Q Honey Badger Review

Q Honey Badger Review

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Q Honey Badger Review

Q Honey Badger
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The Q Honey Badger is a tightly built, compact pistol design by the company Q. The design for this gun was based on their successful lightweight AR15 rifle designs. It is the variant in their line of pistols, which is called the Honey Badger. It is touted as handling this type of round because it uses an innovative gas operating system to control the action.

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The Q Honey Badger also has very high reliability for a compact gun, with its alloy receiver and nitrided barrel. The gun also features a Magpul Dynamics designed collapsible stock, adjustable for pull and cheek height length. As a weapon, the Honey Badger has some very appealing features to operators who may need something covert yet effective. Its size is short enough to fit easily in a backpack, briefcase, or under a jacket. This makes it ideal for operations where more common pistols would draw attention to the operator. Also, this gun shoots one of the most powerful pistol rounds available on the market today.

Features of Q Honey Badger

Grip and Ergonomics

The grip of the Honey Badger is very ergonomic and fits well in hand. It has a semi-grip style with an added forward finger groove to comfort and stability when aiming or firing long bursts. This design also helps to lock the gun into your hand during hard use. Also, the Honey Badger has an alloy receiver that is covered in a polymer shell. This makes it extremely light and durable. The gun weighs in at only 4 pounds 8 ounces which makes this gun usable for extended periods without fatigue or strain on the user’s body.


It also comes with three different back straps that allow for different customized fits to the gun’s ergonomics. This excellent feature helps shooters find a comfortable fit with the gun to maximize its effectiveness in combat. The Honey Badger comes with front and rear folding iron sights, but it also has Q’s fixed trilux-style optic mount on top of the receiver. This mount can accommodate various sight types that give the operator greater flexibility to acquire their target quickly. Reloads are quick and easy due to the Honey Badger having an ambidextrous magazine release located on both sides of the gun.

Q Honey Badger Grip and Ergonomics


The Honey Badger is a closed bolt pistol designed around the .300 BLK round, chambered in a 10-inch barrel length. This gun has a lot of versatility because it can also shoot other calibers so long as they fit within its magazine’s dimensions. It shoots 5 to 6-inch groups at 100 yards with no problem.  The Honey Badger is designed as a lightweight, compact weapon that can be used in several different scenarios where its smaller size will not draw attention to the user.


It is also available in calibers from 5.7×28 talon up to .300 BLK, making it a versatile gun on the market today. Compared to similar weapons designed around the same caliber, the Honey Badger is lighter and shorter, which makes it easier to carry all day if need be. It will not affect an operator’s ability to maneuver through obstacles, unlike its larger counterparts. All in all, this is a very good gun for covert operations where the gun’s size and caliber round will not draw attention to the operator.

Q Honey Badger Magazine

Size and Dimensions

The Honey Badger is 20 inches long with an 8-inch barrel.  Its overall width is 1.5 inches, and its weight with an empty magazine is 4 pounds 8 ounces which is lighter than most pistols of this size. This gun shoots a .300 Black Out round which makes it excellent at taking down targets from short to medium range engagements. This caliber is also very popular in the United States and many other countries because of its extremely versatile nature. It can be used for target practice, self-defense, or even hunting small games such as deer. This gun’s size and caliber make it very marketable for undercover operations, where its lack of attention would allow the operator to carry out their missions with ease.


However, because this weapon can shoot multiple calibers, such as 5.7×28 talon rounds, the operator can switch over from a more common round to a specialty round. This would allow the operator to carry one gun and easily switch their caliber depending on their current task. All in all, the Honey Badger is an excellent addition to Q’s line of firearms because it brings something different that no other manufacturer has provided before. The lightweight design combined with its ability to take multiple types of ammunition makes it a very marketable gun in today’s defense market. 

Q Honey Badger Size and Dimensions

Muzzle and  Noise

The Honey Badger has a unique look to it that sets it apart from other pistols. Its overall design follows the contours of the gun and makes it look streamlined, but also gives it a slightly oblong shape which can make concealing the gun a little harder. The muzzle is tapered at the end, which is unique and aids in making the gun smaller, but it also makes it harder to attach Q’s line of silencers. Also, like many other Q guns, the Honey Badger has a sound suppressor/flash hider attached directly to its muzzle. The benefit to this design is that if someone does not like or wants to use the suppressor, they can simply remove it and still use the same gun.


