[Ultimate Hunter’s Guide] Best Remington 870 Chokes For Turkey Hunting

Best Turkey Choke for Remington 870

A Comprehensive Guide

Hunting season is here, and you’re about to go turkey hunting. You’ve done your homework and read up on how to hunt turkeys, but Remington 870 shotgun has a long barrel, making it hard to use if you’re wearing gloves or have small hands. This means you’ll need to choke up on the gun when shooting at short-range targets like turkeys or pheasants, which will make your arms tired quickly and cause flinching while aiming. That’s where the best turkey choke for Remington 870 comes in handy. It allows you to shoot accurately at close ranges without having to choke up on the gun too much, so there’s no more arm fatigue from holding onto a long barrel all day.

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If you are looking for the best turkey choke for your Remington 870, then you’ve come to the right place. Get yourself one of these top six turkey chokes for your Remington 870 shotgun and enjoy better accuracy when firing at birds or clay targets. This will make your life easier by reducing the work needed to keep your gun in good condition! Plus, they look pretty cool too.

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If you are in a hurry to purchase the best turkey choke for Remington 870, and you want to make the best decision, here are our top 3 picks:

Top 3 Best Turkey Choke for Remington 870

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6 Best Turkey Choke for Remington 870 (Ranked And Reviewed)

1. Indian Creek Black Diamond Strike Choke

Indian Creek Black Diamond Strike Choke
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  • Brand:
    Indian Creek
  • Compatible:
    12 Gauge

The Indian Creek Black Diamond Strike Choke is a 12 gauge shotgun choke tube. It has an Invectorshield coating to protect the barrel from corrosion, making it easier to clean. This choke tube is designed for use with steel shot and full power loads only. The product comes in browning A5 constriction .670. The Indian Creek Black Diamond Strike Choke is the most advanced choke tube ever created for your shotgun. It was precision-engineered to have the tightest tolerances to achieve superior patterns, consistency, and accuracy.

The tighter patterning will allow you to see your target better, which will help improve your accuracy. The Black Diamond Strike Choke is designed with a progressive taper that allows it to be used in any weather condition or shooting style. The Indian Creek Black Diamond Strike Choke is a hybrid choke tube that combines a parallel and a flush choke. It features 40% increased pattern density, which means you can shoot high-performance steel shotshells through your shotgun.


  • Increased pattern density
  • All-weather choke that you can use with any style of shooting
  • Designed for the shooter who wants to use steel shotshells
  • Greatly improved precision from tighter choke tube


  • It shots a little low

2. Carlson’s Remington TSS Turkey Choke

Carlson’s Remington TSS Turkey Choke
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  • Dimensions:
    8 x 4 x 1 Inches
  • Weight:
    3.04 Ounces

The best turkey loads are the ones that get you to the bird. That’s why Remington Heavyweight Turkey Loads feature a high pellet count in both 7 and 9 shots. They combine that with our TSS bullet, designed for use at higher velocities than standard lead-based turkey shot. So whether it’s gobblers or longbeards, there’s no escaping these loads. The Remington TSS Turkey Choke delivers the density and pattern uniformity you need to take down gobblers with a 12 or 20 gauge shotgun.

The choke’s extra-thick walls contain a 56% heavier powder charge than traditional lead shot, resulting in a denser pellet that more consistently penetrates deep into the turkey’s vitals for quick kills. Carlson’s Remington TSS Turkey Choke is a revolutionary new choke tube that provides the ultimate turkey hunting performance. The patented Flite Control Flex wad, made of a proprietary material, allows maximum flexibility and recoil reduction. This choke is designed with an Xtra-Full Long tapered constriction that offers more pellets on target at 40 yards than standard full chokes.


  • Designed to be more flexible and recoil-reducing
  • The ultimate in turkey hunting performance
  • Get more turkeys in the bag with fewer shells


  • Only to use for a specific model

3. Hunters Specialties Undertaker Shotgun Choke

Hunters Specialties Undertaker Shotgun Choke
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  • Dimensions:
    6.46 x 3.54 x 1.1 Inches
  • Weight:
    2.12 Ounces

The Undertaker shotgun choke tube is a great choice for high-density loads. It has a full constriction that tapers out to .730” at the muzzle. The Undertaker’s parallel walls provide uniform patterns, and its backboard design reduces recoil, making it an excellent choice for upland game hunting. The Undertaker is a knurled choke tube for the 12 gauge shotgun. It was designed to work with the wider patterning of larger shot sizes and hard-hitting magnum loads. This choke has proven itself an extremely effective turkey hunting tool, but it also works well on large ducks and geese.

The Undertaker features a blued finish and will work with any standard Rem-choke threaded barrel. It has the tight, dense pattern performance of an improved modified but with a little more open area to protect your barrel from lead build-up. The back end of the constriction is a bit larger than most IM chokes, which makes it easier to handle in cold weather.


  • The choke is easy to install and remove
  • It will make your shotgun more effective for hunting
  • Protects your barrel from the lead build-up
  • Proven effective for turkey hunting


  • It doesn’t come with a choke wrench

4. Carlson’s Remington Ported Turkey Choke

Carlson’s Remington Ported Turkey Choke
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  • Dimensions:
    4 x 0.75 x 0.75 Inches
  • Weight:
    3.02 Ounces

The Carlson’s Remington Turkey Choke is designed to produce a full, even pattern at all ranges. It features a ported design that reduces felt recoil and allows for better patterns and more consistent performance. The choke is constructed from 17-4 stainless steel and has an improved cylinder bore. The Carlson’s Remington ported turkey choke is designed with shot-look technology that allows for the tightest patterns and longer downrange reach over any turkey load on the market. This choke features a tapered constriction, allowing it to be used in many different shotguns.

