How to Wash Weighted Blanket?

After the day’s hard work, the place where you unwind and refuel your motivation tank is in the bedroom. It is meant to be warm, welcoming, and comfortable. It takes a complete bedding package to have that luxurious satisfaction. A good mattress and the right bedsheets are paramount to having your dream bed satisfaction come true. But the package is not complete without the right blanket.

Getting the right weighted blanket may seem tricky until you have the perfect guide. Before buying a blanket, you should consider the fabric it is made of to know if you will like it. There are several fabrics like cotton, sateen, linen, etc. and they have different feels. You also have to consider the fillers, whether they are plastic poly pellets, steel shot beads, micro-glass, etc.

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The weight of the blanket also counts. A weighted blanket is beneficial in a lot of ways. They are known to provide a similar deep pressure therapy you would spend to get. They have medical advantages of being useful in situations like autism, ADHD, etc. They help to reduce anxiety and aid body and mind relaxation.

Weighted blankets are known to also ease insomnia. The smooth and cozy feel it gives encourages easy and sweet sleep. Weighted blankets can also improve your mood. Waking up on the same right bed and blanket has a way of warming your mind and easing your mood. It helps you to be calm and collected, fully ready to head into the day.

Weighted blankets are suiting to the skin and can put you in a good mood for the day. People who wake up feeling good are less likely to be in bad moods all day.

3 Best Weighted Mattresses Reviewed

1. ZonLi Adult Weighted Blanket (Queen Size)

ZonLi Weighted Blanket (20 lbs,60”x80”,Adult Queen Size,Christmas) Minky Fleece Luxury Cozy Velvet with Cartoon Patterns Heavy Blanket Great for Winter Naptime Livingroom Fireplace
  • 【MERRY CHRISTMAS】The Christmas print weighted blanket is specially designed for Christmas. Cartoon Christmas pattern, warm touch, not only is a good Christmas gift, but also give you or your lovers, friends better sleep.
  • 【WARM FABRIC】ZonLi Minky weighted blanket is designed as a cashmere-like smooth texture on one side and minky dots on the other. Its material is fluffy, ultra soft plush, so it’s comfortable, breathable and durable for you to have a good sleep.


  • Dimensions: 15.6 x 13.4 x 6.8 inches
  • Weight: 20 pounds

The ZonLi Adult Weighted blanket is the ideal blanket to go with your mattress. It features a smooth surface to give you a complete package of comfort and luxury. This blanket is breathable and suitable for any weather.
Made with a Minky fabric to ensure easy washing with hand and machine. It features a micro-glass beads filler to ensure warmth and comfort. Weighted blankets with glass beads fillers do not melt. Therefore, you can wash them easily using a warm water cycle. This blanket gives you a cozy feel associated with quality blankets.

This blanket has a high aesthetic appeal with its beautiful designs to suit every season. The Christmas holiday will be better with this adult weighted blanket. Give yourself the treatment you deserve. It will also make the perfect gift for that perfect person.

This weighted blanket has a top-notch artistic touch to it. It features high-density sewing technology and high-profile craftsmanship. The glass beads are evenly distributed in the inner part of the blanket for better results and comfort. To guarantee warmth and protection, the Minky fabric is doubled. This blanket is suitable for large bed sizes and smaller ones as well.
This brand has a convenient return policy for up to 3 months. Patronizing them means you are entitled to a lifetime free customer service. This is viable protection against manufacturer’s defects.

how to wash weighted blanket

2. Quality Premium Weighted Blanket (Kids and Adults)

Quility Weighted Blanket for Kids & Toddlers - 12 LB Twin Size Kids Weighted Blanket for Cooling & Heating - 100% Cotton Blanket w/Glass Beads, Machine Washable - 48'x72', Grey
46,453 Reviews
Quility Weighted Blanket for Kids & Toddlers – 12 LB Twin Size Kids Weighted Blanket for Cooling & Heating – 100% Cotton Blanket w/Glass Beads, Machine Washable – 48″x72″, Grey
  • 100% COTTON – Our weighted blanket for adults and kids is made with durable, breathable cotton material and a removable cover that’s machine washable for long-lasting use and easy cleaning.
  • EVEN PRESSURE – The micro glass beads in this cooling weighted blanket are evenly distributed to help promote relaxation as well as temperature control to give you or your little one a great night of sleep.


  • Dimensions: 17.1 x 16.9 x 7.1 inches
  • Weight: 12 pounds

This blanket features a removable cover for easy cleaning and maintenance. Washing a weighted blanket can pose a challenge to you. However, where the cover is removable, it makes washing easy as you can detach and replace it before and after washing respectively.

Some blankets provide for the satisfaction of a small set of people. The Quility premium blanket is not like that. It caters to both kids and adults. The blanket weighs 12 lbs making for easy washing. The weight also makes it suitable for any kind of sleeping position and any age grade. It features a cotton/Minky fabric type to give you a smooth comfortable feel.

