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Glock 40 Review
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The new standard in semi-automatic handguns, the Glock 40 polymer pistol is ideal for law enforcement or personal protection. Featuring a fully integrated accessory rail with a tactical light, laser accessories, interchangeable backstraps, high-capacity magazines, and powerful .40 S&W rounds – Glock pistols are some of the most popular on the market today. Whether you are a serious buyer or just looking for information, Glock 40 review posts can only help you in your decision.

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The Glock 40 is a .40S&W caliber, 15-round pistol. Capable of being used with the standard 6-round magazines, this model also includes two more 15 round magazines – one that fits flush against the bottom of the gun and one extended magazine with grip extension. The Glock 40 also comes with two replaceable grips – one that has an integrated beavers tail, and one without. With the Glock 40, you have the choice between a long and a short grip, perfect for any shooter. Let’s look at the features and specifications of the Glock 40 pistol.

Features of Glock 40


The Glock 40 has two replaceable grips – one with an integrated beaver’s tail and a longer slide release, and another grip without the beavertail. The backstraps allow you to choose a size that fits your hand. With a .9 inch width, the grip on the Glock 40 is slim, lightweight, and compact even with the extended magazine.

Glock 40 Review Grips


The Glock 40 has a five-pound trigger with a clear and distinguishable trigger break. Along with the standard beavertail, the Glock 40 also has an integrated firing pin safety and drop safety as well as an additional magazine disconnect to prevent it from being fired when the magazine is removed.

Glock 40 Review Safety


The Glock 40 has a lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant stainless steel slide. The slide stop is reversible for left-handed users. The Glock 40 features a stainless steel barrel and slide, matte black finish, and high-profile white dot front sight with two white dots on the back for contrast. The rear sights are adjustable for windage.

Glock 40 Review Slide


The Glock 40 has the standard white dot front sight and two-dot rear allowing for quick target acquisition. The sights are made of polymer to protect them from damage or corrosion, and they are high profile enough to be used with a suppressor. The standard white dot front sight contrasts well against dark targets. Along with the two white dots at the back, this gun has adjustable rear sights to adjust for windage.

Glock 40 Review Sights

Trigger Action

The Glock 40’s trigger action is both single and double-action. With a smooth 5.5 lbs. pull, the Glock 40 is quick and accurate. The double-action trigger provides more power for larger rounds while the single-action trigger ensures accuracy for smaller rounds.

Glock 40 Review Trigger Action

Size and Weight

The Glock 40 is not the smallest model on the market, but at 9.49″ in length and 5.47″ in height, it’s still a comfortable size for all shooters. The Glock 40 also weighs in at just 44.26 oz., making it easy to carry with you wherever you go. If you are looking for a larger-sized gun, but aren’t quite ready to move up to the Glock 41, you may want to consider the Glock 40.

Glock 40 Review Size and Weight


The Glock 40 was designed with power in mind, offering both standard and +P ammunition for stronger shots. With its high-pressure cartridges capable of reaching muzzle velocities of 1,250 feet per second, you can be confident that the Glock 40 will always perform under pressure. The larger chambering offers greater stopping power than smaller calibers. If you need a pistol that packs a big punch, the Glock 40 may be just what you are looking for.

Shooting Performance

The Glock 40 was designed for superior shooting performance. With its ergonomic design, it is perfect for any hand size. The sights are adjustable and the recoil is manageable. The Glock 40 also has a low bore axis which reduces muzzle rise and helps you keep your sights on target for follow-up shots. The trigger pull in both single and double action is a smooth 5.5 lbs., making it convenient for quick, accurate shots. With 15 rounds per magazine, the Glock 40 can easily accommodate any shooter. If you are looking for more power than newer models of 9mm pistols, the Glock 40 may be just what you need. And with Glock’s well-known durability, you can be sure that this pistol will last a long time.

Glock 40 Review Shooting Performance

Overall Ergonomics

The Glock 40 has a durable frame, making it perfect for all shooters. With its low bore axis and adjustable sights, the Glock 40 is designed for both quick and accurate follow-up shots. The trigger pull in single and double action is also comfortable for any shooter. The interchangeable backstraps and integrated accessory rail make the Glock 40 perfect for any shooter. The Glock 40 is also available in both standard and long sizes to fit any hand size.

Aftermarket Accessories

Thanks to its removable metal components, accessories for the Glock 40 are abundant. This model comes standard with both 6-round and 15-round magazines. If you find that 6-round magazines are too small or that 15-rounds are too big, you can easily switch out either magazine for one of the same sizes but with a grip extension. There are also a variety of Glock 40 sights that can be easily swapped out if you are not satisfied with the standard sights. And if that’s not enough, the Glock 40 has an integrated accessory rail that allows for even more customization.


The Glock 40 is incredibly simple to maintain. Maintenance ensures that your gun will work for you when you need it most, so it’s important to be familiar with how to clean and maintain your pistol. Cleaning the barrel, lubing the rails, checking the trigger parts, etc., are all part of normal maintenance on a Glock model.


The Glock 40 has a black polymer frame and matte stainless steel slide. The beavertail, magazine release button, and takedown levers are all made from add-on metal parts that add to the overall look of the gun. The beavertail provides better grip control when firing. The tactical light is easily activated with a switch on either side of the frame. The Glock 40 also has a standard slide stop and reversible magazine catch – allowing for left-handed use.


