun.

Safety Mechanism of Taurus G2c


The Taurus G2c comes in a matte black color that is rounded off with silver features on the barrel. The front of the pistol has two circles for aiming, and it also comes with three grey dots all around both sides of this handgun. It’s lightweight at just 17 ounces, which makes it easy to carry around or secure in a home or business.

Ergonomic Design

The Taurus G2c has an incredibly ergonomic design which means it’ll either fit the contour of your hand or provide you with a comfortable way to hold it. This gun comes with rubber grips that are removable, meaning if they don’t feel right, you can switch them out for another set.

Ergonomic Design of Taurus G2c

Grip and Textures

When you pick up the Taurus G2c, you’ll notice that this handgun has an oversized grip. The rubber grips are textured for extra comfort and security, making it easy to fire off multiple rounds without losing feeling in your hands or having them slip out of place. The Taurus G2c also features interchangeable rubber grips so you can mix and match depending on your preferences.

Grip and Textures of Taurus G2c

Magazine Release

The Taurus G2c’s magazine release is easy to use and quick. To release the magazine, you only need to push the button on the right side of this gun and let go. The mag will then be ready to be swapped out for another if ammo runs low.

Trigger Mechanism

The Taurus G2c features a trigger that’s designed to be pulled rather than squeezed. The trigger is also curved which contributes to its responsiveness and accuracy. When using this handgun, you’ll notice that it fires off rounds quickly without much effort on your part because of the shape of this handgun’s trigger. 

Trigger Mechanism of Taurus G2c


The Taurus G2c offers 3-dot self-illuminating sights that are easy to see in several different lighting conditions. The front and back sights come with a bright white outline which makes them stand out, even if you’re shooting in the dark. This handgun also comes with adjustable rear sights so you can easily line it up, no matter what conditions you’re firing in.

Sights of Taurus G2c

Slide Stop

The Taurus G2c’s slide stop is easy to use and understand, making it ideal for home or business owners. If you need to stop firing off rounds in an emergency situation, the slide stop makes that simple to do with just one hand. The slide stop also means when you’re ready to start firing again, there are no levers or mechanisms to hold your hand up while you load a new magazine.

Slide Stop of Taurus G2c


The Taurus G2c’s frame is lightweight and durable, which makes it ideal for carrying around with you daily or securing in a home or business. Even if you’re going to be using this handgun for hours at a time, the lightweight frame won’t cause your hands to ache.


When you’re ready to fire off rounds, this handgun’s slide has a natural motion that you can easily pull back with one hand. This makes it easier to aim and fire shots accurately while holding the weapon in one hand. The Taurus G2c also features a manual safety you can use to lock the pistol when it’s not in use.


The Taurus G2c’s magazine well is designed to make it easy to load and replace your handgun’s mags. This makes the process of shooting simple without slowing you down or worrying that you’re going to fumble around with this gun while you need it the most. The Taurus G2c also comes with two mags, which means you’ll always have one that’s ready to go when it’s time to shoot.

Magwell of Taurus G2c


The Taurus G2c weighs just 17 ounces, making it a lightweight option compared to other self-defense handguns. It’s also quite small in size, which means if you have smaller hands or need a gun that is easier to fit into a purse or holster for EDC purposes, this gun might be a great option for you.


The Taurus G2c holds 10 rounds of 9mm ammunition in its magazine and is compatible with more than just this particular type of ammunition. This gun will also shoot .380 ACP, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, .357 SIG, and 10MM Auto. If you want a gun that will allow you to shoot multiple types of rounds, this handgun might be a great option for you.


The Taurus G2c also offers great accuracy. This handgun has a strong shooting rate of almost 1,000 rounds per minute and has no problem consistently hitting its target even at long ranges.

Carrying Capacity

The G2c comes with several different magazine options to suit your needs depending on how you want to carry it. It comes with both a 6-round and 12-round magazine. This handgun also offers great carrying capacity, no matter the size of the hands.


Although Taurus doesn’t offer any customizations for this particular model, there are plenty of other options out there you can choose from. You can also use aftermarket magazines with the G2c if needed. This handgun is easy to adapt and modify so you can choose your options and use your gun how you want.


Advantages of Taurus G2c


The Taurus G2c is incredibly reliable and will maintain its functionality even after hundreds of rounds.


The rubber grips are comfortable and easy to hold even when firing off multiple rounds.


Since this handgun doesn’t have night sights, it’s harder to read targets in dark lighting. The G2c also doesn’t come with any aftermarket sight options, which means you’ll need to purchase them separately if you want an optics upgrade.


This handgun is incredibly durable and dependable under any conditions.


The Taurus G2c’s manual safety and slide stop mean there are no levers or buttons to fumble with when you’re in the middle of a heavy-duty gunfight.


This handgun is lightweight, making it an ideal option if you’re looking for something that won’t weigh down your purse or cause arm fatigue.


The Taurus G2c is very affordable compared to other handguns on the market, especially when you consider the craftsmanship and features it comes with.

Disadvantages of Taurus G2c

Handle Safety

The Taurus G2c doesn’t have a handle safety, so some find this feature uncomfortable or difficult to use.

Trigger Safety

Some handguns come with an additional trigger safety, which makes these guns easier to fire when compared to the Taurus G2c.

Low Ammo Capacity

This handgun only has a 10-round magazine capacity. While this is an advantage, it’s also a disadvantage if you’re going to be using this gun for extended periods or need multiple rounds to hit your target.

Heavy Recoil

Some users have reported that the Taurus G2c has a heavy recoil, which can make it difficult to fire accurately if you don’t have a lot of arm strength.


This gun tends to be difficult to clean.


The Taurus G2c doesn’t have a lot of premium features, such as wooden grips or more durable metal parts.


While this handgun isn’t the cheapest, for its price it offers great value. This is a lightweight and versatile gun that comes with two magazines and allows you to shoot multiple rounds of ammunition from .380 ACP up to 10MM Auto.

Best Holster for Taurus G2c

Taurus G2c Holster, Kydex IWB Holster Custom Fit: Taurus G2c 9mm

Taurus G2c 9mm holster is a custom fit IWB Kydex Holster. This holster is intended for concealed carry. The inside of this Taurus G2c 9mm IWB Kydex Holster includes  0.8 Kydex fabric that protects against everyday wear and tear, keeping your Taurus G2c 9mm safe. It fits 1.5-inch belt clips. It has adjustable retention, adjustable cant, and an adjustable sweat guard to protect your gun from moisture damage. It also features a covered trigger guard.


The belt clip can be adjusted for ride height and cant angle. This holster also features adjustable retention screws and can be ordered with or without an RCS Claw attachment. This concealed carry holster is handcrafted to fit your gun perfectly. The Taurus G2C 9mm IWB Holster by Alien Gear Holsters, will provide you with the best-concealed carry experience you ever had! The holster features a tuckable strut, which allows you to tuck in your shirt while still having quick access to your firearm. This holster is available for right-handed shooters.

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Overall, the Taurus G2c is a great addition to any gun collection or for anyone looking for an affordable handgun that won’t weigh you down. It’s incredibly reliable and offers great shooting accuracy even when firing off multiple rounds without losing its target. With interchangeable grips, you can customize this gun to fit your preferences. While the Taurus G2c doesn’t have an additional handle safety or trigger safety, it is easily one of the most reliable handguns on the market. If you’re looking for a lightweight handgun that is easy to conceal, the Taurus G2c might be perfect for your needs. This gun also comes with an ergonomic design and multiple safety features which will keep it secure when in use or not in use–making it one of the best self-defense handguns on the market today.