Sig P938 Vs P365

Sig P938 Vs P365

Specification Comparison and Reviews

Sig P938.

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Today, we will be talking about the highly popular Sig P938 Vs P365. These are some of the most important guns on a mental level. A lot of people love them and people even get tattoos from them. We all know how much importance guns have in modern-day culture. So let’s go ahead and get into it then.

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To start we will talk about the basics. Sig Sauer is a firearms manufacturing company and they specialize in crafting some of the best guns you can find on the market. It’s founded in 1850 and is currently German-owned, which makes it one of the oldest gun manufacturers around today. Their line of firearms includes everything from hunting rifles to handguns and even sporting guns. They do it all and this is just another reason why they’re so popular in the gun community. Read further to learn more about these two handguns and how they differ in terms of design, functionality, power, ammo capacity, etc.

Features of Sig P938 Vs P365

Magazine Capacity

The Sig P938 has a 7-round magazine capacity, whereas the Sig p365 has a 10+1 round magazine capacity. This means that you will have fewer rounds to shoot before having to reload your gun. Someone who is looking for practice or who prefers shooting with less ammo in their gun might not see this as a bad thing.

The magazine capacity of this handgun is also 1 round less than the magazine capacity of its full-size counterpart, which is the Sig P938. If you’re willing to carry around an extra magazine though then it shouldn’t be a big deal for you.

Sig P938 Vs P365 Magazine Capacity


This is perhaps the most important part of any gun because, without it, you’re not going to be able to hold the gun. A bigger grip means that it will fit more comfortably in your hand and will also give you better control over it. This makes for smoother shooting. The grip of the Sig P938 is made of rubber and it’s thicker than in the middle. The grip of p365 is made of polymer and has a more traditional design. When you hold the pistol, you can feel that there is a lot more rubber on your hand, which provides better control over the weapon. The more traditional grip design of the Sig p938 means that there is less rubber on your hand, which makes it harder to control.

Sig P938 Grip

The Sig P365 has an arched backstrap that allows you to get a better grip on it. The backstrap is arched, which means that it is slanted so that the part of the grip near where you are gripping it is thicker than the middle of it. This ensures that your hand will have maximum contact with the gun, which in turn gives you great control over your shots. The Sig P938 has a more traditional grip design, which means that it is straight and doesn’t give your hand the same grip as the Sig p365 does.

Sig P365 Grip


Both of these handguns have standard thumb safety options, which can help prevent negligent discharges. This is very important if you want to avoid having an accident happen when you fire your gun. You don’t want to hurt anyone or put yourself in danger by firing the gun accidentally. A lot of guns come with this option and it’s one of the most important parts of any gun. Not all guns offer this option, which makes it very special. It’s there to help prevent accidents and protect you when shooting your weapon.

Safety is present in both handguns but in different places. The Sig P938 has its safety on the left side of the frame near the bottom. The Sig p365 has its safety in the center of the trigger guard. This makes it easier to reach and use when compared to the design of the P938’s safety, which is a little harder to get to. 

Safety of Sig P938 Vs P365


Even though these handguns have different calibers, they both have different sight options and they perform pretty much the same. Sig Sauer offers a great set of standard sights on both these guns, which makes it easier for you to see your target and perform efficiently.

Sig P938 Sight

Sig P365 has X-RAY3 Day/Night Sights, which gives you the option to turn them into night sights with the help of an LED light. You won’t need any tools for this and all you have to do is press a button on your backstrap when it gets dark out. The Sig P938 has single night sights, which are also very effective.

Sig P365 Sight


The Sig P365 has a Striker trigger action which means that it is easier to fire. Your finger can’t slip off of the trigger because it will click back into place automatically. This reduces the chances of an accidental discharge, which is very useful. The Sig p938, on the other hand, has SAO (single sction only) which makes shooting more difficult. You have to consciously pull the trigger back for every shot you shoot until you decide to stop.

Sig P938 Trigger

Coil springs are also present in both of these handguns. This is important because they are very reliable and won’t break down, even after many years of use. Coil springs are specially made to handle pressure over time and still work the way they’re supposed to. A lot of guns have this part but it’s not always as effective or made as well as it is in these guns.

Sig P365 Trigger

Shooting Performance

The Sig P365 has a smooth trigger pull, which makes it easier to use for those who have smaller hands. The trigger pull is just slightly heavier than that of the Sig p938 but it’s not something you would notice unless you were specifically looking for a difference between them. They both shoot pretty fast and accurately, so they’re both a great choice for anyone who’s looking to practice a lot.