The Honey Badger has a unique look that sets it apart from other pistols. Its tapered muzzle makes it slightly harder to attach Q’s line of silencers but also aids in making the gun smaller. All in all, it is a very good weapon for covert operations where its small frame will not draw attention to the operator or for other tasks that require a small, lightweight gun with interchangeable calibers. The Honey Badger has quickly become one of Q’s best-selling firearms because of its unique design and excellent versatility.

Twist and  Lock Barrel

The Honey Badger is a break-open pistol where the breach locks into place during firing.  Three pins hold this firearm together, and they work very well to ensure that the gun has a long lifespan as long as it is properly maintained. A really interesting thing about this feature is that it uses a side-by-side type of barrel. It can also be used as two separate pistols, which are very useful if one uses the weapon in an emergency. This feature is so that it can take different types of rounds depending on what the operator needs at any given time. For example, if the operator were shot at, they would not have to switch guns to fire upon their assailant if they had the Honey Badger.


This gun is loaded using a speed strip that can hold up to five bullets on each side for a total of ten rounds. This allows the operator to carry more ammunition and requires them to use two hands when reloading this weapon which could be seen as a downside or a plus depending on how they work. Another interesting thing about the Honey Badger is that it has a unique barrel lock that allows easy barrel removal and installation. This gun requires very little maintenance because most of its parts are accessible within the first few steps. However, this is also one of its downfalls because the operator cannot change or repair all of its parts. 

Trigger and Trigger Guard

The trigger on the Honey Badger is exposed, which means that it can be used without pulling the gun’s slide back. This makes for faster follow-up shots and provides less safety because if someone grabs this exposed trigger, it could result in an accidental discharge. The trigger guard is unique because it extends slightly below the trigger and guards the operator’s fingers. It also provides enough space to easily fit gloved hands, which is something that many pistols lack. This gun also has interchangeable grips but does not have an option to change out its trigger or trigger guard. All in all, this weapon is very innovative and one of the most versatile pistols on the market today. It also has a unique look which sets it apart from the other pistols available to purchase.

Q Honey Badger Trigger and Trigger Guard

Safety Selector

The Honey Badger does not have any sights, but it is also designed so that the operator does not need them. This gun was made so that their primary sight would be its suppressor, which means that if the operator can get close enough to their target, they will most likely be able to hit with one shot no matter where they aim. This style of sight is more commonly used in the military by special forces units, but some civilians have also begun using it.


This is because it has both pros and cons; while some might find it limiting, others think this style promotes accuracy, which is higher than more traditional guns with open sights for close quarters combat. Another interesting thing about this gun is its safety selector. It has an unconventional rotating lever that can be moved forward to select between the different fire modes; the first two are safe, but it is important to remember that there are no markings on this weapon, so one must learn where they care about each other.

Q Honey Badger Safety Selector

Shooting and Recoil

This pistol has a rather large suppressor on it, but one of the downsides is that if it gets too hot, which can happen during rapid-fire, the rounds will start to jump out of the barrel. This weapon only weighs 2.5 pounds and has a very ergonomic grip which makes recoil a non-issue in most cases. One of the pros to this weapon’s suppressor is that it can help keep the operator hidden from an enemy because it reduces the noise and muzzle flash, which means that they may not locate them as easily. Also, if a round does not hit its intended target, it will lose less speed and power than rounds fired by other pistols, which makes the suppressor an ideal attachment for this gun.

Q Honey Badger Shooting and Recoil


This weapon does not have many moving parts, but it still has fewer than some other types of guns. Having fewer moving parts means that less can go wrong with this gun, so in most cases, it will be more reliable than pistols with lots of small pieces. One thing to keep in mind is that the lack of smaller components also means that there is less metal present which can cause it to heat up faster. However, because this weapon was designed for military use, it should keep firing even if this happens. Another issue with the Honey Badger is that its suppressor may become slightly bent if the barrel starts heating up too much from rapid-fire. If this happens, the rounds will not be as accurate, and there is a chance that they could cause jams.


This weapon was designed to be durable, so it should handle everyday use and abuse. One of the few cons with this gun is that some of its parts are made from plastic which could cause them to break if they happen to get hit by something or dropped on a hard surface. It also has a thin metal slide which could wear out over time, causing the weapon to no longer work properly. To combat this, one can do a few things, such as having replacement parts on hand if they start breaking down or using silicone oil after each use to extend its life.



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Overall the Honey Badger is a great weapon for those who are serious about getting into airsoft. It can also be used as a concealable secondary weapon with the stopping power of an assault rifle, making it perfect for CQB scenarios where one would need to take out an enemy without them knowing quickly. It can be customized with different parts, making it easy to keep this gun working in the long term. This weapon does have its issues, but none that should prevent someone from buying it if they are considering making the purchase.