Kimber Solo Carry Review and Price

Kimber Solo Carry Review and Price

A Comprehensive Guide

Kimber Solo Carry Price

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Technical Data

  • Model
    Kimber Solo Carry
  • Caliber
    9mm Luger
  • Height
    3.9 in
  • Width
    0.995 in
  • Barrel Length
    2.7 in
  • Overall Length
    5.5 in
  • Weight
    17 Oz
  • Capacity
    6 Rounds

This Kimber Solo Carry review will cover everything from how much it costs all the way down to what accessories are available so that you can make an informed purchase decision. The Kimber Solo Carry is a unique handgun, and its innovative features make it stand out from the crowd.


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This gun has been around for years, but it continues to be popular among concealed carriers and those who want a reliable backup weapon. It’s ultra-concealable, accurate, and comfortable to shoot. This 9mm striker-fired pistol has everything you need, all wrapped up in one sleek package. Its price varies from $449 – $799, depending on frame color, material, and sight systems. The Kimber Solo Carry is one of the best options for backup guns or first-time handgun buyers because they can use it as their primary gun.


Features of Kimber Solo Carry

Grip and Textures

This handgun comes with a black synthetic grip. It is very ergonomic, which makes it easy to conceal. Polymer grips are among the most comfortable materials on the market because they will never get hot, no matter how long you’re shooting for.  It is also ambidextrous, which is handy for those who have to shoot their weapon with either hand. Solo Carry has a textured grip that ensures a strong hold on the firearm at all times. The Solo Carry comes with a matte black finish, which is very low-reflective, meaning that it will never glint when hit by light. It also has plenty of serrations on the back of the slide, which gives you excellent purchase on the firearm when you need to pull it out and shoot quickly.

Kimber Solo Carry Review and Price Grip and Textures

Size and Weight

This gun is very compact; it has a total length of 5.5 inches, making it easy to conceal. The width is around 1 inch. It means that you won’t even feel the extra weight when carrying your Solo Carry in your waistband or pocket. The overall height is 3.9 inches, and the barrel length is 2.7 inches. The height of this 17-ounces pistol also makes it easy to conceal and provides a comfortable shooting experience. This pocket pistol has a 6-round magazine capacity. This six-round magazine may be a downside for some because many concealed carriers prefer to have more rounds at their disposal. However, it is a good amount for a small handgun because you have plenty of rounds to get the job done.


An extended magazine is also available if you want to get more rounds on your Solo Carry. The Kimber Solo Carry comes with fixed sights, and the rear sight has a black finish. It ensures that it is quick to pick up in any lighting. The front sight also has a higher profile for one-handed shooting, which further enhances the accuracy of your shots. The sight radius is also 4.4 inches, which allows you to see your target more easily. The single-action trigger on the Kimber Solo Carry is short, light, and crisp. The reset is also short, allowing you to quickly fire off follow-up rounds. The factory trigger pull is 6 pounds, but it can be adjusted if you want a lighter or heavier trigger pull.

Stopping Power

The Kimber Solo Carry uses 9mm ammunition, which is very reliable. There are several different bullet weights available for this specific ammo caliber, so you can choose how much stopping power you want. The weight of each round is 115 grains, and it has a muzzle velocity of 1180 feet per second. This 9mm semi-auto pistol has one of the highest handgun muzzle energies on the market today, which means that it will have significant stopping power when being used for self-defense. The cartridge on this gun is 9mm, making buying ammunition easy because you can find many options at most stores that sell firearms and ammo.

Safety Features

This pocket pistol has an ambidextrous safety feature and a decocking lever. All the controls are ambidextrous, which is important for those who have to shoot their weapon with either hand. The Kimber Solo Carry pistol has manual safety features: an ambidextrous thumb safety, an ambidextrous magazine release button, and a striker-fired trigger system. The Solo Carry has a smooth and consistent pull through the entire path of travel, making it a great choice for concealed carry. The ambidextrous thumb safety helps prevent an accidental discharge of this striker-fired pistol, which is important for those carrying their handgun with them.

