Ruger GP100 Review and Price

Ruger GP100 Review and Price

A Comprehensive Guide

Ruger GP100 Review

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Technical Data

  • Capacity
    6 Rounds
  • Barrel Length
    6 inches
  • Weight
    45 Oz
  • Action
    Single/Double Action
  • Caliber
    .357 Magnum
  • Length
    11.50 in
  • Grip
    Hogue Monogrip
  • Finish
    Satin Stainless

This is a detailed Ruger GP100 Review. Ruger’s GP100 handguns are incredibly popular models of centerfire semi-automatic pistols. The gun is well known for being extremely tough, dependable, accurate, and easy to handle. Sturm, Ruger & Company originally designed the Ruger GP100 in the 1970s. It is a medium-sized handgun that carries 6 rounds of ammunition in its cylinder. The quality of their GP100 series handguns has been so overwhelmingly positive that they have become one of the most popular revolvers on the market today.


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The GP100 was first released in 1985 to compete directly against other nice revolver models, primarily Smith and Wesson. Ruger wanted to produce medium-sized handguns with more ammunition than small guns like their model SP101. In other words, they wanted a handgun that could carry six rounds of ammunition instead of five. The GP100 was an instant success, and Ruger has been pumping them out ever since. Today, there are many different variants of guns available. These variants include models with 2″, 4.20″, 6″ barrels, adjustable sights, chambered in .38 Special, .357 Magnum, or .327 Federal. There are even compact models available with either 4″ or 3″ barrels chambered in the same calibers as the full-sized handguns. This review details how it works, the different variants available today, and some opinions on why they are so popular. Let’s discuss this in detail features of Ruger GP100.


Features of Ruger GP100

Grip and Textures

Ruger GP100 has a Hogue mono grip, making the grip soft and very comfortable. This also helps reduce recoil while shooting. The feel for this gun is great and just right, not too big and not too small. It feels extremely nice in your hand, and you can shoot it all day without any fatigue or discomfort. The texture of the grip is very well designed. The checkering on the front and back straps is quite aggressive, ensuring a tight grip even in adverse conditions. They also have full under-sized grips, making it comfortable for most shooters with large or small hands.

Ruger GP100 Review and Price Grip and Textures

Size and Weight

The GP100 is not too large, but it’s also not too small either. It feels great in your hand and has a nice weight that you’ll find comfortable. The size makes it easy to conceal or carry around in a pocket. It’s just over 1″ thick which is great for quick access, especially when you need it most. The size and weight of Ruger GP100 carry according to model. Basically, the GP100 has three main variants, which are 2″, 4″, and 6″ barrels. The overall length of all models is about 11 ½”. With a barrel size of either 2″, 4″, or 6″, the weight will be round about 45 oz, 55 oz, or 66 oz, respectively. For 357 Magnum, the barrel length is 6″, and for other calibers (38 special), the barrel length is 4″. The overall length for 357 Magnum is 11.5 inches and weighs 45 oz. The GP100 has a steel frame with an aluminum alloy cylinder. This makes it weigh more than other handguns but gives it an extremely durable construction.

Ruger GP100 Review and Price Size and Weight

Stopping Power

The stopping power of GP100 is remarkable. You can shoot it with full-house 357 Magnum loads all day long, and your hands won’t hurt at the end of the day. It’s not too big or bulky but still packs enough punch to get the job done if you need it to. It doesn’t have quite the stopping power, but it gets the job done without any problems. The 357 Magnum cartridge will hit with more than 575 pounds at 1,440 feet per second, then 800 ft./lbs of force. This is more than enough to drop a medium-sized game with a single shot. It isn’t too hard to master Ruger GP100 for self-defense with proper training.

Safety Features

The GP100 is a safe weapon with no manual safety, but it has a transfer bar safety system that prevents the hammer from hitting the firing pin without the trigger being fully depressed. This means that it is possible to fire your weapon without realizing your finger is on the trigger. So make sure you always remember to keep your finger off of the trigger unless you are ready to fire. This is especially great for concealed carry holders who are more worried about drawing quickly than gun safety.


