Ruger Vaquero Review and Price

Ruger Vaquero Review and Price

A Comprehensive Guide

Ruger Vaquero Review

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Technical Data

  • Weight
    36–48 Oz
  • Barrel Length
    3.75 in, 4.62 in, 5.5 in, 7.5 in
  • Length
    9.5–13 in
  • Action
    Single-Action Revolver
  • Caliber
    .357 Magnum/.38 Special, .44-40 Winchester, .44 Magnum, .45 Colt
  • Feed System
    6-Round Cylinder
  • Sights
    Blade Front, Fixed Rear

Ruger Vaquero is the most popular revolver in America. It is an American icon, but what makes this gun so unique? And why do people love it so much? Well, we will take a deep dive into it with our Ruger Vaquero review. We know that it’s one of the best-selling guns. You can find it everywhere, from self-defense specialists to law enforcement agencies to cowboy action competitors and casual plinkers, who use them for fun at the range or hunting small game.


Table of Contents

Let’s start with its history. Sturm Ruger introduced the Vaquero in 1993 as an updated version of their classic Ruger Blackhawk frame. The Ruger Vaquero is a single-action revolver with fixed sights. This firearm has an average of 4 out of 5 stars on the most prominent online shopping sites. It’s a rugged, accurate, reliable pistol with widespread popularity. But with so many options out there, how do you choose this as a perfect firearm for you? There are hundreds of different firearms available on the market today, and they all have varying features that may or may not fit your needs perfectly.


We’re here to help with this. Our team of experts has analyzed each aspect of this gun, and we want to share our findings with you to make choosing a new handgun easier for everyone. Let’s get started with its price. This single-action revolver gun has a fair price tag of around $900 and comes with 4 different barrel lengths: 3.75 in, 4.62″, 5.5″, and 7.5″. This gun’s calibers are .45 Long Colt, 357 Magnum, 44 Magnum, 38 Special, and .44 Winchester. It is manufactured in the United States of America.


The Ruger Vaquero is one of those firearms that doesn’t come cheap. Right now, you can expect to pay at least $900 for a new model and around $800 for a used handgun. But, if you want the best deal on a new Vaquero, we have provided you with the store links above. Now that you know all about its price and where to find the best deals, let’s look at its main features.


Features of Ruger Vaquero

It is a reliable single-action revolver that comes in different barrel lengths. It’s rugged, reliable, and accurate with its mechanical superiority. The gun has fixed sights (front blade and rear groove). It’s easy to carry and maintain. It has a transfer bar safety system which makes it safe for carrying around in the field. We will explore more of its features in detail.

Grip and Textures

Ruger Vaquero has a simple grip style, but this is our favorite part. The hand-filling grip is made from laminated rosewood and has Ruger medallions. It feels comfortable in hand and provides a better hold. It has a wooden grip and comes in different finishes: blue, stainless steel matte, stainless steel polished, brushed chrome, or black powder coat. This gun is made of alloy steel and laminate wood. It has an overall 9.5–13 inches long with a 53.75-7.5 inch barrel length.

Grip and Textures of Ruger Vaquero

Size and Weight

Ruger Vaquero is the enormous single-action revolver you can find in America. But it’s still small enough to carry around if its purpose is self-defense or hunting small game. It has a natural point ability and feels lighter than other firearms in this category. The weight of this firearm varies depending on the barrel length you choose. The weight of the gun with no cartridges is 36-48 ounces. It’s straightforward to carry this gun in a holster or bag. It’s very comfortable for experienced people to shoot, but it may be too heavy for younger shooters to handle.


The Ruger Vaquero is well-balanced and has good ergonomics and stainless finishes. It comes with an adjustable rear sight that can be replaced or removed if needed. This gun also has a front blade installed, but it can be removed if you need higher adjustability. Ruger Vaquero comes in different calibers, and the most popular ones are .45 Long Colt, 357 Magnum, 44 Magnum, 38 Special, and .44 Winchester. Pick your favorite caliber and start shooting. It’s one of the most versatile revolvers available. You can use it as a hunting gun or for self-defense purposes.

