Glock 43X Vs Taurus GX4

Glock 43X Vs Taurus GX4

Specification Comparison and Reviews

Glock 43x

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Here in this article, we are going to discuss the comparison between Glock 43x vs Taurus GX4. The Glock 43x and Taurus GX4 are two popular handguns. The Glocks have a long history of being an extremely reliable, stern gun that is easy to handle, clean, and comfortable to shoot with average sized hands. A few brand new technologies make the new Glock 43x an even better firearm than before. On the other hand, the Taurus GX4 is either new or just newly popular, but it also has a good reputation for being reliable and rugged. Its ergonomics are more suitable for smaller-handed shooters than some other “compact” handguns.

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Features of Glock 43X Vs Taurus GX4

Grip and Textures

The grip of Glock 43x has been improved from that of the previous models. The textured backstrap and rough-textured frame provide a solid grasp on the gun, even when wet with sweat or other bodily fluids. The texturing also sticks to your clothing, so you won’t have to worry about dropping it in a firefight due to slippage. The grip is very ergonomic, comfortable, and natural feeling. Some users have complained that the grips are too large to be concealed comfortably or uncomfortable to shoot due to their size.

Glock 43X Grip and Texture

The Taurus GX4 has a textured polymer frame that provides a good purchase on the gun. It has interchangeable rubberized panels that allow for different textured experiences. It is not the most comfortable grip due to its small size, but it is ergonomically designed for use in smaller hands than larger pistols might provide. The backstrap has grooves on it that help with grip, especially when wet.

Taurus GX4 Grip and Textures

Size and Weight

The Glock 43x is 6.50 inches in height, 1.10 inches in width, and .94 inches in thickness with a standard magazine or 5.04 inches tall with an extended magazine inserted into it. It weighs 18.70 ounces unloaded which certainly gives it the lightweight moniker. This certainly makes carrying around for extended periods easier without feeling too much additional weight in your holster. It is made primarily of polymer with little to no removable metal parts.

Glock 43X Size and Weight

The Taurus GX4 is 6.05 inches in height, 1.08 inches in width, and .98 inches in thickness with a standard magazine or 4.4 inches tall with an extended magazine inserted into it. It weighs 18.5 ounces unloaded which seems like a lot, but it is smaller than the Glock 43x in every way except thickness, where they are almost identical. It has both metal and polymer materials for its construction.

Taurus GX4 Size and Weight


The sights on the Glock 43x are much improved. Instead of just a single dot or notch at the rear, serrations provide a better purchase to rack the slide and adjust for windage/elevation. Adjusting them requires no special tools; simply pull and turn to adjust, and once they’re at the desired position, you can lock them into place.

Glock 43X Sight

The Taurus GX4 has a rear notch and post sight similar to that of traditional pistols. They provide a well-defined area for shooters to aim at targets and strike points of aim shots accurately. The adjustable sights are simple to operate and only require the use of a small flathead screwdriver.

Taurus GX4 Sights


The trigger on the Glock 43x is excellent, shooting at about 5.5 pounds of pressure with minimal overtravel. The reset isn’t too long either, making it easier for shooters to pull through rapidly fired shots without messing up their aim. The Glock 43x has a single-action trigger which is very similar to that of 1911 pistols. The Taurus GX4’s trigger is also nice, with about 6 pounds of pressure in it. It snaps back very quickly and requires little overtravel, thanks to the short reset. It, too, is a single-action style trigger, but the difference here is that it is striker-fired. This does not give the shooter as much feedback but is an exciting design favorable to some shooters.

Glock 43X Trigger

The Glock 43x has the same feature, but it’s located on the rear of the grip instead. You can easily switch this safety off or on depending on your personal preference and needs in certain situations. It’s best to have extra security features when handling a firearm, especially if you’re new to carrying one around all day.

Taurus GX4 Trigger


The Glock 43x cannot mount suppressors without special adapters, but with one of these, your pistol will be up to the task of taking care of business in a stealthy way. Of course, you can expect this to be more expensive than just buying a standard pistol. The Taurus GX4 can mount suppressors without the need for special adapters. However, it is not designed to do so, and with one in place, your pistol will likely break after prolonged use. This is due to the piston that runs inside the gun’s frame to move your slide back and help suppress the sound of the shot.


The Glock 43x has a firing pin safety, drop safety, impression security key (to prevent unauthorized people from using it), trigger safety, and an integrated rail underneath its barrel that acts as a slide stop. It also includes two standard 10-round magazines that are easy to load and unload. The Taurus GX4 has a manual firing pin safety, drop safety, and an integrated rail underneath its barrel for attaching weapon lights. This is a very simple and easy to use handgun.


The Glock 43x comes with two 10-round magazines. The standard magazine that ships with the gun are steel, but polymer aftermarket ones are available.

Glock 43X Magazine

The Taurus GX4 includes two 11-round magazines that are both made of polymer and come with the pistol. The standard-issue mags are not particularly impressive and maybe one of the first things you upgrade on your gun.

Taurus GX4 Magazine

Slide and Barrel

The Glock 43x has a 3.41-inch barrel fully lined with polygonal rifling so that your gun will last for ages before it begins to wear down. The pistol also has matching slide serrations that allow shooters to grip their weapon easily when attempting to rack the slide back to chamber a round. The Taurus GX4 also has a 3.06-inch barrel similar to the Glock 43x’s, albeit in a matte black finish instead of a glossier grey coat. The GX4’s slide serrations are different from Glocks and have been designed in such a way that they provide the shooter a better grip when racking the slide.

