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glock 48 Review
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As the firearm industry continues to grow and introduce new concepts, designs, materials, etc., Glock is one of the names that has stood the test of time. Their handguns are always the most popular, with many people carrying them for self-defense and law enforcement. There is now another handgun on the market from Glock: the Glock 48. The Glock 48 is a slim, single-stack 9mm handgun that uses the standard Glock magazine. Here is the detailed Glock 48 Review.

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Features of Glock 48

Grip and Textures

The grip of the Glock 48 is slim and feels good in your hand, making it great for concealed carry. It has a rough texture on the outside of the gun to make sure you have a good grip at all times. This ceramic-like material looks like an ice cube (because it’s gray) but with lots of small bumps on each side (for your fingers) and in the middle (for your palm). This makes it very solid because there is no give.


The grip has a built-in beavertail, which prevents slide bites when firing. The frame has a built-in accessory rail and comes with a strap to keep debris out (like dirt or sand) that could damage the mechanism. The grip angle is the same as a standard Glock but not as steep. This makes it more comfortable to shoot and easier for individuals with a hard time with conventional Glocks because their hands are perpendicular (at 90 degrees) instead of at an angle like other pistols.

Glock 48 Review Grip and Textures

Size and Weight

The Glock 48 has a 4.7-inch barrel. The gun’s overall length is 7.28 inches, with a width of 1.1 inches at its widest point. For reference, the average human hand measures 3.5 to 4 inches from the webbing between the thumb and forefinger to the tip of the middle finger. A full grip on the Glock 48 is for between thumb and forefinger. The height of the pistol is 5.04 inches. The unloaded weight of the Glock 48 is 20.74 ounces. This makes it very lightweight, at half a pound lighter than a Springfield XDS. At only 1.1 inches wide, this gun can easily fit in smaller hands and can still be used with larger hands. Something to note is that the slide is rather difficult to pull back, making it more difficult for someone with smaller hands to use.


One of the most important things about a firearm is how accurate they are; Glock 48 added adjustable target sights for this reason. The front sight is dovetailed in and can be adjusted for windage. The rear sight has two white dots that help quick target acquisition, which is an upgrade from the standard Glock sights. These are much easier to see than the standard sights because they’re larger, and there are more of them (three instead of just one).

Glock 48 Review Sight


The trigger on the Glock 48 is a standard Glock trigger. The reset is short, and there isn’t much of a tactile feel when you pull it. There is also some pre-travel before the gun will fire, but this can be reduced with some work by a gunsmith or a competent individual at home. It is a very smooth gun to shoot, and you don’t have to work as hard as some other guns, such as the Springfield XDS.

Glock 48 Review Trigger

Safety Mechanism

One of the great things about Glock is that you don’t have to worry much about the external safety mechanism. There is a pistol grip safety, but it’s more difficult to depress than on other handguns because it is located in the trigger itself instead of on the side. This helps keep your finger clear of the trigger when drawing or holstering. Glock 48 has the standard Glock Safe Action System safety mechanism that includes three automatic internal safeties: trigger safety, firing pin safety, and drop safety. All of these safeties are still in place in the new design, even with its slim profile. This means they’re easy to access and use under any circumstances.

Glock 48 Review Safety Mechanism


The Glock 48 uses the standard double-stack Glock 10 round magazines, which are very easy to find. When it comes to safety, we all know that having enough ammo is important. As with most pistols in its class and size, the Glock 48 has a reversible magazine release. This allows you to move it from the left side of the gun to the right for left-handed shooters. You can also release it with your trigger finger, but this isn’t recommended because you need that finger outside the trigger guard when shooting.

Glock 48 Review Magazine


The Glock 48 has a matte black finish with a polymer frame and steel slide. It also is available in FDE (flat dark earth) and OD (olive drab). The Glock 48’s sleek profile makes it even more attractive than its predecessors, especially the standard size. While the slim design does not affect how it functions, it gives off a different impression. Glock 48 has a dual recoil spring that helps to keep the slide from hitting the shooter’s hand too hard. It is important to note that all springs will weaken over time and repeated use, which may not be as effective after years of shooting the Glock 48. Overall, it is a comfortable gun to shoot and should be comfortable for most shooters.

Glock 48 Review Aesthetics


The Glock 48 is a very accurate firearm. The adjustable target sights allow the shooter to make quick and precise adjustments, which could come in handy during a critical situation. It has a white dot on either side of the front sight that helps you find your target every time. This also makes it easier to line up the sights so you can get on target faster. The three-dot system has six different sight settings, which makes transitioning among different distances easily.


The Glock 48 is made from strong materials and can take a lot of abuse. The gun has a polymer frame with steel inserts on the slide to maximize durability. It also has fixed target sights that are dovetailed into the slide, tensioned between the side ribs. The textured grip ensures that your hand does not slip even when wet. This gun is very well made and can take a lot of use and abuse, making it great for individuals who plan to carry the Glock 48 for self-defense.


