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CZ 75D Compact Review
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If you are in the market for a new compact 9mm handgun, this CZ 75D Compact review will help you decide if the CZ 75D Compact is right for you. Our comprehensive review includes an overview of how this compact pistol works and what makes it unique compared to other handguns on the market today.

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Price of CZ 75D Compact

The MSRP of the CZ 75D Compact is $747, but you can find it online for a price range between $550 and $600. This compact 9mm handgun is designed as a concealed carry firearm. Many people like this make and model because the CZ 75D Compact was built specifically for concealment, accuracy, and durability. Read our detailed analysis of the CZ 75D Compact features below.

Features of CZ 75D Compact

The first thing you will notice about the CZ 75D Compact is that it’s made to be carried everywhere. This compact 9mm handgun has many great features, including an extended magazine, improved ergonomics, and custom black rubber grips. You can’t go wrong with choosing this handgun for your next concealed carry firearm with all these features. We will further explore these features.

Grip and Textures

The grip and texture on this compact 9mm handgun are some of the best features because they allow the shooter to handle it easily. The CZ 75D Compact has interchangeable grips in rubber or wood. This allows for a more personalized fit that you can’t get from other handguns on the market today. The grips that come with this firearm are very ergonomic, but shooters can switch them out for something different if they want to. The texture on the grips allows for a non-slip grip when your hands are sweaty.


The textured grips also provide a lot of support when firing this handgun, which is important for accuracy and precision. You will notice that the ergonomics on this handgun have been improved compared to other handguns on the market. The CZ 75D Compact has a lower bore axis than other pistols and is built with speed and accuracy in mind. This compact 9mm handgun works well for shooters of every skill level, which sets it apart from other handguns that might be harder to use by inexperienced shooters.

Grip and Textures of CZ 75D Compact

Size and Weight

The CZ 75D Compact is a durable and accurate single-action/double-action mode handgun of alloy frame built to last. It weighs 27.5 ounces and has a total length of 7.24 inches. This compact 9mm handgun is only 1.4 inches wide, making it perfect for concealed carry or as your backup weapon at work or home. You can carry this handgun every day because it’s easy to conceal and weighs less than most other pistols. The compact design of this handgun makes it very portable, which is an important feature for some shooters when they are choosing their new firearm. It fits in most holsters that are meant for compact size handguns. The CZ 75D Compact is a durable firearm that can survive being dropped and covered in dirt without affecting its performance. This handgun will last you a long time, which means you won’t have to worry about making an expensive repair or replacement purchase anytime soon.

Size and Weight of CZ 75D Compact

Stopping Power

With the CZ 75D Compact, you will get plenty of stopping power because this handgun is 9mm. It’s recommended for shooters experienced with small pistols and needs an accurate firearm for self-defense purposes. The stopping power on this compact 9mm handgun makes it a great firearm to have when you need to use it for home defense or conceal and carry purposes.

Safety Features

Safety features are very important when you are carrying a firearm with you at all times, which is why this compact 9mm handgun has some of the best safety features on the market today. The first thing to know about this self-defense firearm is its ambidextrous manual safety. This makes it easy for both left-handed or right-handed shooters to use. The safety features include a firing pin block safety and chamber indicator, which adds to the safety features of this firearm. It won’t accidentally go off if you drop it or mishandle it in any way. You can lock the safety in place so that your handgun won’t accidentally go off when you don’t want it to. It’s best to lock the safety in place when cleaning or to transport it. Your concealed carry firearm should have some of these important features, which is another reason this compact 9mm handgun stands out from competitors on the market today.

Safety Features of CZ 75D Compact

Slide Stop and Magazine Release

With a magazine capacity of 14 rounds, you can fire several shots without reloading. This handgun also has an interchangeable magazine release, which means that you can customize the location of the magazine catch to fit your needs. This handgun is accurate and will get you on target quickly, enhancing its usefulness in self-defense situations or when taking down a target in competition shooting. This handgun has a slide stop so that you can release the slide quickly and reload on your own when you need to.

Slide Stop and Magazine Release of CZ 75D Compact

Trigger Mechanism

The excellent trigger on this carry pistol is an improvement over other simple average compact pistols because of its smoothness, which makes shooting this handgun much easier than other brands. The trigger is light and short, making it great for firing quickly when you need to take down your target as soon as possible. It’s also durable enough to last through many years of use. When you are trying to shoot accurately, the trigger on the CZ 75D Compact will make all the difference. A great feature that allows for a comfortable fit is the double undercut trigger guard designed to promote high hand placement, promoting faster target reacquisition after each shot. To further aid in target acquisition, the slide serrations are increased on the front strap of the gun. These allow for better grip when racking the slide, making it easier to load and unload this handgun.

Trigger Mechanism of CZ 75D Compact

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

With the CZ 75D Compact, recoil is less than other handguns on the market today. Because of its ergonomics and balance, you can fire off more rounds without dealing with that unpleasant recoil feeling. The design features such as the undercut trigger guard keep muzzle flip at a minimum, which helps shooters stay on target when firing rapidly. If you are looking for a handgun that won’t cause serious discomfort after firing off several rounds without stopping, then this is the handgun to choose. It’s recommended for shooters who want to take time with their shots because of their accuracy at short and long-range. It’s also praised by competitive shooters who use handguns for target shooting.

Recoil and Muzzle Flip of CZ 75D Compact

Advantages of CZ 75D Compact

The overall design of the handgun is very user-friendly, which is why it’s a great choice for inexperienced shooters who want a firearm that they can easily handle and shoot with some degree of accuracy. Here, we will further explore the advantages of purchasing this handgun.