Shooting and Recoil

The Glock 43x is a very accurate pistol with low recoil, but the gun’s grip may not allow optimal shooting. It is designed to have shooters use their front fingers rather than using all three digits on the trigger at once. It does have excellent ergonomics, though, and many people find it easy to adapt to. The Glock 43x’s recoil is not too high either,, making it easier for people to control their shots once they get used to the gun.

The Taurus GX4 has decent ergonomics and does not have too much recoil, but the grip shape may take some getting used to for people with smaller hands. It also has a heavy double-action trigger, and the single action is quite long as well. The sights are adjustable, but the standard ones that come with the gun tend to be hard to see in bright light conditions.


The Glock 43x is a very reliable weapon, but it may take some time for you to learn how to get the most out of your gun. It has been known to jam up on people if they miss certain things that can damage their pistol, but once you know what you’re doing, this gun will never let you down. The Taurus GX4 has proven to be a very reliable weapon. It is excellent for those who want a pistol that they can take out of the box and not look after as it will still shoot through their regular course of fire without any problems. While it occasionally jams up, this tends only to happen when people don’t clean their guns properly after a heavy day of shooting.


The Glock 43x is a very durable handgun that can take quite a beating. It is made out of polymer, but the frame of the gun has been reinforced with steel inserts so that it will not break or degrade as quickly as some other polymer framed handguns on the market. This gun also has no external moving parts and does not require you to break it down to clean or maintain it. The Taurus GX4 is also a very durable handgun that has been designed with the shooter in mind. It comes with an integrated rail underneath its barrel for attaching weapon lights, and the slide locks back after you have used all your ammo, unlike some other semi-automatic handguns on the market today.


Due to the Glock 43x’s small dimensions, it is very easy to conceal carry. The gun has a relatively small grip which makes it fit nicely into the palm of your hands, and its lightweight polymer frame means that you will barely feel it when carrying it in your holster all day long. The GX4 is easy to conceal carry, but its dimensions are slightly larger than the Glock 43x. The gun also has a rail under its barrel for attaching lights or lasers, making it easier to spot in public if you decide to use it for concealed carry purposes.

Aftermarket Accessories – Glock 43X Vs Taurus GX4

The Taurus GX4 can be fitted with aftermarket accessories, but the factory ones are not very good. The Glock 43x has a very active aftermarket accessory industry, and there are plenty of good people out there who produce custom parts to increase your gun’s performance and versatility. You can get to attach many accessories to your weapon without compromising its original design or look.


The Glock 43x has a standard factory sight that is not very good for poor eyesight, but it can be upgraded easily to a nicer one. The Taurus GX4 features adjustable sights that are better than factory versions in some respects. Still, you might find them lacking in accuracy or convenience, depending on how they fit your shooting style. Both the Glock 43x and Taurus GX4 feature factory sights that are not consistent with most people’s shooting styles, but they can both be upgraded to meet your preferences quickly. You can buy aftermarket products for both guns, but their availability varies quite a bit between the two.


The Glock 43x has a rail under its barrel so that you can attach weapon lights to it, but the factory one is not very good. The Taurus GX4 does not have any accessory rails on it out of the box, but you can still attach light accessories on top of it without much trouble. Both the Glock 43x and Taurus GX4 come with factory flashlights that you can use with your gun, but the quality of these accessories varies quite a bit between the two. You can also get aftermarket lights for both of them to improve their performance and increase accessibility to see whether or not they will work properly.

Magazine Pouches

The Glock 43x has a unique magazine design, with its double stack setup and ambidextrous magazine release. As such, you might find it hard to find suitable magazine pouches for use with your gun. The Taurus GX4 uses the more popular double stack single side mag release on most modern handguns today. You will not have a problem finding magazine pouches to hold your gun’s magazines for concealed carry purposes. Both the Glock 43x and Taurus GX4 use double stack magazines, which are more common than single stack ones. There are multiple types of magazine pouches that you can purchase۔

Magazine Loader

The Glock 43x and Taurus GX4 both use double-stack magazines, which can be a problem to load in tight spaces or dark places with no bright lights. Using a magazine loader is highly recommended for both guns if you do not want to damage the feed lips on your magazines by forcing them closed too hard.


The Glock 43x can be used with many different types of holsters from all over the world, but you should take a closer look at some Taurus GX4 specific ones if you want to get a good holster for use with your gun. The Glock 43x and Taurus GX4 fit into most standard holsters that carry other semi-automatic handguns, but the Taurus GX4 only provides Taurus specific holsters and not Glock ones. You should check whether or not you can use both types of holsters with your gun before buying one.

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The Glock 43x vs Taurus GX4 are excellent guns, but you must understand your preferences to determine better which one will suit you. The full sized Glock 43x is larger than the Taurus GX4, but it also uses magazines with double stack designs. That means they are easier to reload quickly but harder to conceal. Both pistols are good enough that you should be able to build up some muscle memory if you switch between them depending on your needs, but it would be best if you could shoot them both before deciding which one to buy.