How to Dove Hunt?

How to Dove Hunt?

A Comprehensive Guide

Doves are an excellent food source with their meaning more tender and flavorful than most other game birds. Hunting doves can be tricky, but here is how to go about it. We’re here to help by discussing some of the most common ways of how to dove hunt. Further, we can help you with practical tips and tricks to become an avid bird hunter.

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Dove hunting is an exciting yet challenging sport. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned hunter, there is always something new to learn about the best methods for hunting doves.

Hunting Doves With A Shotgun

Hunting a dove with a shotgun is a favourite pastime of many hunters. There are some steps to take before you can go out and hunt the birds, though. The first step is to find a hunting license. These licenses allow you to purchase shotguns and shells for each day that you will be hunting. You’ll also need permission from your landowner if it’s not your property that you’re on. Finally, make sure the shotgun is unloaded so that there are no accidents while transporting it. A shotgun is the best weapon for this task because it shoots multiple pellets and can be used from a stand or foot.

Shotguns come in many different shapes and sizes, but for dove hunting, most hunters prefer using either 12 or 20 gauge shotguns that have barrels measuring about 28 inches long. You might also want to invest in a good pair of binoculars. Take care not to panic if you miss; doves are fast and agile creatures, so it’s normal for them to fly away after being hit by a few pellets that missed their mark.

Hunting Doves With A Shotgun

Hunting Doves With A Bow and Arrow

Hunting doves with a bow and arrow is the perfect way to spend your day when you’re looking for some new excitement, and it is a delightful hobby. To begin, first, find an area that is abundant in the dove population. This may be found by scouting areas where they are most frequently spotted or asking locals who have experience hunting these birds. Once you’ve identified an appropriate location, set up your gear so that it’s ready to go at all times of the day – this will help increase your chances of success. The next step is selecting a hunting spot. You’ll want to choose one with cover for stalking prey and provides easy access for shooting arrows from different angles without being seen by other hunters in the vicinity.

Hunting Doves With Traps

If you’re curious about how to dove hunt, but are struggling with the idea of killing them yourself, then trapping is the perfect solution.  You simply set up your trap in an area with plenty of food (such as corn) accessible to these tiny birds and wait patiently for them to fly into it. When they do, they get caught by their feet and instead of being able to escape like other animals might be able to, there’s no way out besides going through your netting, which will eventually lead them right into your waiting hands.

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Hunting Doves By Hand Catching Them

Doves are known for being a symbol of peace and purity. They can be easily captured by hand, making them one of the most popular birds hunted with primitive methods. Doves taste great, but they can be challenging to catch. They fly fast and have good vision, so it’s hard to get your hands on them. One of the best ways to hand-catch doves is by using a net. It can be done by attaching a string or wire to the net, throwing it up in the air with some bait, then reaching out and catching it when it falls back down. You can also catch the doves without a net trap and bait.

For this, you need to heed their nests; however, they will fly away when they see you coming, so it is vital to sneak up on them before pouncing, or else the bird will take off and not return. Stay low when approaching your target to avoid detection until the last minute. When you finally get close enough, use both hands to grab onto both wings tightly and hold tight while releasing any feathers that might have gotten stuck in between your fingers.

Hunting Dove With Dogs

Dogs are intelligent and can be trained to hunt for different types of prey. It is the most important and useful hunting partner. Hunting with a dog provides you with an edge that you don’t need to follow your target. The best way to hunt doves with a dog is by using them for retrieving downed game. It’s pretty simple, really once the bird has been shot down, all you need to do is wait until the bird falls and then send your canine companion in after it.

Dove hunting is an activity where people use dogs to flush out doves from the ground or low-lying vegetation. These birds are then shot with a shotgun or bow and arrow as they fly off.  The most popular breed of dog used for this type of hunting is Labradors because their coats are ideal for hot weather. Labs also have excellent scenting abilities, making them perfect for locating doves in difficult terrain like a thick brush.

Hunting Dove With Dogs

What Gears Do You Need to Hunt Dove

If you’re looking for advice on how to dove hunt and what gear to purchase, here is the list of the necessary equipment and some other items that might be helpful.

● The first thing you’ll need is a shotgun. Use a 12-gauge shotgun because it can shoot more rounds per round than any other kind of shotgun out there

● You need to have plenty of ammunition with extra shells if your gun malfunctions or runs out during the hunt

● For beginners, it is advisable to invest in an automatic loader so that loading shells into the chamber becomes more accessible and faster when shooting at large numbers of doves flying overhead

● A vest or chest protector, as well as camouflage clothing, is vital to help keep your location and position hidden from the dove

● Put on some boots or shoes with closed toes, so you don’t stub your toe when walking through a thick brush

● Grab a bag of feed corn or sunflower seeds to use as bait for the doves (this will also keep them closer)

Hunting Doves With A Bow And Arrow

Timing and Location of Hunting the Dove

The best time of year to hunt doves is when their population is high during the breeding season in early spring. You can find doves in almost any area with trees, so look for areas near water or other bird habitats. Doves are also attracted to feeding stations made of corn cobs and milo seeds. The perfect time of the day for dove hunting is typically in the early morning hours when they are most active. The birds are easier to shoot at this time because they fly lower than later on in the day when they tend not to fly too high up into trees or bushes where hunters might not see them.

Tips and Tricks on How to Dove Hunt

Dove season is upon us, and many hunters are excited to get out in the field. There are plenty of tips and tricks for hunting doves that you can use to up your game this season. Here are a few:

● Doves fly low-Shoot them from behind trees or bushes (they will be less spooked)

● Aim high when shooting into the sky so they’ll fly down towards you

● Use a laser sight on your gun with adjustable beam width, brightness, power level, and focus point

● Decide which direction the wind is blowing before aiming; if it’s blowing from right to left, then shoot left and vice versa

● When you are searching to learn how to dove hunt, your shot must be swift and accurate so that the bird doesn’t fly away before being killed.


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I hope this post has helped you understand how to dove hunt for the best chance of success. Doves are a popular target for hunters. They’re small, they fly, and they often don’t migrate very far from their nests. There are many ways to hunt doves, but the most successful is being a patient and intelligent hunter. Dove hunting can be an exciting activity for people of all ages who enjoy spending time outdoors or want to try something new with friends and family. If you’re interested in becoming a better hunter, visit our website regularly for valuable, informative content to get started.