The ambidextrous magazine release button makes it easier to eject the magazine when you need to reload your handgun. It allows you to get more rounds on target in a shorter amount of time. The last feature that makes this a great choice for concealed carry is the striker-fired trigger system. It means that there is a pre-cock on this firearm and a short reset and short travel, which makes it easy to fire off follow-up shots quickly.

Kimber Solo Carry Review and Price Safety Features

Slide Stop and Magazine Release

The slide stop is an important part of any firearm because it ensures that your firearm does not go off when the magazine has been released. The Kimber Solo Carry has a slide stop that protrudes slightly from the frame, making it easy to use for left-handed shooters or those wearing gloves. The magazine release comes in a traditional push-button style, and it prevents any issues with accidental drops of the magazine. This ambidextrous magazine catch allows for quicker reloading times, which can help to save lives in an emergency. The slightly beveled magazine allows for rapid magazine changes. It is important for those who need to reload their handgun or switch it to support their hand quickly during battle. It is also great for those who want to practice rapid magazine changes.

Kimber Solo Carry Review and Price Slide Stop and Magazine Release

Trigger Mechanism

The Kimber Solo Carry has a striker-fired, short reset trigger mechanism made of steel, which enhances the accuracy of this pistol. It is a single-action pistol with a short, light, and crisp trigger pull. The factory trigger pull weight is 6 pounds, but it can be adjusted if desired. It is an all-metal pistol, which makes it durable and reliable. A striker-fired single-action pistol features a pre-set trigger system, which means that the striker is partially cocked when the slide is first drawn back.


This pre-cock mechanism sets off the firing pin. The single-action pull on these pistols is typically more consistent than double-action pistols because of this mechanism. The design of this semi-auto carry pistol reduces the force required to release the firing pin. After each shot, you can feel and hear that distinctive click as your gun reengages the same sear with minimal creep. It also increases the speed of follow-up shots because it allows for faster trigger resetting.

Kimber Solo Carry Review and Price Trigger Mechanism


The Kimber Solo Carry is a light and compact handgun. It weighs less, making it easy for anyone to handle this firearm in a stressful situation. The Solo Carry gun is an ideal concealed carry handgun for those new to shooting, as it has less recoil than similar pistols. Many shooters choose this handgun for concealed carry because it has less kick.

Kimber Solo Carry Review and Price Recoil

Muzzle Flip

The muzzle flip of this firearm is minimal, which allows you to keep your target in sight. It means that you can stay on target after firing the round and prepare for a follow-up shot more quickly. Those who are new to shooting may have a tough time adjusting with the recoil of this handgun, but overall it has less muzzle flip than similar pistols.


The compact size of this handgun makes it easy to conceal in any type of holster. The factory sights are designed for quick draw targeting, and they offer an enhanced sight picture while remaining snag-free, making them great for concealed carry. The frame is aluminum with a KimPro II finish, making this pistol lightweight and durable. It has a stainless steel slide release with a satin silver finish. The barrel is also made of stainless steel, and it has a matching satin silver finish. The black synthetic grips have a rosewood finish. The overall appearance of the Kimber Solo Carry makes it look like a delicate subcompact pistol. If you are looking for a light and compact single-action pistol with enhanced features, then you should consider purchasing the Kimber Solo Carry. This semi-auto carry pistol looks captivating, with its satin silver finish and light aluminum frame.

Kimber Solo Carry Review and Price Aesthetics

Advantages of Kimber Solo Carry


It weighs less, making it easy to handle in stressful situations. The overall size of the handgun is compact, and it is ideal for concealing in any type of holster. It has a small grip frame, which helps make this handgun easy to conceal. Those who are looking for a light and compact carry weapon should keep the Kimber Solo Carry in mind, as it is one of the best small pistols available on the market today.


The all-metal frame makes this handgun durable and reliable for years to come. The finish of this handgun is corrosion-resistant, which prevents it from corroding when exposed to different types of weather conditions over time. It will retain its nice appearance for years to come.


