CZ 75 Compact Vs Glock 19

CZ 75 Compact Vs Glock 19

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Here in this article, we’ll talk about the CZ 75 Compact vs Glock 19. Both guns are very popular in countries like the US, but which one is better when compared? We’ll discuss their similarities and differences to help you decide on your next purchase between these two handguns. The CZ 75 is a weapon system developed in 1975. It was born to be an improvement of the original CZ 70 pistol designed for use by the Czech army in the early 1970s. The pistol was proven reliable and durable during testing, which was introduced into service with the Czechoslovak police in 1975.

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The Glock 19, by contrast, was designed in 1982 by Austrian Gaston Glock. Two years after winning a contract with the Austrian army to produce an alternative pistol that would be more reliable and cheaper than existing designs. The G19 was introduced into service with the Austrian army in 1984.

Features of CZ 75 Compact Vs Glock 19

Grip and Textures

The grip of the CZ 75 is unique. When you hold it in your hand, it feels like an extension of your arm. It has a high beavertail so that you can get comfortable with this gun when shooting, making longer sessions easy on the hands, while its weight relieves some recoil allowing for tighter groups. The grooves of the grip provide a lot of traction for your fingers, helping increase accuracy. The Glock, on the other hand, feels really solid in your hands. It is also very grippy because of its rough surface texture. However, some people find it uncomfortable to hold because of this added grip. 

CZ 75 Grip and Texture

The Glock 19, being a gun made of polymer, doesn’t have as flexible textures as steel or aluminum does. However, there are still some parts on this gun that you can interact with. The best part about the Glock 19 is the trigger, which has a nice textured surface and cuts where your index finger goes so it doesn’t slip off.The texture also tends to attract a lot of dirt and debris over time, so you’ll have to clean it more often than the CZ.


In terms of textures, the CZ 75 Compact has a noticeably rougher texture than the other CZ75 models. This makes it a perfect pistol for anyone who enjoys a really solid grip and texture on their handgun.The Glock 19, being a gun made of polymer, doesn’t have as flexible textures as steel or aluminum does. However, there are still some parts on this gun that you can interact with. The best part about the Glock 19 is the trigger, which has a nice textured surface and cuts where your index finger goes so it doesn’t slip off.

Glock 19 Grip and Texture


The CZ 75’s sights are great for combat and competition. It has three-dot metal sights, which have a very nice, clear sight picture with a smooth yellow rear and green front. It also features a cutout on the rear sight that acts as a ‘ramp’ to guide your eye to the front post, helping you get on target for precision aiming. 

CZ 75 Sights

The Glock 19 has plastic three-dot sights. They are painted white, which some people like since it provides a visual cue to remind you to align the sights. However, some people don’t like them because they don’t provide enough contrast against certain backgrounds. Its rear sight is also adjustable for windage and elevation.

Glock 19 Sights


The trigger of the CZ 75 Compact is more comfortable than that of the Glock 19. It feels lighter and crisper, making it a better option for shooters looking to do some target shooting or just have fun with their gun at the range.

CZ 75 Trigger

The trigger of the Glock 19 is very smooth but is also heavier than that of the CZ75 Compact. This can be good in some cases since you need a strong pull to make the gunfire. However, some shooters prefer a lighter trigger because it makes double tapping easier and moving between targets faster.

Glock 19 Trigger


The CZ 75 Compact weighs about 35 ounces loaded, while the Glock 19 is a few ounces lighter at around 23.63 ounces loaded. These weights are for unloaded pistols with empty magazines fitted. The Glock 19 is lighter than the CZ75 Compact, which may be an important factor to some people. It can feel easier on your hands during long shooting sessions at the range or regular practice.


However, heavier guns tend to have less felt recoil and are more stable, making them good for target shooting. The weight difference isn’t much, so it doesn’t affect your performance in terms of accuracy or recoil. However, it can be significant when carrying concealed since more weight means more discomfort against your hip when walking around with it.

Ammo Capacity

The CZ75 Compact holds about 16 rounds in its magazine, while the Glock 19 can hold around 15 or more up to 33, depending on which capacity you are using. More ammo means longer sessions at the range and less time spent reloading your weapon to continue shooting. The Glock 19 has a higher ammo capacity than the CZ75 Compact. 

CZ 75 Ammo Capacity

This can be a big advantage when you shoot at targets and spend more time practicing while using less ammo in the process. The difference may not seem significant, but it can add over time since both handguns use similar caliber rounds (9mm). The fact that the Glock 19 comes with more rounds means being able to fire two to five more times before running out of bullets.

Glock 19 Ammo Capacity

Size and Dimensions

The CZ75 Compact has an overall length of 8″, a height of 5.4″ and a width of 1.4″. This makes it about the size of most compact pistols, but its weight sets it apart from other gun manufacturers in this category. The Glock 19’s dimensions are slightly smaller than the CZ75 Compact at 7.36″ in overall length, 5.04″ in height, and 1.26″ wide. If you prefer a slightly smaller pistol that is easy to hide, the Glock 19 is the way to go.

CZ 75 Compact Size and Dimensions

The difference between the two handguns here can be significant for some people, depending on how much they value a smaller size and weight when it comes to concealed carry. The CZ75 Compact is slightly larger in every way compared to the Glock 19, but this may not matter much to you if you have big hands or prefer to use your spare time at the range rather than carrying concealed in public.

Glock 19 Size and Dimensions


The CZ75 Compact has relatively small dimensions, and its lightweight makes it easy to strap on your hip without noticing extra bulk or discomfort. The CZ75 Compact is slightly heavier than the Glock 19, so it may be slightly less comfortable when walking around with it on your hip for extended periods.

