Springfield Hellcat Review

Springfield Hellcat Review

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Springfield Hellcat Review

Springfield Hellcat
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The Wasp and Hornet are better suited for hunting and target shooting, but the Springfield Hellcat offers more options for home defense. It’s not as powerful as other shotguns (generally speaking), but it has a higher rate of fire than most shotgun models on the market today. And with its 3-inch barrel, it can reach out to targets that might be at least 50 yards away. That makes this weapon one of the best choices if you want to defend your home against intruders or wild animals and don’t care so much about accuracy. Read the full Springfield Hellcat review here.


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The Springfield Armory Hellcat is a polymer-framed, semi-automatic shotgun developed by the Springfield Armory.  This makes it appropriate for home defense, as well as the hunting and target shooting aspects that were stated before. The Hellcat is also very lightweight relative to other shotguns on the market today. It is also easy to maintain, having fewer moving parts than most shotguns. The gun features a fixed stock, ambidextrous safety levers, dual extractors, and an oversized bolt release button.  In terms of weight distribution, this shotgun feels good in your hands because it is well-balanced. 

Features of Springfield Hellcat


The grip and ergonomics of the Springfield Hellcat are designed to be comfortable for the shooter. The grip is even shaped to be comfortable for both right-handed shooters and left-handed shooters, which should suit the needs of just about any shooter you’re trying to defend your home against. The pistol grip is rubberized and ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort, even when you need to fire multiple rounds quickly. This is a great feature for anyone who is going to be using this weapon to defend their home against intruders. It does not offer removable back straps, but it does have a slight beavertail at the rear of the gun. There is also a generous trigger guard that’s easy to use when firing this weapon, and there are several different gripping surfaces you can choose from to make it easier for you to handle this weapon.

Springfield Hellcat Grip


It also has a textured polymer finish on the pistol grip that makes it easy to hold onto even when you’re sweating from fear or excitement. The texturing extends 360 degrees around the grip, so it’s comfortable to hold in any position. The frame is stippled with micro texturing, and the texture itself is a stipple-like one.  This provides extra grip for the shooter during use. It also reduces the amount of glare that’s visible on this weapon, which may be beneficial if you’re using it in low-light conditions during an emergency.


The texturing on the grip extends around the pistol grip, which makes sure that your hand won’t slip even when it’s sweaty or moist from rain, sweat, or blood. The texture is a combination of stippling and texturing, so it’s not too aggressive. When you hold this gun the texture feels good. It doesn’t hurt your hands during use, even if you have to fire multiple rounds quickly in a stressful situation. This is one of the things that makes this weapon well-suited for home defense purposes.

Springfield Hellcat Texture


The sights on the Springfield Armory Hellcat are very good.  The front sight is a tritium vial that’s surrounded by a yellow fluorescent ring, and it has an integrated white U-shaped outline around the tritium. This makes it easy to use in low-light conditions so you can see your target and fire quickly without worry. The U-shaped ring has a bright white color to it, so even if the tritium gets washed out by poor weather conditions, you can still see the outline of your front post. The Hellcat also comes with an adjustable rear sight that’s easy to adjust for windage and elevation, which makes it possible to use this weapon in a wide variety of conditions.


The rear sight is a folding white dot that’s adjustable for elevation and windage, so you can adjust it to your preferred sighting point. The sight itself has an almost skeletonized design to it. It doesn’t add much bulk to the gun’s appearance, but it does make sure that your shot will be accurate even against multiple targets. The sights are easy to see in dark conditions, so even if you happen to be using the tritium sight in the dark, you’ll still get accurate shots.