The GP100 has a 3-position cylinder that can be moved and secured in two different positions. The first position is called the ‘load’ and allows you to load or unload ammunition from the cylinder. The second position is called the ‘off-safe’ and prevents the gun from firing even if there’s pressure on the trigger. This prevents the gun from going off unexpectedly and saves you from accidents. The third position is called ‘fire’ and has no safety mechanisms. If needed, it allows you the quickest access to your weapon.

Ruger GP100 Review and Price Safety Features

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

The recoil and muzzle flip for Ruger GP100 is very low. It’s similar to larger guns, and you won’t feel any discomfort even after shooting 100 rounds in a row. The gun doesn’t come out of the holster unless you want it to either, which is nice because there’s no need to worry about fumbles or dropping it. The grip ensures that your hands stay on the gun even in adverse conditions. As you might expect, there’s not much to say about recoil with a .357 Magnum revolver.


It has high-velocity rounds faster than other rounds and has more energy when it hits its target. Even for smaller frame guns or women, these bullets will do good damage. Muzzle flip is also expected with such high energy rounds, and Ruger GP100 does a good job of dissipating the energy and allowing you to bring your weapon back onto target quickly. This gun’s power and stopping ability make it useful for defensive situations, especially in states where handguns are allowed by permit. It’s a compact gun with enough power to do the job.

Ruger GP100 Review and Price Recoil and Muzzle Flip

Trigger Mechanism

The trigger mechanism is where the GP100 shines. The double-action/single-action (DA/SA) system for Ruger GP100 has a smooth, long pull of about 10 lbs. This ensures that it will be extremely hard to fire unless you mean it. If you are new to shooting, I recommend trying out this trigger. It’s perfect for target practice and getting used to shooting with both hands instead of just one. You can also choose between either hammer-fired or double-action-only (DAO) options. Just simply pull the trigger back until it clicks twice. This is where the fun begins.

Ruger GP100 Review and Price Trigger Mechanism

Model Variants

One of the best things about Ruger GP100 is that it comes in many different models to suit your needs. First, the Blued Finish (BF) is probably the most popular and classic version. It has a stainless steel finish and doesn’t wear over time as other guns do. This particular version also has an adjustable rear sight and can be fitted with rubber or wooden grip plates. The Stainless Steel (SS) version is ideal for those who want the classic look but with the features of newer models. It has a stainless steel barrel and cylinder, making it extremely durable and reducing wear over time.


The SS also has adjustable rear sights like the BF model, but you can choose between rubber and wooden grip plates with this variant. Finally, the Hunter version (H) is perfect for hunting small game. It has a 6-inch barrel with an adjustable rear sight but still maintains the classic look of Ruger GP100. Several models come in different calibers like .357 Magnum, .327 Fed Mag, .44 Special, 10mm Auto, and .22 LR. As I mentioned before, Ruger GP100 is perfect for beginners because it’s easy to shoot and maintain even with all these different options available.

Advantages of Ruger GP100


Ruger GP100 is extremely reliable because it’s made with only the finest materials. The stainless steel parts are corrosion-resistant and don’t wear over time. The rubber grip plates are non-slip even when wet, making this gun easy to use in any condition.


The versatility of Ruger GP100 makes it extremely popular. It’s easy to shoot with low recoil, making it perfect for people who are new to guns as well as smaller women who might find other guns too bulky to hold. Hunters can use it for hunting small game like rabbits, squirrels, or birds.


Made with stainless steel, Ruger GP100 is very durable. The top-quality materials ensure that they won’t wear or break down even after years of use. This ensures you get the most out of your gun and get to enjoy it for a long time.

Ease of Use

Ruger GP100 is designed to be easy to use and maintain. The grips are non-slip, even when wet. This ensures that your gun won’t slip no matter the circumstances. Also, it’s extremely easy to load and unload ammo into the cylinder because of its swing-out feature, making it unique among revolvers.