This pistol comes with a pre-set trigger system that allows it to reset faster than similar pistols. Many shooters choose the Kimber Solo Carry for concealed carry because of this unique feature. The crisp single-action trigger lets you get on target more quickly after each round is fired, which means that follow-up shots are more accurate.

Quick Draw

The factory sights on this handgun offer an enhanced sight picture for quick draw targeting. The custom-designed night sights allow you to get on target even in low lighting situations. The smooth satin finish of the slide helps prevent this gun from snagging when drawn from a holster or carried in your pocket.

Ease of Use

The shorter sight radius of this handgun makes it accurate at close distances. Those who are new to shooting may have a tough time adjusting to the accuracy of the Kimber Solo Carry, but the short sight radius is ideal for beginners. This handgun has smooth edges to prevent damage when carried in your pocket or clipped in a holster. The thin aluminum frame helps you take this firearm down without using too much force.


Disadvantages of Kimber Solo Carry


New shooters may want to try out several different guns before deciding. Since this handgun is fairly new to the market, it may cost more than similar handguns. However, this firearm will be an excellent choice because it is an extremely lightweight and compact carry gun with ambidextrous controls.

Magazine Capacity

This carry pistol only holds 6 rounds when fully loaded. If you are planning to use this handgun for home defense, you may want to purchase an extended magazine to maximize the potential of this handgun. 

Ejection Port

Some shooters complain that the ejection port on this handgun is too small. If you are new to carrying a weapon, you may get frustrated when removing the spent shell casings after each round is fired. However, this is something that you get used to after carrying the handgun regularly.


Aftermarket Accessories – Kimber Solo Carry Review and Price


Some shooters find the factory grips thin. If you have larger hands, you may want to consider purchasing an aftermarket grip for added comfort when using this weapon regularly.


Some shooters like to attach a laser scope to their carry weapon. Since the Kimber Solo Carry is lightweight and compact, adding a laser scope to this handgun would be relatively straightforward.


The factory sights on this handgun are designed to be accurate at close range. If you would like to customize the accuracy of your handgun, consider purchasing night sights for added convenience when using it in low lighting conditions.

Lasers and Flashlights

You can also consider adding a laser or tactical flashlight to enhance your overall shooting experience with the Kimber Solo Carry.

Extra Magazine and Magazine Pouch

You may want to purchase extra magazines and magazine pouches so you can carry more ammo on your person. This accessory is especially helpful for those who need to use their handgun in self-defense or law enforcement activities. The mag pouches for this handgun are sold separately and can be purchased for convenience if you plan to use your Kimber Solo Carry regularly.


This handgun’s factory belt clip is standard, but it may be difficult to use with an inside-the-waistband or pocket holster. If you would like to carry your handgun in this holster, consider purchasing a custom holster for added convenience.

Galco Stinger Black Right Hand Holster

This holster is made of premium material to fit the Kimber Solo Carry, the Stinger belt holster features a high back that shields your body from sharp rear sights or gun edges while adding stability when sitting. Minimal bulk means it fits comfortably in and forward cant allow a fast, and easy draw stroke. This Galco stinger belt holster is designed to properly cover the trigger guard, adding an extra level of safety for concealed carry. The full-coverage design protects your firearm from moisture, while the molded inner lining provides a secure fit. The 1.5-inch injection molded belt loop has two sets of mounting holes to adjust the angle/height of your gun for an easier draw. The flat profile will not twist or deform your belt like other flimsy clips. With the sturdy, sleek metal construction at its core, this holster can withstand years of tough use in any environment.

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Kimber Solo Carry review brings in-depth analysis of this handgun concerning its size, weight, performance, durability, potential accessories, and much more. This review will help you decide if the Kimber Solo Carry is the right firearm for your needs. Since this handgun is light and compact, it may be a good choice compared to other handguns on the market today. This handgun has much potential and can be customized to meet the needs of anyone planning to use it regularly. Thanks for reading. Hope you learned something new about Kimber Solo Carry today.

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