Size and Weight of Ruger Vaquero

Stopping Power

The stopping power of the Ruger Vaquero is more excellent than most handguns. It’s powerful and can take down small to medium games easily. The gun breezes through targets if the caliber you choose is suitable for hunting purposes. It has exceptional accuracy, so hitting your target shouldn’t be a problem if you practice shooting often. This revolver doesn’t jam easily, but it will malfunction when dirty or not properly maintained. So if you don’t clean your gun after shooting, malfunctions are more likely to happen. This is the only downside, but it’s very easy to fix. The Ruger Vaquero is a solid revolver that’s meant to last. It’s reliable and comes with all the basic features you need in a firearm. With proper maintenance, this gun will serve you well for years.

Stopping Power of Ruger Vaquero

Safety Features

Ruger Vaquero has a transfer bar safety mechanism. A small component prevents the gun from going off unless you pull the trigger completely to the rear. This is a great feature for beginners and people who lose focus while shooting. It won’t go off if you accidentally drop it or accidentally touch the trigger. The gun won’t go off unless you pull on it completely. This revolver doesn’t have an external safety feature, but its transfer bar prevents any accidental discharges from happening.

Safety Features of Ruger Vaquero

Cylinder Release

Ruger Vaquero has a steel grip frame and trigger guard. It’s a durable firearm that can last for years without any problem. It has a steel cylinder release, making it reliable and easy to use. But these parts are the backside of the revolver, and you won’t see them unless you disassemble the gun. It’s a versatile firearm that you can use for hunting, self-defense, or target shooting. This is an affordable revolver with great features and plenty of calibers to choose from. Ruger Vaquero has a solid design, and it’s meant to last for years even when used regularly.

Cylinder Release of Ruger Vaquero

Trigger Mechanism

The trigger mechanism of this revolver is a single action that is loved by single-action shooters. This means that you have to pull the hammer back when firing. It has a crisp 5-6pound trigger when it’s in single-action mode. You can easily cock this gun by pulling on the hammer with your thumb while holding it with your index finger. The cold hammer-forged barrel results in accurate shots every time. It’s a great gun for novice shooters because of its light trigger and ease of use. It’s accurate, has good stopping power and the bullets hit the target with high precision.

Trigger Mechanism of Ruger Vaquero

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

Ruger Vaquero has less recoil and muzzle flip than other revolvers in its category. It’s a well-balanced firearm that doesn’t cause hand fatigue even when fired continuously for long periods. This revolver also comes with an ergonomically designed handle and grip, making it easy to maintain control while shooting. The stopping power and power depend on the caliber you choose, so make sure you know what’s good for hunting or self-defense before buying the gun.

Recoil and Muzzle Flip of Ruger Vaquero

Advantages of Ruger Vaquero

This is a great fun revolver for beginners. It’s easy to use and has less recoil, making it a more manageable weapon even for people who aren’t familiar with firearms. We will explore the advantages of Ruger Vaquero in more detail below.


Ruger Vaquero is a reliable firearm that doesn’t have many malfunctions even when used regularly. It has few parts, so it’s easy to maintain, and the trigger mechanism is very solid. The chances of this gun jamming or breaking are low. This revolver has a solid design and a comfortable grip, making it a great gun for target shooting. Even when wearing gloves or mittens, people with large hands won’t have any problem holding the handle.


You can also adjust the grips according to your hand size, so you will always be in control of this revolver no matter what kind of weather conditions you are shooting in. Ruger Vaquero has a longer barrel than most revolvers, so it’s fairly accurate even when fired from long distances. This makes it perfect for target shooting, but you should always be mindful of your surroundings before firing the gun.


Ruger Vaquero doesn’t break down easily and can last for years if properly maintained. The steel parts make this revolver durable and reliable in most weather conditions. You don’t have to worry about rust or corrosion when exposing the gun to rain, snow, or saltwater. It’s a heavy gun, so it absorbs most of the recoil and doesn’t have much muzzle flip. This makes it a great revolver for novice shooters who aren’t used to handling firearms yet.


Ruger Vaquero is a reasonably small revolver that’s easy to conceal even in everyday clothing. It has a compact design and a less powerful recoil, making it a breeze to carry around in a concealed holster or purse even when you have other things in the bag that might get in the way of a fast draw.

