Ruger Alaskan Review and Price

Ruger Alaskan Review and Price

A Comprehensive Guide

Ruger Alaskan Review

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Technical Data

  • Capacity
    6 Rounds
  • Barrel Length
    2.5 in
  • Weight
    44 Oz
  • Action
    Double Action
  • Caliber
    454 Casull
  • Length
    7.62 in
  • Grip Hogue
    Tamer Monogrip
  • Finish

This Ruger Alaskan review will focus on this large-caliber hunting handgun’s specifications, performance, and price. The Ruger Alaskan is a compact revolver for the powerful .454 Casull cartridge. The Alaskan was made in response to numerous requests from hunters, trappers, and backcountry guides in Alaska for a more potent version of the Ruger Super Blackhawk that would still fit in a standard holster. The Ruger Alaskan is a reliable gun, which means there is no danger of misfiring. It is constructed much like the Super Blackhawk, except it is scaled down to handle .454 Casull.


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It features a medium-weight tapered barrel and triple locking mechanism for security like its big brother. The gun is stainless steel with a matte finish. It has an adjustable rear sight with a factory-installed red insert. The Ruger Alaskan’s flat profile and modest weight reduce recoil, making it simpler to shoot many shots without becoming fatigued. The triple-locking cylinder is locked into the front, rear, and bottom frame for more positive alignment and dependable operation shot after shot. Let’s take a closer look at Ruger Alaskan features:


Features of Ruger Alaskan

Grip and Textures

The Ruger Alaskan features a Hogue Tamer Monogrip with finger grooves designed for shooting comfort and control. This grip is designed to help reduce the impact of powerful loads. The gun also has fine serrated texturing on the grip that gives good traction even in wet conditions. The internal recoil cushion positioned under the hand’s web helps absorb some of the recoils, making it easier to control the gun. The peg-style grip frame also makes it easy to install custom grips if you want to change the look or feel of the gun.

Grip and Textures of Ruger Alaskan

Size and Weight

The Ruger Alaskan is constructed to be compact, thereby allowing it to fit in a holster designed for the Ruger Super Blackhawk. The gun is 7.62 inches long and 5.5 inches high, almost like the Ruger Super Blackhawk. It weighs 44 ounces, including all metal parts, which accounts for more than one ounce of additional weight than the Ruger Super Blackhawk. Its weight seems to be an advantage because the gun shoots like a dream. The extra weight makes it easier to control during rapid firing.


The gun’s weight is well-distributed because it has a tapered barrel that tapers from 1.5 inches in diameter to 0.75 inches at the muzzle. This makes the Ruger Alaskan better balanced than its big brother, a uniform diameter barrel. The small size and weight of this revolver make it easy to carry around, giving you plenty of firepowers wherever you go. The Ruger Alaskan has a 2.5-inch tapered barrel of stainless steel, with grooves and a right-hand twist. However, the barrel length varies depending on the model.

Size and Weight of Ruger Alaskan

Stopping Power

The Ruger Alaskan uses the .454 Casull cartridge, one of the most powerful handgun cartridges available. A typical .454 Casull load fires a 240-grain bullet at 1,300 feet per second with more than 1,800 foot-pounds initial energy. These energy figures are about 2 to 2.5 times more powerful than the .44 Magnum cartridge. When fired, the Ruger Alaskan produces muzzle energies similar to those produced by some rifles. This gives it an advantage over other handguns in situations where long-range shooting is required. It has better penetration and stopping power than most of its competitors.

Stopping Power of Ruger Alaskan

Trigger Mechanism

The Ruger Alaskan has a double-action trigger with a 12 lb. pull weight, which is heavier than most competing firearms in its class. The revolver also has an exposed hammer spur and automatic hammer block safety. This mechanism prevents the hammer from contacting the firing pin unless fully cocked. The Ruger Alaskan has a smooth trigger, with almost no stacking effect. When fully cocked, there are approximately three millimeters of travel before you feel any resistance, after which the trigger breaks cleanly and crisply, without disturbing your grip on the gun.

Trigger Mechanism of Ruger Alaskan

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

The Ruger Alaskan is a very accurate gun with high levels of control. It weighs 44 ounces, which helps absorb recoil and muzzle flip to make the weapon easier to handle. This might be a slight disadvantage for people who want a lightweight gun carried around all day without causing fatigue. There is only a moderate amount of muzzle flip with the Ruger Alaskan. This makes it easier to shoot successive shots accurately. Another advantage is that the gun’s moderate recoil automatically keeps your sights lined up after every shot.

