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Gardening, one of the ancient practices that is still in practice today, helps to ensure food security in individual homes. At Ballachy, we encourage gardening by giving you essential information on the inputs you need to improve your yield and have better yield quality. We, like many people, know that before plants attain the stage where they can be used for their purpose, the activities involved in tending them such as sowing, watering, weeding, fertilizer application, pruning, and many more, engage the gardener in some physical activities from time to time.[expander_maker id=”1″ more=”Read more…”]

The various gardening activities require some implements that are manual, while others are electrical. To help you, this section contains resources that will help you use manual garden implements such as garden forks to loosen the soil or planting material; shovels to lift compost, manure, fertilizer, or soil; hose and watering cans for irrigation; seed trays and growing bags for sowing seeds, in other ways that you didn’t know.

Also, we have electrical gardening implements recommendations for you, especially for use in greenhouses. They include heaters – to provide warmth to your crops during the cold months, sophisticated irrigation systems such as sprinklers and drip irrigation, heating pads to start your seeds when there is inadequate heat, and many more.

Visit our gardening section for more gardening implements and tips that will help to make your hobby more fun and productive.


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