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Bersa Thunder 380 CC Review
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This is a detailed Bersa Thunder 380 CC review. If you’re familiar with Bersa, then you might already know that the Thunder 380 isn’t new to most gun owners. But if it’s new to you, keep reading for more information on its history, specs, and what you can expect in terms of performance. The Bersa Thunder 380CC is an ideal pocket pistol for personal defense and concealed carry due to its small size. It is lightweight but still has enough stopping power to make it effective. You can also use it as a self-defense weapon if you need to. The gun is very reliable and can be used regularly without any issues.

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The Bersa Thunder 380CC has a black, nickel, or satin finish on the slide that will suit your taste and needs. You can choose to have a different color on the slide and the frame for some variety. The safety mechanism is reliable and will prevent accidental discharge of the gun. You can also safely carry this gun in your pocket or holster without worrying about it going off, even if you happen to drop it on the ground accidentally. Let’s discuss in more detail the Bersa Thunder 380CC features and specifications. So, let’s start.

Features of Bersa Thunder 380 CC

Grip and Textures

The grip on the Bersa Thunder 380CC is made from black polymer and has finger grooves. This makes it more comfortable to hold and helps you maintain a good grip on the gun even in wet or slippery conditions. The grooves also help keep your fingers in the correct position for firing, improving accuracy. The gun grip is just slightly curved for easy maneuvering during shooting. The grip is made with the logo “BERSA.” The Bersa Thunder 380 CC has no texture on its grip. If you would like, you could add grip tape to the handle. You can also take the rubber grip panels off to allow for customization. You can even have a different color or material, such as wood, added to the grip.

Grip and Textures of Bersa Thunder 380 CC

Size and Weight

The Bersa Thunder 380CC has a compact, lightweight design for easy concealment and transport. The gun’s width is just over 1 inch, making it ideal for concealed carry. It only weighs 16.4 ounces, so you do not have to worry about adding extra weight or discomfort when carrying it in your purse or backpack. And at just 6 inches in total length, it is easy to conceal in your pocket or waistband. The overall barrel length of the Bersa Thunder 380CC is 3.2 inches, and the height of the grip area is 4.5 inches.

Size and Weight of Bersa Thunder 380 CC

Stopping Power

This gun is ideal for self-defense due to the stopping power of its ammunition. The magazine holds 8+1 rounds of .380 caliber ammunition, which will damage if all the bullets hit your target. Each round packs quite a punch, which means you can do some serious damage if needed. You will have the ability to hit your mark with ease in an emergency without worrying about missing your target. The selected bullet mass for the Bersa Thunder 380CC is 90 grains .380 Auto, which makes it ideal for hunting small game such as rabbits, squirrels, and other similar animals. The muzzle velocity is 966 feet per second, and muzzle energy is 187 ft-lbs. ​This makes the Bersa Thunder 380 CC a powerful and deadly gun for self-defense.

Stopping Power of Bersa Thunder 380 CC

Safety Features

The Bersa Thunder 380CC has an internal locking device that prevents firing when the safety button is in the locked position. This gun also features an internal firing pin safety. This blocks the firing pin from moving unless the trigger is pressed, which helps to prevent accidental discharge. And finally, there is no external safety on this gun to make it easier to pull out of your pocket or holster. The safety lever on the Bersa Thunder 380 CC is located on the left side of the frame. When engaged, it automatically decocks the hammer. This makes it a safe gun to carry and prevents accidental discharge.

Safety Features of Bersa Thunder 380 CC

Slide Stop and Magazine Release

The slide stop on the Bersa Thunder 380CC is located on the left side of the gun and can be operated using your thumb. It locks back to prevent the slide from moving forward and chambering another round after being fired. The slide is made of stainless steel and has a finish of matte black, satin nickel, or duo-tone. The magazine release on 380 CC is also on the left side of the gun and can be pressed using your index finger. This makes it easy to release the magazine after pressing it in with your thumb. The button is round in shape and made from stainless steel to match the rest of the gun.

Trigger Mechanism

The trigger is double-action, which helps you both cock and fire the gun with one pull of the trigger. You don’t have to worry about pulling back the hammer or safety lever before firing; all you need to do is pull the trigger. This makes it easier for you to aim your shots accurately. The trigger pull on the Bersa Thunder 380CC is medium. You can feel some resistance before it fires, but this should not cause you any problems. You can expect it to be around 7 pounds of pressure required for every action. This will give you lots of practice firing this gun quickly and accurately since there is a little variation with each pull. If you want a lighter trigger, you can change the spring in the gun.

Trigger Mechanism of Bersa Thunder 380 CC

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

The recoil on the Bersa Thunder 380CC is very easy to control due to its small size. It has an overall length of 6 inches and a total weight of 16.4 without the magazine. This makes it comfortable for both right-handed and left-handed users since you won’t have any grip or safety mechanism issues. You can easily make smooth and accurate shots as you don’t have to worry about the gun shaking or slipping out of your hand. The muzzle flip on the Bersa Thunder 380CC is easy to control since it is only a .380 caliber weapon. The recoil will not be too strong, and you can shoot several rounds in quick succession with minimal fatigue.

Recoil and Muzzle Flip of Bersa Thunder 380 CC

Advantages of Bersa Thunder 380 CC


The Bersa Thunder 380CC has a very compact design. The size and weight make it ideal for people who carry their gun in their pocket or inside the waistband of their pants. The slide on this gun is relatively short, which helps to reduce its overall size further.


This gun is reliable and will fire every time you pull the trigger. It has a double-action trigger, making it easier to control, especially if you use this gun for self-defense purposes. The safety mechanism on this gun is easy to use as well as it only requires some effort from your thumb. You can also swap out the trigger with one that has external safety if you’re looking for more protection when carrying this gun.