Available in .660 constriction, this choke will fit Remington shotguns. The Carlson’s Remington Ported Turkey Choke is the only turkey choke with a 25% longer parallel section to reduce shot stringing and improve pattern density. The Remington Ported Turkey Choke also has triple shot technology, producing a denser pattern with fewer pellets flying outside the effective range. This choke works well for high-volume shooting situations.


  • Reduced shot stringing
  • Improved pattern density for better shot placement
  • More pellets in the effective range
  • Get the most out of your shotgun with this choke


  • The pattern is not exactly as described

5. TightWad Turkey Choke

TightWad Turkey Choke
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  • Dimensions:
    7.75 x 3.5 x 1.25 Inches
  • Weight:
    2.04 Ounces

The TightWad Turkey Choke Tubes are the perfect addition to your turkey hunting arsenal. It features a .660 constriction, which is a good middle-ground for most hunters. The tubes also have a red finish that helps you easily see them in the field. These choke tubes are designed to work with 12 gauge shotguns and fit Invector Plus barrels only. TightWad Turkey Choke is the ultimate turkey choke tube. It’s designed to give you a tighter pattern and more consistent shot placement than the competition. High-quality steel and has been heat-treated to ensure that it will last for years.

Its patented design allows it to be used with any shotgun or rifle barrel, regardless of the length or gauge, giving you the versatility you need when out in the field. TightWad Turkey Choke is a firearm choke tube that gives you the ability to control your shot pattern when hunting. This choke has been designed for turkey hunting, but you can also use it for other shotgun sports like trap shooting and skeet shooting.


  • Tight pattern and consistent shot placement
  • Take on any turkey hunt with confidence
  • Durable steel construction
  • Shoot more birds with fewer shells


  • No Choke wrench included

6. Carlson’s Remington Turkey Choke Tube

Carlson’s Remington Turkey Choke Tube
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  • Dimensions:
    4 x 1 x 8 Inches
  • Weight:
    1.28 Ounces

The Carlson’s Turkey Choke Tube is a mid-range choke tube with a constriction of .715. It is compatible with the Remington 870 shotgun and comes in a matte black finish. The tube’s diameter measures 1.25 inches, allowing it to fit properly inside your shotgun barrel for proper alignment and smooth operation. This choke tube has been designed to add more distance between you and your target, allowing you to get that perfect shot without having to worry about getting too close for comfort or safety when hunting. It is a high-performance choke tube that can be used for steel shots.

It has been designed to work with all Carlson’s Extended Turkey chokes and not restrict your pattern size or speed. Carlson’s Extended Turkey Choke Tubes are designed to extend the effective range of your shotgun, giving you a competitive advantage. The extended tubes allow longer shots at turkeys and other game birds. Carlson’s Extended Turkey Choke Tubes feature a special taper that allows you to quickly remove the choke from your gun when it is still hot from firing.


  • You’ll never have to worry about misaligned shots again
  • Perfect for Remington 870 shotgun
  • Accurate and reliable, every time


  • There are no two choke tubes

What To Consider While Buying The Best Turkey Choke for Remington 870?

You need to get an extra shotgun barrel after purchasing a special turkey hunting choke for your Remington 870. It is because ordinary barrels are not designed for modern chokes used in turkey hunting. So, if you have several types of Remington 870 shotguns, be sure to share the same choke with all of them. Also, try to buy a choke suitable for turkey hunting and other hunting purposes. Here are some factors to consider while buying turkey choke.

Type of Chokes

There are three main types of choke: cylinder improved cylinder and modified. The cylinder is the least constricted; it allows faster shot velocity, but its pattern isn’t tight enough to fully utilize modern ammunition’s accuracy. Improved cylinder provides a bit wider pattern than the cylinder, but even wider is modified choke. Modified may be the most constricted type, but its pattern is the tightest. Choke is marked on shotgun barrels by transposed numbers; for example, cylinder choke is marked as “Cyl.”

Material of Chokes

Modern chokes are usually made from some special steel alloy. Most modern turkey hunting chokes don’t rust even in humid conditions, but stainless steel chokes are still popular. Note that you can use only lead shot with smooth-surfaced turkey hunting choke because steel pellets may quickly damage the surface of the choke.

Choke Constriction

This factor is crucial for modern ammunition. Generally, the less constricted choke is better than a tighter one because it allows more pellets to hit the target. But this factor also depends on your shotgun and type, MMO, so it’s better to try several different chokes before buying one. If you buy turkey choke for Remington 870 after reading the best turkey choke reviews, you’ll surely find something suitable for your purposes.

Just remember these tips when choosing a particular type of turkey choke: choose improved cylinder or modified instead of the cylinder if you want a tight pattern but a bit more shot velocity; try several different chokes before buying one if you have several shotguns that use the same choke. These factors may help you choose the perfect turkey choke for your Remington 870 shotgun.


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If you’re looking for a choke that will help you more easily take down your Thanksgiving dinner, then be sure to read our review of the six best turkey chokes on the market. With so many different options available, it may seem overwhelming at first glance. But don’t worry. We’ve done all the work for you by compiling this list and providing detailed reviews on each one to make your decision easier. In addition to our reviews, we have a buying guide above that will help you decide which choke is right for you and your gun based on what type of hunting or shooting situation you are in the most often. There isn’t a wrong choice.