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Glock 38 Review
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The Glock 38 is a .45 caliber handgun designed for concealed carry, as it has the same length and width as many pistols in smaller calibers. It was introduced by Austrian manufacturer Glock Ges.m.b.H., which specializes in producing high-quality polymer-framed handguns to law enforcement agencies worldwide, along with private consumers domestically. In this post, we’ll go over the Glock 38 review it.

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The Glock 38, like other Glock handguns, is a semi-automatic pistol that can hold up to ten rounds of ammunition in its standard magazine. It has an ergonomic design and is constructed around the same polymer frame as all Glocks. However, several features set it apart from most models:

Features of Glock 38


The gun comes with a standard grip that is comfortable and secure to use. The polymer material doesn’t slip out of your hands no matter how much you sweat or cover it in rain, snow, or mud. In addition to that, the textured surface also provides an exceptional feel for those who have smaller palms as well as people wearing gloves. In case you want to replace the standard grip, it is possible to do so with third-party options from different manufacturers. In general, the Glock 38 pistol has been designed for personal defense and its ergonomic design allows shooters of any skill level or gender to use it without a problem whatsoever. It’s easy to clean and maintain due to its simple design and construction which makes this gun even better for first-time buyers or beginners.

Glock 38 Review Grips

Trigger Pull

Glock 38 is a double-action pistol that has an exposed hammer. This type of mechanism allows shooters to maintain consistent accuracy even when firing multiple rounds very quickly without needing to take their finger off the trigger between each round. The trigger itself is smooth and consistent which allows you to fire off rounds without any issues whatsoever. It can be fired in both single action or double action modes, but there’s no reason why one would need to use the latter as it requires more force to pull than standard pistols such as Glock 19.

Glock 38 Review Trigger Pull


The slide of the gun is very easy to pull back, but it has a pretty loud sound due to its spring mechanism. It requires around 30 pounds of force which ensures that there won’t be any issues when racking it in extreme cold or heat conditions. However, one thing you should remember before firing your Glock 38 pistol for the first time is that it’s internally locked and will not fire if the magazine has been removed. This mechanism prevents unintentional discharges as well as potential accidents.

Glock 38 Review Slide

Magazine Capacity

Glock 38 comes with a standard capacity of 8 rounds, but it also supports 10-round magazines which can be used by those shooters who want extra firepower in case they need to fight against multiple targets. There are high-capacity magazines that hold up to thirty rounds of ammunition, but they need to be used with caution as they can cause malfunctions and jams because springs have been compressed for a very long time.In general, this is one of those pistols that has been designed specifically for self-defense purposes. It’s easy to control thanks to its lightweight design which also makes it possible for people with smaller hands to hold it properly.

Glock 38 Review Magazine Capacity


As was mentioned earlier, you need to pull the slide back until there is a small indent on the left side of your Glock 38 pistol which will indicate that it’s ready for disassembly. You can then push out the pin located at the front of this gun to make it easier for you to remove the slide. Furthermore, there’s also a button located at the rear of this pistol that will allow you to pull back your firearm’s grip so that its internal parts are exposed and ready for cleaning purposes.


The Glock 38 is designed with a unique polymer grip that most shooters find extremely comfortable, even in smaller hands. The pistol has an overall length of 188 mm / 71.45 in and weighs approximately 685 grams unloaded without a magazine. The height of the model is 128 mm / 5.04 in. Width about 33mm/about 1.12 in. The main difference between Glock 38 and its predecessor was that this pistol has a different grip, which is much more ergonomically shaped than the older models used to be. This change makes it easier for people with smaller hands to shoot it without any trouble whatsoever.


Additionally, there are no problems when one needs to fire it with gloves on, as the grip has a non-slip surface and provides an exceptional feel. It is important to mention that Glock 38 doesn’t have any accessory rail which means you will need special tools if you want to attach laser sights or flashlights onto this firearm. Nevertheless, due to its compact size of only 188mm/71.45 in, the 38 is easily concealable and simple to carry around when necessary. Glock 38 pistol comes with a standard magazine capacity of ten rounds and they are chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge which means that you won’t have to worry about it when buying or selling ammo in your area.

Glock 38 Review Aesthetics


Glock 38 is an extremely popular handgun. It has a very similar design to Glock 19, but it’s slightly larger than the gun mentioned above due to its longer grip and heavier weight of around 685 grams without a magazine. The firearm itself looks exceptional with its polymer frame combined with steel slide which makes it durable and resistant to any type of weather. As it was mentioned above, this pistol is chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge which has very good stopping power and penetration through various obstacles thanks to its high mass. According to different users’ reviews, they have fired Glock 38 in extremely cold weather with snow on the ground without any malfunctions whatsoever. The gun also has no problems when it comes to reliability in extreme heat.