Disadvantages of Ruger GP100


Some users find the Ruger GP100 too heavy, making it hard to carry around in your pocket. It’s also quite bulky, so if you have limited room to store your gun, this might not be the one for you.


The design of Ruger GP100 makes it a little inaccurate when shooting from a distance because the bullet doesn’t travel in a straight line. This isn’t an issue for small targets, but for larger targets at a longer range, it can be slightly challenging to get your target in your sights.

Aftermarket Accessories – Ruger GP100 Review and Price

If you want to make your Ruger GP100 more usable and fit your needs, you can always buy aftermarket accessories. This is a good option for those who want to enjoy their gun and the things they can do with them.


One of the best aftermarket accessories to consider is for your sights. The Ruger GP100 comes with adjustable rear sights, so you can switch between standard and night vision without any problems. However, if you want a little more accuracy, buying new front and rear fixed or adjustable sights might be a good idea.


If you prefer a more up-close and personal way to shoot, then a laser sight might be a good option for you. They fit around the front or rear sights of your Ruger GP100, producing a red dot that makes it very easy to aim at your target.


Ruger GP100 is one of the most popular revolvers on the market because of its design. The barrel is made with a hexagon shape, making it easy to attach accessories like lasers and flashlights for better shooting in low-light conditions. You can purchase a LED flashlight that is very durable and simply attaches to the barrel.


For better control and safety, getting a new foregrip is an option. This ensures the gun doesn’t slip out of your hands in wet conditions. It also helps reduce recoil, so this is a must-have accessory if you want to go hunting with Ruger GP100.


A sling might also be useful because it allows you to carry the Ruger GP100 over your shoulder while keeping both hands free. This is especially useful for hunters because you can easily carry your gun around without having to keep it in your hands all day.


You can also buy new barrels for Ruger GP100. If you prefer a longer barrel, options are available though they usually aren’t as accurate as shorter barrels. Longer barrels are better for hunting because they allow the bullet to travel farther, making it easier to hit the target from a distance.


For the clip on Ruger GP100, there are different styles available. The ones that come with the gun are removable and can be loaded one at a time. However, you can choose to buy quick loaders for faster reloading in an emergency.

Cleaning Kits

This gun requires a lot of maintenance because it’s made with many different parts. It includes all the brushes and cleaners you need to clean every single part of your gun. Luckily, cleaning kits specifically designed for Ruger GP100 make taking care of your gun a much easier task.


For those who plan on carrying their Ruger GP100 around, getting a holster is a smart idea. There are different types of holsters available, including inside the waistband, outside the waistband, shoulder and ankle holsters, so it’s easy to choose one that fits your lifestyle. The material of the holster is also something to consider. There are leather, nylon, and Kydex holsters available, so pick one that will stay in your pocket, or you can attach it to your belt for quick access while also being comfortable enough to sit with while you drive. Here is our recommendation for the Ruger GP100 holster:

Fobus Evolution Right Hand Paddle Holster For Ruger GP100

The Fobus Evolution Series is a revolutionary step forward in holster design and technology. It is designed to fit comfortably and securely. The low-profile design makes it easy to conceal while providing a fast, smooth draw. The paddle backing provides extra stability and comfort, while the injection-molded polymer is lightweight yet durable. The Evolution features the patented Fobus passive retention system with an adjustment screw which allows for personal preference on weapon retention. This holster also features a rotating locking device that provides added safety by ensuring the firearm cannot be accidentally discharged even if dropped.

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Recommended Holsters for Ruger GP100


In short, Ruger GP100 Review is about Ruger revolver. This gun has great performance, and you can use this for hunting and home defense. It is a great gun if you’re looking for something powerful but still small enough that you can carry it around. Since there are many types of accessories available, it’s also easy to customize your gun to suit your needs; although, some features might cost slightly more than others.I hope this Ruger GP100 review article helps you decide when buying Ruger GP100. I’d love to hear what you have to think about it. If you’ve used Ruger GP100 before, please share your experience in the comments section. Thanks.