The Sig p938 shoots faster than the Sig P365 does, which might be important if you’re in a hurry and need to take out your gun quickly. The velocity on the P938 is approximately 952 feet per second compared to approximately 830 feet per second for the Sig p365. The Sig P938 is also a heavier gun, which can make it easier to shoot and more comfortable to hold.


The Sig P365 is a smaller handgun, which makes it easier to conceal and carry around. If you’re looking for a gun that can fit in your pocket or bag then this one is a good option for you. It’s very easy to hide from other people because it looks like an average object instead of a weapon. Where the Sig p938 has a longer barrel and slide, the Sig P365 is more compact, which makes it easier to conceal. When you’re not using it all you have to do is put it in your pocket or bag and walk around without worrying about anyone spotting you. It’s light enough that carrying it around won’t cause any discomfort for you either.

The Sig p365 is lighter than the P938, which makes it easier to move around with. It has an overall length of 5.8 inches and a weight of 17.8 ounces with the magazine in. The Sig p938 is heavier, which can be harder for some people to use but also means that there won’t be as much recoil when you shoot. The overall length of the Sig p938 is 5.9 inches and it weighs 16 ounces.


Both Sig P938 and p365 are high-quality handguns that will fire every time you pull the trigger. They both come with a lot of safety features to reduce the risk of any accidental discharges and also prevent you from firing if you’re not supposed to. The Sig P938 is a slightly more reliable handgun than the p365 because of its SAO trigger action. There’s no de-cocking mechanism and there’s nothing for your finger to slip off of, which makes it easier and faster (and safer) to shoot.

After Market Accessories – Sig P938 Vs P365

Most of the aftermarket accessories for sig p938 or p365 are different. Here is a detailed comparison of them:


Both weapons have a lot of holster options. They’re used to hold the gun safely and securely during transport, aiming, reholstering, and sometimes during everyday carry (EDC). For them to be effective and practical, they need to fit snugly and securely. The belt holsters and paddle holsters are the most commonly used for both handguns. It comes with a standard rough side-out holster, which you can swap to another color if you want. The best part is that they’re often designed to be ambidextrous, so there’s no need to switch it up depending on which hand you’re shooting with.

Magazine Pouches

There’s not much to say about magazine pouches because they’re quite self-explanatory. However, you should note that they come in different sizes too depending on how many magazines you want to carry. Accessories like pouches are often not included when you first buy the gun, but you can easily find them on aftermarket stores or websites. You can check out our recommended products above for a better idea of what they have to offer.

Laser Sights

Another type of aftermarket accessory is laser sight. It’s a red dot that can help you aim better and more accurately, especially when there are conditions like darkness or bad weather that make it difficult to see your target properly. The red dot sends out a beam of light to illuminate the path ahead and show you where to point your gun. With this in mind, it’s important to keep in mind that the laser sights are not all equal. Some are much brighter than others or have better precision when it comes to aiming.

Magazine Loader

If you prefer to carry spare magazines around, then a magazine loader is a handy and practical accessory. It’s used to insert rounds into the magazine faster and more reliably. The products we recommend above offer fast-loading products with an ergonomic design that won’t feel like it’s taking over your hands.

Extended Magazines

One thing you’ll need is ammunition, of course. The best thing to do when you’re choosing ammo is to know that not all rounds are designed the same. Some use more power than others, which means they deliver more power and kick higher on impact. It’s a good idea to buy a few aftermarket magazines because it gives you a lot of freedom for your reloads too.

Cleaning Kit

In most cases, your Sig P938 or p365 will probably come with a cleaning kit so you don’t have to buy one separately. However, some companies may not include it, which is why it’s a good idea to invest in a cleaning kit yourself. It helps you maintain the condition of your gun and improves its performance – especially if you want to use it on shooting ranges or in shooting competitions.


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Sig Sauer P938 vs P365 is a tough question to answer because they’re both great guns in their own right. The best option would be to pick sig p938 or p365 based on your needs, which one you prefer more, and so on. However, if you can’t come up with a decision even after considering all factors, then it’s fine to just go with the one that interests you more. If you want a compact gun for self-defense purposes, P365 is best because of its smaller size and modern design. However, if you prefer a sturdier design and a longer barrel length, then P938 should be the better choice for you. Hope, this article gives you enough knowledge about sig p938 and p365. Thanks for reading our article on sig P938 s P365.