Disadvantages of Ruger Vaquero

Ruger Vaquero has a few disadvantages that you should know before buying this handgun. Here are the main drawbacks of this revolver that you should know about before making a purchase:


This gun is more expensive than other revolvers in its category. You can find similar revolvers for less money if you shop around, but the Ruger Vaquero comes with additional features, so it’s still worth your investment if you want a reliable firearm that will last for years.


This gun is heavier than other revolvers, which means you might have trouble carrying it around in your purse or pocket if you want to conceal the weapon. It’s not too bulky, but it does take up more space than most handheld guns. This revolver is best to be carried in a holster or shoulder rig. Ruger Vaquero has the right price for people who want an accurate handgun that’s good for target practice and doesn’t jam when used regularly. This revolver has many features, including great durability, reliability, accuracy, and ergonomics. It’s perfect for people new to shooting, but it’s also great for experienced shooters since it has a longer barrel than most revolvers.

Aftermarket Accessories – Ruger Vaquero Review and Price

You can find a lot of Ruger Vaquero aftermarket accessories that might help you customize the gun and make it your own. It’s easy to find holsters and other products that can attach to this revolver, so you won’t have any problems finding great accessories for your gun. Some of the best accessories to consider for this handgun include:


You can find Ruger Vaquero custom holsters made of different types of materials. This will help you get the best fit for your handgun and increase comfort when carrying it around. Make sure to get a holster with a great retention mechanism so you won’t have any problems drawing the revolver in an emergency.

Cleaning Kits

You can also find Ruger Vaquero cleaning kits to help you maintain the gun and keep it in perfect condition. These kits include solvent, brushes, and other items that can clean the revolver’s exterior and remove debris inside the chambers. This is an important part of maintaining your handgun, so you should consider investing in a cleaning kit.

Pistol Grips and Grip Tape

You can get specialized grips for Ruger Vaquero to improve the gun’s ergonomics and make it easier to hold. It’s important to get a grip tape if you don’t like rubberized grips because this material absorbs sweat and makes it difficult to handle the revolver in humid or wet conditions.


You can get additional front and rear sights for Ruger Vaquero to increase accuracy when shooting the handgun. Make sure to get special gun sights that are durable and won’t fall off when you fire the weapon at different angles.

Ammunition Carriers/Holders/Clips

You can find grips and clips for Ruger Vaquero that will help you store more ammunition. Consider getting additional clips since this revolver is compatible with many different types of ammunition, and you can find various clips for this handgun.

Laser Sights

You can get laser sights for Ruger Vaquero that will help improve accuracy when using the gun. These products are great to be used in low light conditions or if visibility is poor. You should look for a laser sight that has an adjustable beam so you can find the perfect setting for your handgun. Aftermarket parts for Ruger Vaquero are available online, making it easy to get custom accessories for your handgun. Be sure to find reliable sellers that will offer you great deals and won’t sell low-quality items.

Best Holster for Ruger Vaquero 

Although there are many holsters for Ruger Vaquero, the BIANCHI Western Style holster is a great fit for this revolver.

Bianchi 1L Lawman Holster

This “Western” style holster is a top-notch piece of gear for concealed carry. This model has a drop loop design, so you can wear it on your hip without worrying about it slipping or moving around when worn inside the waistband. The holster features an open muzzle and is available in black, mahogany brown, and natural tan, so it will look great with any outfit you wear. It has a thumb break to achieve a consistent draw and is made of horsehide leather, which is incredibly durable and will last for years to come.

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Recommended Holsters for Ruger Vaquero


If you’re new to the world of firearms, or if it’s been a while since you last shopped for a gun, the Ruger Vaquero may be a great option for your needs. The Ruger Vaquero is a revolver with an interesting history. In the 1800s, it was used as a cowboy’s sidearm, and today it has been reborn as one of the most popular guns on the market. If you are looking for more information or want to buy this firearm, read our Ruger Vaquero review that outlines all its features and disadvantages in detail. After reading our review, you should know all about it and feel confident to buy this or not. We hope that we have helped you make an informed decision.