It features glass beads filling and a 7-layer build for warmth and comfort. It has a breathable outer layer with a polyester padding for warmth and temperature control. This weighted blanket is designed to accompany your bed sheet and mattress to give you the best feel for luxury and satisfaction. This package is guaranteed to make your night as cozy and satisfactory as possible.

how to wash weighted blanket

3. ZonLi Adults Weighted Blanket (Queen Size)

ZonLi Weighted Blanket (60''x80'', 20lbs, Queen Size Dark Grey) for Adults and Kids, High Breathability Heavy Blanket, Soft Material with Premium Glass Beads
31,235 Reviews
ZonLi Weighted Blanket (60”x80”, 20lbs, Queen Size Dark Grey) for Adults and Kids, High Breathability Heavy Blanket, Soft Material with Premium Glass Beads
  • 【HOW TO CHOOSE WEIGHT】For a weighted blanket, the optimal weight is around 8%-10% of your body weight based on experiments and market research. The 20lb weighted blanket is suitable for adults weighing between 200lb and 220lb. Please allow your body 7-10 days to adjust to the weighted blankets when using it for the first time.
  • 【HOW TO CHOOSE SIZE】Weighted blankets for adults, we recommend choosing from sizes 48″x72″, 60″x80″, and 80″x87″. We offer a variety of size options, including Queen, Twin, King and more. For kids, we suggest sizes 36″x48″ and 41″x60″. PLEASE NOTE that weighted blankets are SMALLER than traditional comforters as they are designed to concentrate the weight on your body rather than hanging off the edges of the bed.


  • Dimensions: 21 x 15.7 x 6.5 inches
  • Weight: 20 pounds

With this queen size blanket, your sleep is guaranteed to be nice and sweet. It completes your bedding and ensures you wake up feeling nice and ready to roll. It is suitable for all-weather and is perfect for the right temperature.

True craftsmanship comes to manifestation in this blanket. Expertly sewn with top-notch technology. This blanket does not just give you what you want and the cozy feel. It also caters to your taste in colors and designs. It is aesthetically rich and makes for the perfect blend of color and style in your bedroom.

It features a two-layer microfiber to protect the tread from loosing and the beads from leaking. and. This blanket weighs 20 lbs, the right weight for the queen. This size is suitable for different sleeping positions especially stomachs and back sleeping patterns. Cleaning this weighted blanket is easy and quick.

how to wash weighted blanket


Weighted blankets, just like light ones, are designed to be washable, although they are not all the same. With use, your blanket is expected to get dirty and require a thorough cleaning. Washings machines are built to play the part, that is wash clothing and other materials. That you can wash your weighted blanket with your washing machine is not in doubt. However, your washing machine may not be able to handle the weight of your blanket. 

Whether or not your washing machine will damage your washer is dependent on some factors. One such factor is the strength of your washing machine itself. Some things are just beyond your washing machine. If your washing machine is the big type that is designed to handle heavy-duty, then you can go ahead to wash your heavy blanket with it. 

However, if it is the small one then you should use it according to is capacity.

Your weighted blanket may damage your washing machine if it is too heavy for it to handle. Some blankets weigh up to 30 lbs. if the overall weight of the blanket is very high, there is the possibility that your washer will give in if you use it. 

The ideal weight a washing machine can carry is 20 lbs. even with this, your washing machine may wear out with constant usage. The heavier your blanket, the more stressful it becomes for your washing machine to complete the task. Continuous use of the machine this way may break your washer.

Your weighted blanket can break your washer if your washing system is putting stress on the machine. Let me explain this. There is no straightjacket method of washing weighted blankets. There are several methods you can explore to get your weighted blanket washed without endangering your washing machine. If your weighted blanket has a removable cover, you can detach it from the blanket before washing. 

The cover for weighted blankets is not as heavy as the blanket itself. You can wash the cover in your house while you take the blanket itself to a commercial washer. The method of cleaning applied to the blanket and the cover depends on the kind of fabric. For instance, if your weighted blanket is made of cotton, wash it at 50 degrees Celsius at maximum. A gentle cycle can get it clean. 

Flannel fabric is another type of fabric that is easy to wash. A gentle cycle can get it clean in no time. A wool blanket will require hand washing more than the washing machine. It is delicate and can easily shrink. It does not require anything hard. Just hanging it to dry out is enough.

To save your washing machine from giving way out of too much labor, you should give relieve it of some duties. For weighted blankets above 20 lbs, use a commercial-size washing machine.

Weighted blankets have been in the market for long but have garnered wide interest recently because of the benefits they offer to users. It has been acclaimed to help children with autism spectrum because of the weight. Weighted blankets have also been known to be good for cold weather. When everything and everywhere is cols, snuggling under a warm weighted blanket becomes a cherished experience people look forward to. The smooth feel it gives makes it a highly-sort after bedding item.