Glock 38 Review Shooting

Advantages of Glock 38


Glock 38 is one of the most reliable pistols ever created. This model has been proven to work properly in extreme weather conditions so it would be safe to say that you can carry this gun around even when there’s snow on the ground.

Extremely Accurate

Thanks to its longer barrel, Glock 38 offers very good accuracy and it’s very easy to hit a target from a distance. Furthermore, the trigger pull is pretty smooth and similar to other Glock models so you won’t have any trouble with learning how this pistol works for your specific needs.


The polymer frame makes the Glock 38 very durable and resistant to various weather conditions. You can carry it around in a humid environment or use it when there’s snow on the ground without worrying about any malfunctions whatsoever.

Low Maintenance

The firearm doesn’t require much maintenance to function properly. All you need is regular cleaning and oiling of the slide to ensure its smooth operation in any environment possible.

Combat Accuracy

Glock 38 is one of the most accurate pistols on the market. The front and rear sights are made out of steel which means that they won’t wear off even after years of use.

Disadvantages of Glock 38

Expensive Ammo

Glock 38 uses .45 ACP cartridges which are quite expensive compared to other types of ammunition. It would be a good idea to have enough ammo on you in case anything happens.

Hard Recoil

If you’re not used to shooting .45 ACP cartridges, the Glock 38 has quite a bit of recoil when it fires which can cause problems for some shooters. However, this issue usually goes away after using the gun for a while and getting used to how it fires.


Glock 38 is much larger than its predecessor Glock 19, so you will have some problems concealing this pistol if necessary. However, the longer grip provides better control over shots which makes up for that issue in most cases.

Large Grip for People with Smaller Hands

As was mentioned above, Glock 38 has quite a large grip and it’s not very comfortable for shooters who have smaller hands. To make things worse, there is no option to attach additional accessories to this Glock 38 which means you will need to use different tools to improve your grip.


What are the differences between Glock models?

There are many different types of firearms manufactured by Glock, but you should focus on basic features such as size and caliber. If you’re looking for an accurate gun with good stopping power, go with a model that uses .45 ACP cartridges (such as Glock 38). On the other hand, .40 S&W is good for self-defense purposes and it has more stopping power than a standard .45 ACP cartridge.

What are the best types of ammo to use with Glock 38?

The most popular type of ammunition that works great in this gun model is .45 ACP cartridges which have a higher mass and better stopping power than most other types of ammunition.

What is the best holster for Glock 38?

Since this gun has a large grip, it’s important to find a holster that can accommodate such features without any problems. One good choice would be an IWB Kydex or Nylon holster which provides a tight fit.

What are the best sights for Glock 38?

You can use any type of sight that fits your preferences, but it’s important to find something durable and accurate enough for this pistol model. If you want adjustable options, go with TruGlo TFO handgun night sights which have fiber optics.

What are the best types of grips for Glock 38?

There aren’t any additional accessories that you can attach to this gun, so it would be a good idea to look into aftermarket options such as Hogue rubber grip or Pachmayr wraparound grip with finger grooves. They provide you with better control over your shots.

Can I use different types of ammunition with Glock 38?

The firearm is compatible with .45 ACP cartridges, but it can also work well with other types of ammo. For example, you may want to try out some light loads or target rounds if that’s what you need. If not, stick to the original type of ammunition.

What are the most popular accessories for Glock 38?

Some of the best aftermarket options include Crimson Trace Laserguard Pro, Talon Tactical Pistol Grip Wrap around Rubber Finger Groove Inserts, or Tango Down Vickers Tac Lite Paddle/Belt Slide Holster Black. They provide you with more control, better grip, and additional shooting capabilities.

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Glock 38 has a lot of great features that make it one of the most reliable and user-friendly .45 ACP pistols in its price range. Apart from being durable, accurate, lightweight and easy to carry around, this firearm is also very affordable when compared to other guns on the market with similar features. Glock 38 is an excellent compact pistol that’s suitable for concealed carry around the city or even in rural areas where there are no bigger problems with self-defense situations.


You can get this gun at a very reasonable price on the market which makes it an ideal choice for anyone who wants to purchase a reliable gun without spending too much money on it. If you’re looking for a reliable pistol at an affordable price range without paying too much attention to small details such as aesthetics or accuracy then Glock 38 is a perfect choice. Hope this Glock 38 Price and Review blog post will help you.

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