This carry gun is slightly larger than other compact models, but that does not take away from its concealability. It has good weight and slides dimensions, enhancing its ergonomic qualities. This makes it a great option for shooters who want a handgun that they can easily conceal in places such as underneath their shirt or their waistband.


This handgun is a top choice for competitive shooters and hunters who like to spend time in the field because of its reliability and durability. You can count on this weapon when it matters most, which is why users feel confident taking it out into the field with them.


This comfortable carry pistol is very durable. It can take a lot of impact and abuse without breaking or malfunctioning, which means that you won’t have to worry about it stopping in the middle of your target practice or during a hunting expedition. The CZ 75D Compact also features an optimized slide serration design for racking the slide, which means that you can quickly load and shoot without worrying about your grip slipping, causing your rounds to miss their targets.

Disadvantages of CZ 75D Compact

There are not too many disadvantages to purchasing this handgun, but it’s important to consider all of them before making the final decision. Here, we will look at some of the disadvantages that come with using this weapon.


The price is one of the biggest drawbacks of choosing this handgun. It’s more expensive than most other compact models on the market today. This can be a big drawback for people on a budget but still want to get their hands on this handgun.


While not all users find recoil an issue, some have said that it is too snappy for them, which causes discomfort when firing off rounds. Overall, the CZ 75D Compact handgun is a great choice for people looking to purchase this type of firearm. It offers them everything they could want in a handgun, including durability, accuracy, and ease of use. The disadvantages are few and far between when it comes to choosing this weapon, so many users feel confident choosing this handgun as their primary firearm.

Aftermarket Accessories - CZ 75D Compact Review and Price

Just because you have chosen this handgun doesn’t mean it can’t be customized to fit your needs. Many aftermarket options are available to help enhance the overall shooting experience while also meeting various budget requirements.


Lasers are a great accessory to choose from because they provide you with easier target acquisition. This means that you will be more accurate, and your rounds will land on the intended target. You can get many lasers for your handgun at affordable prices. But before buying, make sure that it is compatible with your weapon.

Extended Magazines

If you want to shoot more rounds without stopping and reloading, then an extended magazine is the way to go. It holds a larger number of rounds, which means that you can keep shooting without stopping to reload.


A sling is a great accessory because it helps distribute the weight around your body more evenly. You won’t have to worry about being uncomfortable or exhausted as quickly as you would if you were using this weapon without a sling. It makes carrying weapons for long hours a breeze.


There are so many different types of compact grips that you can choose from on the market, all of which will help make shooting your weapon more comfortable. You want to select a style that meets your needs and feels good in the palm of your hand while still being durable enough for long-term use.


You don’t have to stick with the factory sights that come installed on this handgun when you purchase it. You can easily change into hundreds of aftermarket options available. You can choose from various sights, including fiber optics, tritium night sights, and adjustable iron sights. Make sure to check the compatibility before making the purchase.


You will need a holster for carrying your handgun, and choosing the right one can be tough because there are so many different types. Before you choose, you need to consider where you will be holstering your weapon (such as on your hip or ankle). You also want to look at how easy it is to reach, allowing you to access your weapon when it’s needed most. There are many small accessories that you can choose from to personalize your firearm and make it more comfortable to carry and use on a day-to-day basis.

Best Holster for CZ 75D Compact 

The fit is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a holster. You want a precise fitting so that your weapon doesn’t fall out when running or performing other strenuous activities. It’s also important to choose a holster that can be easily put on and taken off without too much effort. This allows you to take your holster and weapon off when it is most convenient, rather than always having them attached. Following is such a holster.

FOBUS CZ 75D Compact Right Hand Standard Paddle Holster

This holster offers a great fit for the CZ 75D Compact, making it easy to put on and take off. It has molded protrusions that hold your weapon securely when running or performing other intense activities. It’s made from durable materials that are designed to last for a long time, protecting your weapon from scratches and dings. The holster comes with an adjustable paddle that you can attach around your waist or more easily on your belt.


It provides good retention, not making it too easy for the weapon to fall out while still being quick enough to take your handgun out when you need it. It is designed especially for right-hand shooters. You won’t have to worry about your weapon falling out if you run or perform other strenuous activities while wearing this holster on your hip. It has a snug fit that will hold your weapon securely in place at all times. You can easily put the holster on and take it off without too much hassle, allowing you to remove it when it’s not needed easily.


What are the most common types of accessories that you can add to this weapon?

Common accessories that you can add to the CZ 75D Compact include extended magazines, slings, grips, and sights.

How is the recoil on this weapon?

For most shooters, the recoil is manageable and easy to get used to. However, it may be more difficult for you if you are new to shooting or have a smaller frame.

What are some common mistakes in firing a handgun?

Some common mistakes shooters make include anticipating the recoil, flinching as they pull the trigger, and not adjusting their grip to land consistent shots.

How does this handgun compare to other handguns?

This handgun is great for beginner shooters because it has less kickback than other handguns, making it easier for you to aim. It’s also lightweight and small, making it easy for you to carry around without discomfort.

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The CZ 75D Compact is a loved pistol that has been around for decades, and it’s no wonder why. It offers many benefits to the shooter, such as accuracy at long ranges, steel frame for durability, and ergonomic grip design with interchangeable backstraps. It is an expensive option with an MSRP of $747.00, but this comes from a trusted company that fully stands behind its products. We recommend this pistol as one of the best guns on the market today because it provides such fantastic value for its cost. You can read our in-depth CZ 75D Compact review about this handgun to understand better what to expect from the pistol.

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