Weighted blankets are good for everyone because they help you fall asleep quickly and positively impact your sleep quality. They have even been reputed for reducing anxiety. These advantages notwithstanding, some factors determine how much you will benefit from using a weighty blanket. Factors like the size of the blanket, the appropriate weight for you, and the filling matter.

An important factor that will determine if you will benefit from using a weighted blanket is your sleep pattern. The known benefits of a weighted blanket accrue to anyone with any sleeping pattern. However, there are specifics for side sleepers.

Weighted blankets are good for side sleepers. However, for them to enjoy it better, they have to pay attention to some areas. One of such area is the weight of the blanket. If the blanket is too heavy, it will weigh on them and may cause body pains. This is because the weight of the blanket is resting on only one side of the body; it is not evenly distributed to the entire body as in the case of stomach and back sleepers.

The recommended weight of a weighty blanket is 10% of your weight. A blanket weighing 5 to 10 pounds is not bad. However, side sleepers should subtract from this figure until they hit the comfort zone.
If you do not have a specific sleep position, you may want to get a mattress that suits your sleeping styles. If the blanket is too heavy, it will make some sleeping positions difficult for you. So, you should look out a blanket that meets all your needs. This might too difficult to get into, but it is not.

The best thing to do is to get a weight that suits your side sleeping style. This will also work for your other positions. With this, even if you are a restless sleeper who turns and changes positions, you will get yourself a good night’s rest. The chances of you waking up to painful and stressed out joints and bones will be reduced. A weighted blanket is good for side sleepers. If you can get what works for you, you can sleep on any side and be comfortable.

Weighted blankets have been around for a long time and they have served people over the years. Giving the weight of heavy blankets and the services they render, one may want to ask what exactly they are made of. Weighted blankets, like anything else, are constituting materials. The only thing is that most people do not know they are.

Markets and online platforms have been flooded with reviews of weighted blankets, their pros, and their cons. But one is still left hanging as to the constituting materials of the blankets we have heard so much about. Before telling you what is inside a weighted blanket, let us tell you first what they made of.

Weighted blankets have three components: the blanket, the fillings, and the blanket cover. The blanket is a fabric with cotton, polyester, fleece, or chenille padding. The blanket cover is either sewn on it or worn on it. If the cover is worn on the blanket, it will be removable. The cover is usually made of linen, fleece, cotton, flannel, or other fabrics.

What is inside a mattress is the third component of the blanket is the filling, also called stuffers. The inside of a weighted blanket can be micro glass beads, plastic poly pellets, or steel shot beads. 

Some blankets are stuffed with micro glass beads. They are tiny and feel like sugar grains. Giving their tiny size, they sit better in the blanket than the plastic poly pellets. Blankets with micro glass beads are thinner and feel smooth and plush.

The plastic poly pellets are tiny and round beads. As the name implies, they are made of plastic but can feel like pebbles. These fillers are made from polypropene. Some manufacturers make their plastic poly pellets from virgin polypropylene. These fillers are safe and compatible with human health. 

What is inside some weighty blankets are steel shot beads. They are micro steel balls that feel smooth. They are heat-treated and serve the purpose very well. If they are not handled well, they feel lumpy in the blanket which is very uncomfortable. 

Apart from these known stuffers, there are others. Some of them are sand, pebbles, or crop grains. Manufacturers seldom use these fillers because they fall below the quality standard. They are usually cheaper than other blankets filled the traditional way. To get good quality blankets, you have to go for blankets with micro glass beads, plastic poly pellets, or steel shot beads. 

Using sand as fillers makes washing the blanket difficult. Other options re aquarium stones and pebbles. These are organic materials and are usually porous. They are difficult to manage because they do not dry out on time. Sands, pebbles, and aquarium stones are of lower quality compared to the other fillers. 

So, several materials can be inside a weighted blanket depending on the manufacturer. Some locally produced blankets can feature the low-quality fillers like sane, pebbles, crop grains, etc.


Weighted blankets are essential for a sweet night’s sleep. With each season, weighted blankets have graced the markets and have excelled in doing so. They have health benefits and are essential for getting the best out of your mattress and bedsheets. Talk about the complete package! There are brands that are trustworthy and reliable to deliver the best there is. ZonLi and Quility are two of the best sellers of weighted blankets in the globe. Their products are reliable and safe. Investing money into buying their blankets is a smart money choice that is sure to pay off. 

Weighted blankets are good for any sleeping position. For side sleepers, using a blanket that is not too heavy is advisable because it will not place too much pressure on your shoulders, hips, and side generally. Washing your weighted blanket is not a difficult task if you go about it the right way. If a blanket is over 20 lbs, it is advisable to wash it with a commercial-size washer. Detaching the removable cover from the blanket before washing is a smart strategy.

The components of a weighted blanket are the blanket, the filler, and the cover. A good blanket has these three in good quality. Comfortability and reliability are the hallmarks of a quality blanket. Those mornings of cold and running nose will be a thing of the past. Investing money into these weighty blankets will yield you sweet nights and smiles.

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