Slide and Barrel

The CZ75 Compact features a cold hammer forged barrel that is 4.7″ long and has a 1:10 twist rate. This rate makes it good for firing either standard 9mm ammo or +P high velocity rounds. It also comes with a traditional rifled bore, which can give your accuracy an edge when target shooting at the range. The Glock 19 uses a cold hammer forged barrel 4..02″ long and has a 1:9 twist rate. This is the same as most standard 9mm pistols, so that you can fire both normal ammo and high velocity rounds with this handgun without any problems.


Like the CZ75 Compact, it also comes with a traditional rifled bore, which helps you get better accuracy at the range than pistols without rifled bores. The barrel length and twist rate of each gun are similar but slightly different from one another. The main difference here is that the Glock 19 does not have a traditional rifled bore, while the CZ75 Compact has one. This means that the CZ75 Compact will be more accurate at longer distances when firing normal rounds, while the Glock 19 will do slightly better with high velocity rounds.


Both handguns have similar ratings for reliability, which means that they are equally trustworthy in terms of your day-to-day shooting needs. That being said, some people have reported some issues with the CZ75 Compact, so it’s probably wise to double-check your handgun when you first receive it to make sure everything is working properly. The reliability of both the CZ75 Compact and the Glock 19 are very similar. These handguns use different design features to help them remain functional, but they both have a similar rating when it comes to reliability.

Aftermarket Accessories – CZ 75 Compact Vs Glock 19

The CZ75 Compact is compatible with many accessories, including custom grips or enhanced trigger guards for a personalized touch or extra protection. You can also add a red dot sight if you need increased accuracy at longer distances. The CZ75 Compact and the Glock 19 are compatible with various accessories like custom grips and red dot sights. You can also use both handguns for home defense or tactical purposes if you want to add a flashlight, laser sight, or additional magazine.


You can buy the sights that you prefer with both the CZ75 Compact and the Glock 19. You can choose from fixed or adjustable sights, depending on your preferences. Both handguns come with various sight options that you can use to improve accuracy at long range if desired. Both the CZ75 Compact and Glock 19 are compatible with fixed, adjustable, or night sights. Night Sights offer a way to improve accuracy at a distance, which is perfect if you enjoy target shooting, hunting, or just having fun on the range. The red dot sight is great for speed shooting in low light conditions or when it’s dark outside.


This is great if you plan on using your handgun for tactical or home defense purposes, especially since these handguns are compatible with different types of flashlights. You can even mount an additional flashlight onto your gun if you have one that fits perfectly. Both handguns can be used with different flashlight accessories to customize their shape and functions for tactical or home defense purposes. You can also use different flashlights, lasers, or other attachments when it comes time to target shoot at the range.

Laser Grips

Adding a laser grip to the CZ75 Compact is easy and will not require any type of holster modifications. Some companies offer custom laser grips and enhanced trigger guards for added protection and more convenience on the job range. You can choose from different types of custom made laser grips that fit perfectly with your preferred gun model, or you can choose from a variety of laser grip designs that are made to fit the standard CZ75 Compact. Both handguns have a similar design, so adding a custom laser grip will not be difficult for either option. This is great if you want increased accuracy and convenience during target practice or when using your handgun on duty.


The way you grip your handgun can cause a difference in accuracy and comfort when it comes time for target practice or tactical use on the job. The CZ75 Compact has a different grip than the Glock 19 because of its modular design. Both handguns have great designs when it comes to grip, but the CZ75 Compact has a special design that allows the user to add onto the frame to accommodate different types of hand sizes and shapes.

Magazine Loader

The CZ75 Compact does not come with a magazine loader, but this is something that you can buy separately if desired. You can also choose to buy an aftermarket magazine loader for the Glock 19. Both handguns are compatible with different magazine loaders, but the CZ75 Compact only has an aftermarket option. This means that you will have a much easier time finding a magazine loader for this handgun when it comes time to shop around. The CZ75 Compact does have an aftermarket option. Still, the Glock 19 has a more widely available and accessible magazine loader that can be purchased with the firearm or separately at most retail outlets.

Magazine Pouches

The CZ75 Compact is compatible with different pouches, but it will require some minor holster modification to fit properly. Both handguns are compatible with different magazine pouches, although the CZ75 Compact will require some effort when finding a custom-sized pouch for this firearm. Cutting down on how much extra equipment you need to buy can save you time and cash in the long run. This article is not meant to be legal advice or an authoritative resource for your specific question or topic. If you have additional questions about whether a holster will work with your gun model, contact the manufacturer to find out what fits best.


The CZ75 Compact has a reputation for being very hard to fit into the holster, and some holsters can obstruct the slide, causing malfunctions and other problems. The Glock 19 does not have this problem because of its unique design. There are also many different safety features on both handguns that make them equally safe to use. Both handguns are safe for everyday carry, but there are slight differences in holster compatibility when customizing your equipment.


You can choose from different types of holsters when it comes time to buy accessories for both handguns, but the Glock 19 is easier to fit into a holster when you first purchase it. Both firearms can be purchased with accessories like laser grips and attached lights, but the overall design of the Glock 19 is more conducive to holsters.

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If you are looking for a great handgun that comes with many customization options, then the CZ75 Compact is the handgun for you. It will take some adjustments to get used to carrying this weapon, but once you have it down pat, it will be ready to go when you are. The Glock 19 is an equally reliable option because of its ease of customization, but it comes with an aftermarket accessory that will not need to be purchased on its own.


The Glock 19 is perfect for those who like to tinker with their weapons, and it is more widely available at retail establishments than the CZ75 Compact. The best handgun choice ultimately lies with your personal preference; what do you like, and what type of user are you? The CZ75 Compact and the Glock 19 both have their pros and cons, but one may suit you better than the other. Try them out for yourself and see which gun fits your shooting needs.