Stream Light Vs Surefire: Which One Is Better? [Ultimate Showdown]

We all know that having a good flashlight at night is essential when hunting or shooting, but it’s hard to find one that will fit comfortably on your gun and give you the brightness you need without being too bulky or expensive.

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Stream light and Surefire are two of the most popular tactical light manufacturers in the world. They have both been around for over the years, so they have gotten it right more than once.

Let’s take a look at which one might be better for you. First, let’s start by looking at what makes up a good gun light. It should produce an intense beam of white light capable of temporarily blinding opponents, producing enough heat to ignite flammable materials, or use as an emergency signal if needed and run continuously without overheating while using minimal energy.

They both offer a wide range of products for different uses, so it’s essential to take some time to decide which is best for you.

Stream Light vs Surefire

History of Streamlight Flashlight

Streamlight has Founded over 40 years ago in 1973 and always been an American company. They offer a wide variety of flashlights, from the primary pocket flashlight to rugged tactical lights. They got credit for inventing the first LED handheld in 1987 and have been at the forefront of technology ever since.

What is a Streamlight Flashlight?

A Streamlight flashlight is a fine-tuned piece of illumination hardware built with the highest quality standards in mind. Streamlight is one of the most highly recognizable flashlights on the market.

Stream light flashlight is a weapon-mounted tactical flashlight. The flashlight fits onto a variety of different weapons, and the dimensions of the flashlight are 3.39 inches in length x 1.47 inches in width x 1.44 inches in height. The flashlight is lightweight, compact, and fitted with a high-lumen lithium battery that will provide 1.75 hours of continuous run time.

Stream light offers a lot more than just simple handheld flashlights to their customers. All of their products focus on lighting, but they come in many different styles. In addition to their EDC flashlight, Streamlight also offers Lanterns, handlamps, Stylus, Keychain lights, spotlights, gun lights, batteries, and so much more.

An American company specializes in manufacturing innovative and reliable illumination tools for law enforcement officers, firefighters, military personnel, and other first responders all around the globe, including EMTs/Paramedics.

Stream Light vs Surefire

History of Surefire

Surefire is a company that prides itself on durability, intensity, and brightness. Surefire specializes in producing flashlights for the military, contractors, LE/Military Police officers, and other first responders such as EMTs and Paramedics.

The company began manufacturing their product line in 1975 when they were commissioned by law enforcement to produce a high-intensity light to enable them to identify suspects at night.

Awarded with Nobel Prize

In 1979, Surefire was awarded their first U.S. Military contract to begin providing the US Air Force with flashlights for various aircraft and helicopters used by military personnel on duty and in combat operations worldwide.

Today Surefire is considered the world’s leading manufacturer of high-intensity lighting products.

Stream light Vs. Surefire

While both companies manufacture high-quality handheld lights, they are known for their top-of-the-line pistol mount lights.


How bright is the light? When it comes to brightness, Streamlight and Surefire both shine brightly.

Their lights can reach 600 lumens that are equal to the light from seven of your typical household incandescent bulbs all at once! Flashlights on both sides are very bright and can be blinding.

Bulb Life:

The lifespan of a bulb varies depending on how often you use it; the more you use it, the more often you need to replace the bulb.

Stream light has a one-to-two-year lifespan if used once per month; Surefire light can last up to five years with frequent use of ten hours per day. Lithium-ion batteries are also convenient and easy for those that like recharging their product; Streamlight offers an 18-volt lithium-ion battery that keeps its charge for up to 18 hours.

However, the Streamlight flashlight can use two AA batteries in emergencies with its included adapter. The Surefire does not include this feature and will only be able to use one lithium-ion battery. Streamlight can run on AA batteries for up to six hours, while the Surefire will only last an hour or less.


Stream light offers plenty of attachments, like a headlamp and belt holster case for when you need hands-free use or protection from the elements.

Surefire has a variety of accessory options as well; wearers can attach it to their keychain with a handy carabiner.


Stream light’s flashlight is made of anodized aluminum and finished with a tough, non-slip coating to protect the elements. Surefire offers this as well; their flashlights are also Titanium Nitride coated to provide hardy durability in all settings without fail. The LED bulb in both products is guaranteed to last for up to 50,000 hours.


People always worry about flashlights because of how much they cost, which may not seem like an essential factor, but it can be. Sure, fire’s flashlight will run you anywhere from $249.00 – $399.99, whileStreamlight provides a more economical option of around $60- 100 depending on what size and color you choose.


Stream light claims that this feature gives their flashlight more versatility, but if you’re going off into a dark forest, you want something going to last. Sure, fire’s flashlight will give you a more powerful beam whileStreamlight only gives off 70 lumens of light which may not be enough for your needs in the forest.

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Stream light offers this as well; their flashlights are also Titanium Nitride coated to provide hardy durability in all settings without fail. Surefire’s flashlight does have a scratch-resistant coating on the lens, but it will not be as durable in rugged environments.


If you’re carrying your light with you for long periods, then the weight is essential. Surefire weighs at about 13 ounces, whileStreamlight only weighs around six and a half ounces. Stream light is the clear winner if you want a lightweight light that will quickly, you want something to carry around for long periods without tiring your arm muscles out too much.

Lumen Power:

The lumen power has a lot to do with the illuminated area in front of you. Surefire’s flashlight gives off around 320 lumens, whileStreamlight only puts out 55 lumens, which is still plenty for most people.


Is Streamlight a good brand?

Yes, both are great options but Surefire>Stream light any time the budget allows for it. You’re paying for the name. Surefire and Streamlight were arguably the first American brands to offer high lumen lights at a reasonably reasonable price.

Why are surefire so expensive?

They have a reputation and a price point to maintain, and they market to people who like firearms because people who want guns have lots of money. They’re expensive because they can be, people will still buy them—government contracts. For handheld lights, surefire charges high.

What flashlights do police use?

Popular police flashlights include the Streamlight Stinger DS LED HL and Streamlight Strion DS HL. Both models are rechargeable and feature high brightness beams designed to light up a room and provide ample beam range.

Is Streamlight made in China?

The flashlight brand Streamlight was founded in 1973 and had its production facilities located in Eagleville, Pennsylvania. Their flashlights are predominantly manufactured in the US, though some of their charger components are manufactured in China, and their NiCd cells are made in France.

Does Streamlight flashlight have a lifetime warranty?

Stream light warrants its products to be free of defects for a lifetime of use except for batteries, bulbs, abuse, and ordinary wear. This limited lifetime warranty also excludes rechargeable batteries, chargers, switches, and electronics with a 2-year warranty with proof of purchase.


From the above comparison between Surefire and Streamlight, it is clear that the significant difference is the price. If you are looking for a robust and reliable flashlight at an affordable price, the Streamlight is the best flashlight brand for you. Streamlight produces durable flashlights that last long.

Also, they can withstand harsh surroundings and provide extremely bright light. But if you want to spend more to get the stylish Surefire flashlights, you can also do 2-year in the end, these two brands offer similar features, and they are almost identical. That’s why many people confuse them and get stuck between choosing one over the other.

They are incredibly bright and can easily disorient a criminal or attacker. Streamlight and Surefire flashlights offer some of the best pistol lights, and they are compatible with various pistols mounting rails. Use one of these flashlight brands to aim at your target or blind a thief or an attacker. With their sturdy construction, they are great tactical lights, and emergency responders, law enforcers, campers, and even hunters also use them. They are built for tactical use and will survive in the cold or even rainfall.