The Bersa Thunder 380CC is made of very durable materials, which will ensure that the gun lasts for many years. All parts are designed to last under heavy use.

Disadvantages of Bersa Thunder 380 CC

Magazine Capacity

The Bersa Thunder 380CC comes with an 8 round magazine considered standard for concealed carry purposes. If you want a larger capacity, you will have to buy a different magazine. This may be an inconvenience for some people, but it is more convenient than having a gun that isn’t compatible with any magazine.

No External Safety

The Bersa Thunder 380CC does not come with any external safety, which can be inconvenient for some people. However, it has an internal block that prevents the gun from firing when cleaning or handling it. You don’t have to worry about the safety mechanism failing since this gun is a strong feature.

Aftermarket Accessories - Bersa Thunder 380 CC Review and Price

Many aftermarket accessories are compatible with the Bersa Thunder 380CC. Some of these include:


You can choose between fixed and adjustable sights when you purchase this gun. It’s best if you start with the factory default sight, but you do have an option to upgrade if you would like to do so. It’s also beneficial to have several sight options available since you can make transitions between different kinds of situations quickly and easily.


You can attach laser sights to the Bersa Thunder 380CC, which allows you to gain additional accuracy from a distance. This feature is useful for dealing with an assailant or animal at a distance since you can neutralize the threat before it gets too close.


You can attach slings to your gun for easier transportation purposes. Some people sling their guns over the shoulder, but others prefer to loop this through their belt loops.


You may want a silencer for the Bersa Thunder 380CC since it will significantly reduce its overall sound and muzzle flash. You can use this gun for covert operations or home protection purposes.


If you are using this gun for home protection purposes, you may want a flashlight to see what’s happening during nighttime hours. These are especially useful because you can turn them on and off so that the intruder isn’t aware of your presence with a gun.


You can replace any factory grips with aftermarket replacement grips with more ergonomic features. Some people prefer wooden grips since these are classic, but others prefer rubber since these provide a better gripping surface.

Extra Magazines

If you’re planning to use this gun for target practice , you will need extra magazines that hold more rounds. This gun comes with an 8 round magazine which is considered standard. However, it’s always better to have more rounds since you can shoot without reloading as often.

Magazine Pouches

Some people prefer to keep their magazines inside the pocket of their pants to access them at any time. However, this can be uncomfortable if you carry your gun 24/7. Carrying magazine pouches may be more comfortable than keeping the magazine in your pocket because it will distribute weight evenly across your waistline.


If you spend a lot of time at the shooting range or in your backyard, then it’s better to use a sling. A sling will provide you with additional support and balance while you’re using your gun. This can be useful if you’re using this gun for long periods because it may get heavy after several hours without any support.

Cleaning Kits

After a few months of use, you may want to clean this gun thoroughly to prolong its life and functionality. The cleaning kit is very convenient since you won’t find specific gun cleaning equipment in your local store.


You can purchase holsters for your Bersa Thunder 380CC if you want to carry them outside of your waistband. It’s up to you to decide which holster will work best with this gun, depending on what kind of carrying method you prefer. Some people prefer standard hip holsters, while others prefer shoulder holsters or ankle leg rigs. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose from a leather holster or a polymer holster.


Leather holsters are more attractive and classic, but you also have to worry about them wearing out after a few months of use. Polymer holsters are great for protecting the gun from scratches and dents, but they aren’t as aesthetically appealing as leather. Kydex holsters are also popular choices since they are very durable and break-resistant. Here is our recommendation of a holster for Bersa Thunder 380 CC holster:

Galco Stinger Belt Holster for Bersa Thunder 380 CC

The Galco Stinger belt holster is designed for the Bersa Thunder 380 CC pistol. This holster is made from premium quality leather, making it durable and long-lasting. It has a double-stitched front sight channel, ensuring its longevity. It also features a durable, high-ride design that provides easy access and a secure fit. The belt loop allows the holster to be worn on the right side of the body, positioning it for an easy, cross-draw draw when wearing it in front of your dominant hand. Overall, it’s an excellent holster for your pistol.


Can this gun be used for hunting purposes?

Yes, this gun can be used for hunting small game such as rabbits and squirrels. It may not be powerful enough to take down large game like deer or elk, but it’s still considered a suitable choice if you’re an avid hunter.

What’s the difference between standard and extended magazines?

The extended magazine will hold two additional rounds, which may provide better performance when you’re in a combat situation. However, the standard magazine is better if you’re using this gun for target shooting since it holds one less round and loads more quickly.

What is the advantage of having a .380 ACP cartridge?

The .380 ACP cartridge allows for faster muzzle velocity than other cartridges such as 9x19mm Luger. The .380 ACP cartridge is commonly used in small handguns, compromising accuracy. Keep this in mind if you plan on using your gun for home defense or target shooting purposes.

Are there safety precautions that need to be considered when using this gun?

Yes, you need to ensure that the safety is in the right position when you’re not using this gun. Always check the barrel and chamber before using to ensure no rounds are present since it can be dangerous if a round is left in your gun. 


If you are looking for a reliable, lightweight self-defense pistol, the Bersa Thunder 380CC will not disappoint. This gun is small enough to carry comfortably and won’t weigh down your pockets. The .380 caliber is enough to stop a target from an attack. You can use it as your primary weapon or have it stashed away in case of emergencies without worrying about malfunctions. The black nickel or satin finish will suit any taste and décor and provide you with a sturdy gun that can take a beating without any issues. This gun is great for those who want to practice firing accurately as you won’t have to worry about stability or recoil as much as other handguns. You can improve this gun with many available aftermarket accessories. I hope this Bersa Thunder 380 CC review article gave you a clear idea of the Bersa Thunder 380CC handgun. 

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