Springfield Hellcat Sights


The Springfield Hellcat is a good-looking weapon, but it’s also quite easy to customize as well. The 11, 13 round capacity makes it an excellent choice for those who want something other than the standard shotgun shell capacity of 5 or 6 rounds. You can modify this weapon with aftermarket parts that will allow you to install a drum magazine if you want to have 60 or more rounds available in a single magazine. This makes it easy for you to shoot at multiple targets in quick succession without needing to reload. The Springfield Hellcat comes with a decent number of accessories, including three magazines that hold 11 rounds each. These magazines are made from stainless steel and polymer materials, so you don’t have to worry about them corroding over time due to exposure to moisture or wear and tear.


You’ll need to purchase an aftermarket cleaning kit if you want to use one along with your Hellcat, as the weapon does not come with one. There are also many holsters on the market that fit this weapon, and some of these work quite well for those who want to carry their Hellcat on their hip while they’re out in the field. The Springfield Hellcat also comes with M16-style raised sights, so you won’t need any aftermarket sight upgrades if you get this weapon. It’s ready to go straight out of the box. Any Sig dovetail Sight will fit on this gun as well. The only aftermarket upgrade we’re aware of is a Magpul grip and trigger guard that adapts to replace the stock ones for those who want a nicer-feeling pistol grip and better ergonomics.


The Springfield Armory Hellcat is an accurate weapon. You can use this gun for home defense without worry, as you’ll be able to get rounds on target with each shot. The shell capacity is also excellent, so you can get lots of shots off without having to stop mid-fight due to the limited number of shells available. Some pistols have higher accuracy than this weapon, but they also carry fewer rounds at a time as well as a lower firing rate.


The Springfield Hellcat is accurate enough for you to land multiple rounds on a single target, and it will also allow you to hit more than one target in quick succession, which makes this weapon a good choice for home defense. The Springfield Hellcat has a built-in Picatinny rail that allows you to mount different aftermarket accessories if you want to use something like a flashlight or laser sight. This will not affect the weapon’s accuracy, since they are mounted externally rather than internally.

Magazine Release

The Springfield Hellcat is available with either an 11-round or 13-round magazine, which is both detachable for quick reloading in emergencies. These magazines are made from stainless steel and polymer materials, so they’re quite durable. It’s much easier to send empty shells flying than it is to find out that your magazine has jammed on you during live combat, so this is a good feature to have. The magazines are easy to load, but they’re also easy for you to eject when the time comes.


The magazine release is located on the front of the weapon’s grip, so it won’t get in your way when you need to reload or switch out your weapon. It’s easy to reach with either of your hands, so you won’t need to remove your hand from the weapon to make these adjustments. You’ll also find that this release works quite well, as it’s easy to push down and easy for the shells to clear the magazine housing as a result of this action.

Magazine Release Of Springfield Hellcat


The Springfield Armory Hellcat is a weapon that’s designed to be safe and easy to use. You don’t need to worry about accidental discharges, as the weapon features a trigger safety that will stop it from firing unless you’re pressing the trigger. This feature is also known as drop safety because it will keep your gun from firing if you drop it on its muzzle. Weapons like these are especially important if you have kids in the house who might be tempted to play with your guns, but they’re also useful for people who frequently carry their weapons around without holsters.


The weapon’s grip safety is another added layer of safety that can save you from injuries caused by accidental discharge. This feature prevents the gun from firing if your hand isn’t in the grip. You can lock out these features by moving a switch located at the base of the weapon’s grip, so you’ll want to make sure that you don’t accidentally shift this switch when you’re handling your gun.

Springfield Hellcat Safety


The trigger on Springfield Hellcat is made from all-steel components for strength, so it’s less likely to break. This means that you’ll be able to get a lot of use out of this weapon before you need to do any repairs or replacement work. You can expect a trigger pull between five and seven pounds with the standard model, which is an average weight. If you prefer a lighter trigger, you should check out the light-touch model instead. The trigger pull is smooth and easy to manage, even if this weapon isn’t designed to be fully customizable like other weapons on the market. You can expect a fair amount of resistance while firing your Hellcat, but that will help you to avoid accidentally pulling the trigger. The trigger’s length of pull is a full twelve millimeters, so this weapon is very suitable for people who have larger hands.