Recoil and Muzzle Flip of Ruger Alaskan


The Ruger Alaskan has a replaceable insert ramp front sight and adjustable rear sight. This makes it easier to use in different lighting conditions and to adjust for windage and elevation. The Ruger Alaskan has a fixed blade front sight with a white diamond insert and an adjustable rear sight, made of black serrated metal for better target acquisition in low light conditions. The rear notch also serves as a mounting base for scope rings. This makes it easy to add a scope if you want to use your revolver for hunting or target practice.

Sights of Ruger Alaskan

Advantages of Ruger Alaskan

High Accuracy and Stopping Power

This gun has high accuracy and stopping power due to its .454 Casull cartridge, one of the most powerful handgun cartridges available. The bullets can easily penetrate thick clothing such as leather jackets and heavy denim jeans.

Reliable Design

The Ruger Alaskan is designed to be strong enough to handle heavy use over a long period. It is also designed to be safe for use in different situations, with a transfer bar mechanism that prevents it from firing unless the hammer is fully cocked.


The stainless steel finish of the slide makes the gun highly corrosion-resistant. This increases its reliability and durability, making it last longer than most other handguns in its category.

Disadvantages of Ruger Alaskan

Limited Capacity

The Ruger Alaskan has a very limited capacity. The gun comes with two six-round magazines, making it difficult for shooters to complete a training course during target practice.

Costly Maintenance

The Ruger Alaskan requires frequent cleaning to maintain its performance. This means that it is not suitable for people looking for a weapon they can use once or twice without performing extensive cleaning procedures.

Aftermarket Accessories – Ruger Alaskan Review and Price

There are many aftermarket accessories for the Ruger Alaskan. The most popular are trigger springs, speed loaders, replacement sights, and recoil buffers. These can improve the gun’s performance or increase its lifespan.


One of the best ways to improve your accuracy during low light conditions is to purchase a flashlight designed for use on handguns. This will allow you to see your target more clearly and make it easier to line up your shots.


A set of custom grips can make it easier to handle a revolver during prolonged periods of use. They are also a good choice for people with very large hands or who want to customize their handgun looks.

Pistol Scopes

A scope will allow you to improve your accuracy instantly. They also make it easier to aim at targets far away, which is why they are a good choice for people who like target shooting or hunting.

Trigger Spring

This spring helps absorb some of the force involved, reducing recoil and pinching when pulling the trigger. This makes it easier to shoot successive rounds without sustaining any injury or discomfort. This can also help improve the accuracy of your shots.

Speed Loaders

These are used to quickly load the Ruger Alaskan’s cylinder with cartridges, making it easier to complete training courses during target practice sessions.

Recoil Buffers

This helps reduce the shock felt whenever you pull the trigger. This improves shooting accuracy and reduces wear and tear on your gun, increasing its lifespan. If your revolver is exposed to extensive use over a long period, this can significantly increase its service life.


A holster is an essential accessory for any handgun owner, as it allows you to carry the gun securely on your body. This makes it easier to keep track of your weapon at all times and reduces the risk of accidents caused by carelessly leaving a loaded handgun lying around. You can purchase different types of holsters depending on your preferences. Some people prefer belt holsters attached to your belt and allow you to place the gun inside your pocket for easier concealment. Others might prefer shoulder or ankle holsters, which can be worn underneath clothing. Here is our holster recommendation for Ruger Alaskan:

Galco Great Alaskan Shoulder Holster for Ruger Alaskan

The Galco Alaskan Shoulder Holster is a great choice for carrying your favorite handgun. It features a top grain leather construction and is designed to fit most medium-sized revolvers. The holster should be worn over the shoulder with the gun on the side of your dominant hand and comes with an adjustable belt strap for comfort. It has a wide padded shoulder strap that helps distribute the weight evenly on your shoulders, making it easier to carry around with you all day long. The Ruger Alaskan Shoulder Holster also has adjustable thumb break straps that give you extra security while carrying your firearm. It’s available in tan color for right-hand shooters only.

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Recommended Holsters for Ruger Alaskan


The Ruger Alaskan is a .44 Magnum six-shot revolver. Many firearms experts have praised the design of this handgun as being one of the most effective available today, and it is known for being very reliable. This gun is also very effective at stopping an assailant during self-defense situations and might be a good choice for anyone who wants to purchase a reliable weapon that will provide maximum stopping power. Overall, Ruger Alaskan is a high-quality revolver that can help you defend your home or hunt for game in the wilderness. It comes with some of the most effective accessories available on the market today, which makes it an even more attractive choice for anyone looking for a reliable handgun. For all these reasons, this is our best revolver on the market. I hope this Ruger Alaskan review article will help you purchase this handgun.