The Glock 48 is very reliable with flawless performance during testing. The magazine has steel inserts for strength and is also textured. Glocks are very easy to use; they only have 33 parts, making them easier to break down. They’re also known for their excellent performance in nearly any condition, including dusty or humid environments.


Because of the slim design of the Glock 48, it can easily be concealed. The slide is made with two ribs that run along its length, which provides a gripping point for charging the gun. This makes it easier to perform manipulations for racking the slide and clearing jams or malfunctions. The single-stack magazine allows for a slim and narrow design, and the slide is only 1.1 inches wide, making it one of the thinnest and easiest pistols to carry for self-defense.

Advantages of Glock 48

The Glock 48 is a great choice for those looking for an accurate and reliable gun that can be concealed.


This gun has excellent ergonomics with fixed target sights and a crisp trigger. It is very easy to shoot with minimal recoil, especially for its size.


The polymer frame of the Glock 48 will hold up in any environment and is surprisingly light compared to other pistols in its class.


The slim design of the Glock 48 makes it easy to conceal when carrying it. The single stack magazine allows for a more compact profile with less bulk.


The lightweight pistol, along with its low bore axis and ergonomic grip, will allow shooters to get back on target easily.


Concealability is one of the strongest traits of the Glock 48, and it is an excellent self-defense pistol. It has a low bore axis, and less felt recoil, making it easier to stay on target when shooting.


The trigger pull is smooth with a crisp break that allows for accurate shots with minimal effort. The accuracy and reliability of this firearm made it ideal for home defense and concealed carry.

Disadvantages of Glock 48

The Glock 48 requires a firm grip to keep the muzzle down during shooting, and it may be hard for some shooters to handle. It is also not ideal for small-handed individuals and can be difficult to conceal because of its larger size.


The Glock sights are made of Polymer, and that is not as durable as steel. The slide and barrel are also larger than other pistols in its class, making them harder to conceal.


There is a learning curve for individuals new to Glock handguns, and the manual of arms is slightly different from other guns.

Aftermarket Accessories of Glock 48

There are different types of aftermarket accessories available for Glock 48. Some of these are:

Trigger Guard Laser Grips

the laser sights helps the shooter aim at the target and shoot accurately. You can install lasers either on the trigger guard or on the rear of the gun’s grip. This upgrade also allows you to engage targets faster because once you align your front sight with your target, you instantly know where your rear sight should be.


You can buy different Glock magazines that are compatible with your preferred Glock model, including the 10-round flush fit, 11-round extended magazine, or the 15/17/33 round drum magazines. This upgrade allows you to carry more ammo for fast reloads when in a heated battle.

Magazine Pouches

It is important to have spare magazines if you run out of ammo during a fight. You can load your pouches with extra magazines, so you are always ready for any situation. Some models even come with belt loops, which attach to your belt or pants, while others are designed with MOLLE webbing for tactical vests. Glock 48 Holsters.   

Magazine Loaders

These are designed to make it easier to load your magazines without hurting your fingers. This upgrade can be beneficial if you are training with your Glock handgun or preparing for a tactical fight so you can quickly reload and keep firing accurately.


This upgrade allows you to target enemies more easily during nighttime, benefiting the home defense and tactical situations. Some scopes are designed for rifles, while others are used on handguns. You can choose a Glock scope that meets your preferred needs and budget.


You can find a variety of Glock 48 grips that allow you to personalize your gun to fit your style and preference. The different materials such as G10, rubber, or aluminum offer a firm grip so the firearm will not slip from your hand. You can also choose from different textures to maximize your grip and provide a stronghold.


You can choose different types of holsters to meet your needs, including the waistband holster (appendix carry), ankle or fanny pack, vertical shoulder holster, or paddle holster. Different materials and designs are available, so you can select a Glock 48 holster that fits your style and preference.


What is the point of a Glock 48?

The Glock 48 is an upgrade compared to other pistols in the market with its unique design. It has a larger magazine capacity, and it is easier for shooters to stay on target. The smooth trigger pull allows for accurate shots without much effort.

Is the Glock G48 good?

The Glock 48 is a great option for shooters who want a not too expensive firearm and can be easily used. It has an ergonomic design, so it feels comfortable in the hands and has less recoil than other pistols. The interchangeable grip plates also allow you to personalize your weapon’s feel.

Is Glock 48 too big for concealed carry?

The Glock 48 has a less recoiling spring than other pistols, so it is relatively easier for shooters to stay on target while firing. It also has an excellent grip for better control, so individuals new to Glocks will have fewer problems learning the manual of arms.

Is Glock 48 good for home defense?

It doesn’t matter whether the home defense situation occurs during the day or night because you can attach a laser sight so your accuracy will not be affected. The Glock .48 has an effective range of 50 meters to 100 meters, and it is less difficult for shooters to stay on target than other handguns.

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The Glock 48 is a great handgun that can be used for personal protection and tactical situations. It has less recoil than other models, offers an accurate shot due to a smooth trigger pull, and has a large magazine capacity. You can attach a laser sight on top of the gun for nighttime use, and it comes with interchangeable grip plates so you can adjust the feel of the firearm to your preference.

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