How to Mount a Spotting Scope on a Tripod?

How to Mount a Spotting Scope on a Tripod?

A Comprehensive Guide

A spotting scope lets you see the details that you can’t see with your naked eye or even binoculars because the magnification is much higher. While they can feel a little difficult to get around, they’re actually pretty easy to use (especially with a spotting scope tripod that provides a stable base). To set up your spotting scope on your tripod, you want to first extend the legs of the tripod to your preferred height. You can also choose to extend the centre column if you feel like you need to. You want to lock your legs into place so they don’t collapse nor wobble on you.

If your tripod has a ballast hook, consider adding extra support weight if you feel like it needs it. Since most of the tripods feature a 1/4″-20, you should also be able to mount or thread with your spotting scope easily without needing an additional adapter. Mount your scope on the tripod by either sliding your plate into the mounting platform or by screwing it into place. Keep one hand placed on your spotting scope while you’re adjusting the legs and the center column. Also, make sure to do this when you’re panning your scope.

Spotting Scope on a Tripod

Then, you’ll want to remove the cover from the eyepiece and the objective lens. You’ll want to start at the lowest magnification setting on your scope, If your image is unclear and not sharp, it’s recommended to play around with the focus knob until you’re happy with the quality of your images! You can also extend the sunshade if the sun is blocking your view. Scan for birds, animals, and plants until you find your desired target, and then you can increase the magnification for a detailed view. Spotting scopes are used by hunters and bird watchers amongst many other hobbyists!

Most importantly, spotting scopes are used for long distance viewings or target shooting. If you’re interested in taking photos and videos of what you see through your spotting scope, you can also attach a camera adapter or a smartphone adapter! The Gosky Universal Cell Phone Adapter is excellent for fitting all smartphones, but some spotting scopes model will include a smartphone adapter that will fit perfectly onto the scope! Spotting scopes manufactured by Gosky typically include a smartphone/camera adapter for digiscoping!