With a single cartridge, the Glock 40 can shoot up to 15 rounds, at least 39% more than some other models on the market. The Glock 40 also comes with interchangeable backstraps that are both size-specific and easily swapped out. If you would like to use an accessory with your Glock 40, there is plenty of room for extras thanks to its integrated accessory rail. The powerful .40 S&W rounds provide more stopping power than smaller caliber models, resulting in less recoil and faster follow-up shots.


The Glock 40 is reliable and accurate. The polymer frame makes the gun lightweight and easy to handle, while the matte stainless steel slide provides resistance against corrosion. The Glock 40 is also easy to take apart for cleaning and maintenance. Because it is a semi-automatic pistol, all you have to do is load the magazine and pull the slide back for quick firing. For even more convenience, the Glock 40 uses a double-action trigger system that allows for safer carrying. The Glock 40 has an effective range of about 50 – 100 yards depending on the ammunition used. This provides long-distance power and capability. The Glock 40 has a minimum firing range of 10 yards, so it is perfect for self-defense as well as recreational use.


The Glock 40 is a full-size semi-automatic handgun that is perfect for concealed carry. It is lightweight and easy to conceal, making it a great choice for everyday protection. The Glock 40 has an overall length of 9.49 inches and a width of 1.34 inches. It also weighs in at just over 35.45 ounces unloaded. The Glock 40, like all other Glocks, comes with standard plastic sights that are easy to see and aim. The dots on the front sight line up perfectly with the ones on the back for better accuracy. With a cartridge clip of 15 rounds, you can use every shot without having to reload too often – providing more convenience during emergencies.

Advantages of Glock 40

Ease of Use

Thanks to its adjustable sights and low bore axis, the Glock 40 is quick and easy to use. The interchangeable backstraps and integrated accessory rail also make it comfortable for any shooter.


Glock pistols are known for their durability, and the Glock 40 is no exception. With its polymer frame and metal parts, this pistol can withstand tons of wear and tear.

Aftermarket Accessories

As with all Glock models, the Glock 40 is extremely customizable. The variety of aftermarket accessories available for Glock 40 pistol means that you can truly make it your own.


The Glock 40 has few internal pieces, making cleaning and maintaining the pistol simple. Those parts which do require maintenance are easy to disassemble and reassemble for quick cleanings.

Size and Weight

At 9.5″ in length and 5.5″ in height, the Glock 40 is comfortable for most shooters, regardless of age or size. And at just 44.3 oz., it’s easy to carry with you wherever you go.

Disadvantages of Glock 40

No Threaded Barrel Option

If you’ve got your heart set on shooting with a suppressor, the Glock 40 does not come standard with a threaded barrel. This can easily be remedied by purchasing a threaded barrel to attach, but this does require another purchase.

Expensive Magazines

The factory 6-round and 15-round magazines are incredibly expensive. While these are standard with the Glock 40, it makes sense to buy an extra magazine or two when you get your new pistol. As with any gun, it’s a good idea to have backup magazines in case you need more ammo in a hurry.

Trigger Action

The double-action trigger means that the Glock 40 may require more strength than some other models for smaller shooters. The single-action trigger provides accuracy for smaller rounds without sacrificing too much power, but the double-action trigger is not ideal for everyone.

Limited Capacity

The Glock 40 comes standard with six-round and 15-round magazines, but if you want a 10-round magazine, you’ll have to purchase one aftermarket. A larger magazine capacity may be necessary for home defense or competition shooting.


The Glock 40 is on the pricier end of pistols, but it has a durable frame and can compete with other models in its price range. Though this pistol is certainly expensive, it’s a cost worth paying for a reliable and customizable pistol.


Can I use a suppressor with the Glock 40?

No, as it does not have a threaded barrel.

How to clean and maintain the pistol?

Cleaning out the barrel, checking trigger parts, lubing rails are just some of the normal maintenance tasks that should be done on this model.

How many rounds can be held in each magazine?

6-round and 15-round magazines are standard with the pistol, but there is a 10 round aftermarket available.

What type of information would be on the Glock 40 manual?

Firearms safety, how to shoot it properly, proper storage of ammunition, and gun maintenance would be included in the owner’s manual for this pistol.

How do I upgrade my Glock 40 with accessories?

Upgrades are done by removing the slide, installing your new accessory, and then reassembling. Some upgrades may require minor alterations to your original model.

How do I customize my Glock 40?

There are various aftermarket accessories available for the Glock, making customizing it simple. These include new sights, rail systems, barrels, etc. You can even get different colors or grip styles if you so choose.

There are lot of Glock gun’s options available that you can choose: Glock 43, Glock 42 and Glock 48. Also Glock 40 holster option available to consider.


The Glock 40 is an excellent choice for a pistol. It’s durable, customizable, and easy to maintain. Though it may be more expensive than some other models, the Glock 40 is worth the investment. Overall, the Glock 40 is a reliable and affordable concealed carry pistol that is perfect for everyday use. It has received mostly positive reviews from gun enthusiasts and experts alike. If you are looking for an easy-to-use and comfortable concealed carry gun, the Glock 39 is a great option. Hope so this Glock 40 price and review blog post helps you make an informed decision before purchasing Glock 40 handgun.

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