Springfield Hellcat Trigger

Aesthetics Springfield Hellcat Review

The Springfield Hellcat’s aesthetics are modern and sleek, so they should work well in almost any home or office environment. The black polymer materials used for the exterior of the weapon look good when combined with the stainless steel components, so you can expect this weapon to blend right in when you place it on your desk. These features also ensure that your weapon will resist corrosion from weather and other elements, so it won’t rust if you leave it in your car for a few days.


The Springfield Hellcat is also very thin compared to other weapons on the market, which can make it easier to conceal when you’re carrying this weapon around. It only measures four inches wide at its widest point, which is one of the slimmest measurements of any weapon on the market. Even though this weapon is compact, it’s still easy for you to hold onto thanks to its contoured profile and ergonomic grip components.

Aesthetics Springfield Hellcat Review

Shooting Springfield Hellcat Review

The Springfield Hellcat is an accurate weapon with good range, so you can expect to get the most out of this model if you use it for target practice. The weapon’s front blade sight features a three-dot green design that makes aiming easy, and the rear notch sight also helps you to improve your accuracy by providing an additional reference point once you’ve got the weapon on target. You can expect to get consistent results thanks to the fixed barrel, which doesn’t move while you’re firing this model.



The Springfield Hellcat is a weapon that’s designed to be as simple as possible, so it doesn’t require you to perform any complicated maintenance steps. You can keep your weapon clean by wiping down the exterior components and occasionally checking on the barrel, but those are the only steps that you’ll need to take to maintain this gun and prevent corrosion. The Springfield Hellcat doesn’t require any additional lubrication, which makes it a great option to use under harsh conditions. You’ll be able to fire your weapon in all sorts of weather without having to worry about applying oil or grease before you go out to hunt or practice with this gun.

Overall Ergonomics

When you’re using this weapon, the Springfield Hellcat has a very good weight and balance. It feels comfortable in your hand when you’re holding it, and it’s also easy to control thanks to its lightweight polymer materials. The contoured grip makes it easy for you to hold onto this gun without having to worry about losing your grip or dropping it. This weapon will never rust or corrode, so you’ll be able to maintain your Hellcat for decades without having to do any major work on it. The Springfield Hellcat is a great option if you’re looking for a reliable and practical sidearm that won’t cost too much money. The Springfield Hellcat’s thin profile makes it easy to conceal and carry, so this weapon will also work well if you’re looking for a lightweight accessory that you can bring with you while hiking or camping.

Advantages of Springfield Hellcat

Affordable Pricing

The Springfield Hellcat is one of the more affordable weapons on the market, so you’ll be able to purchase this model without having to break the bank.

Great Accuracy

The Springfield Hellcat is very accurate when you use it for target practice, so you can expect to get consistent results with this weapon.

Looks Great

The Springfield Hellcat’s modern appearance will match up with almost any home or office environment, so you won’t have to worry about clashing with the decor.

Lightweight Components

This weapon is made from lightweight polymer components that won’t add too much weight to your overall loadout.

Disadvantages of Springfield Hellcat

Inadequate for Self-Defense

The Springfield Hellcat has a small magazine capacity, which means that it’s only suitable for target practice and not self-defense.

Inferior Materials

Some parts of the Springfield Hellcat are made from low-quality materials, so you’ll need to watch out for this issue if you’re going to use this weapon regularly.

Low Durability

This weapon will wear out faster than other models on the market, so you’ll need to replace it sooner than other Hellcat models.

Recommended Holsters for Springfield Hellcat

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The Springfield Hellcat is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a lightweight sidearm that has good accuracy and will also work well if you want to conceal the weapon under your clothing. The Springfield Hellcat has its flaws, but it’s still good enough to use for target practice and light self-defense. It feels great in your hand and comes at a low price, which makes it a good weapon to consider if you want something better than the usual consumer products on the market. Thanks for reading this Springfield Hellcat Review.

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