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The Beretta 96 is one of the best guns on the market, but it’s also an expensive purchase. That’s why we want our Beretta 96 review to help you make an informed decision before buying this gun. We will look at what makes the Beretta 96 an excellent choice and compare it with similar models from other brands. If you are looking for a high-quality handgun for self-defense or target shooting, we hope our research helps you find your new favorite gun. Our goal is to help people like yourself who are interested in purchasing this product and don’t know where to start with their research. By reading this article, we hope that you can, understand all of its features and benefits as well as any drawbacks that come along with them so that ultimately when making your final decision about whether or not this is the right product for you, there will be no doubts left in your mind. 

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Now that we have talked about the Beretta 96 price and availability let’s see what makes this handgun great. The Beretta 96 is a standard-issue pistol for the Italian army, which means it’s been tested and proven to stand up to some of the toughest conditions on planet Earth. It uses a double/single-action trigger system. It means that you have to pull through the long first pull, but it will be easy from there on out once you do. One of the first things you will notice when handling the Beretta 96 is its weight. It’s not too heavy and not too light, making it perfect for just about anyone to hold and fire. It also has a very comfortable grip that will help you keep the gun steady when firing. Another great feature of the Beretta 96 is its accuracy. This handgun is incredibly accurate, especially for a pistol. You will be able to hit your target with ease, even long distances.


The Beretta 96 also has a very fast firing rate. You can fire off multiple rounds quickly and accurately, making it the ultimate choice for shooters wanting accurate shots. Finally, one of the best things about the Beretta 96 is a very reliable handgun. It has been tested and proven to work in even the most critical conditions, so you can rest assured that it will perform when you need it most. These features make it the go-to choice of military and combat forces. So, what do all of these features mean for you? Well, simply put, the Beretta 96 is a high-quality handgun that is perfect for any situation. This gun will not let you down whether you are a beginner or an experienced shooter. We hope that you find our review helpful.

Price of Beretta 96

The first aspect of our Beretta 96 review that we wanted to talk about is its price. We want you to know that the 96 is one of the most expensive guns on the market, but it does have a lot to offer in terms of features and benefits. When it comes right down to it, you are paying for quality, which Beretta has always been known for. They are one of the oldest gun manufacturers in history, and their craftsmanship speaks for itself. The Beretta 96 goes for roughly $1,200 for just the handgun alone for those wondering how much this gun costs. If you want to get extra magazines as well as a carrying case, holster, and other accessories with your purchase, you can expect to pay upwards of $1,500. While this is a lot of money for firearm purchases, this tactical pistol has many advantages that other handguns on the market simply do not offer. We will talk more about this handgun through our Beretta 96 review.

Features of Beretta 96

At this point in our Beretta 96 review, we wanted to talk about all of the tactical features that you can expect to find on this handgun. You should consider these features before making your firearm purchase.

Grip and Textures

We talked a little bit about the Beretta 96’s grip in our previous section, but we wanted to expand on that topic because it is so important. The grip of the Beretta 96 is made from very high-quality plastic and has been designed differently than other guns on the market so that it provides you with a more stable shooting experience. Another feature that will help you control the Beretta 96 is its textured grip. There are many areas of this gun where it has been designed with little raised patterns that are meant to provide you with extra traction. This means that you won’t lose your grip on the gun when firing, no matter how sweaty your hands may be.


The Beretta 96 uses a double/single-action trigger system, common on handguns. This trigger system is often found on pistols designed for military or law enforcement. It has a long, heavy first pull but then becomes much easier to fire after that. One of the Beretta 96’s most appealing features is its corrosion-resistant finish. It can withstand all kinds of conditions, making it a great choice for people who hunt and will be in the field for extended periods.

Grip And Textures Of Beretta 96

Size and Weight

The Beretta 96 measures 8.5 inches long with a 4.9-inch barrel length and weighs 34.4 ounces. This is not exactly a small handgun, but it is still very easy to hold and manage on your own or while working with others on the range or duty as a police officer or soldier, for example. This handgun also has a standard 11-round magazine capacity. The Beretta 96 is one of the most accurate handguns on the market, especially for pistols. If you use this gun for target shooting or home defense, you can rest assured that every bullet will fly straight and hit your intended target. It also comes with a long sight radius, making it even easier to hit your target from a distance. It also features a dovetail-mounted front sight that helps make it an accurate handgun.

Size And Weight Of Beretta 96

Stopping Power

It is another important factor to consider when choosing a handgun. The Beretta 96 has been designed with stopping power in mind. It fires the powerful .40 S&W cartridge, so you can be sure that it will take down your target quickly and effectively. This particular gun is used by law enforcement and military personnel because of its ability to stop a threat immediately. However, it’s important to note that this gun does not come with tritium night sights like other Beretta firearms. The Beretta 96 has a firing rate of about four rounds per second. This makes it perfect for self-defense or close-quarters combat situations where you need to fire off multiple rounds quickly and accurately.

Stopping Power Of Beretta 96

Safety Features

The Beretta 96 is a safe firearm with many safety features. These features make it user-friendly, even if you are new to handguns or have never fired one before. It has three different safeties that will prevent it from going off unintentionally. The first safety is manual safety, which you can use to disable the gun entirely. The second safety is a firing pin block, which will prevent the gun from firing if it is dropped. And finally, the Beretta 96 also has a mag release button that will prevent the gun from firing if the magazine is removed. The Beretta 96 is also designed with an automatic firing pin safety. No matter what shooting position you hold this handgun, it will not go off unless the gun is properly aligned. This is just one more way the Beretta 96 is meant to make you feel safe and secure. This means that this handgun is safe for beginners and experienced users alike, making it a good option for teaching your children how to shoot or use it in a home defense situation.

Safety Features Of Beretta 96

Slide Stop and Magazine Release Controls

The slide stop of the gun and magazine release controls are located in very easy-to-reach positions on the Beretta 96. The slide stop is located just above the trigger guard, while the magazine release button is found right behind the trigger. It features controls on slides making it a reliable gun. This makes it easy for you to quickly and easily reload the gun or take it down without having to fumble around trying to find the right buttons.

Slide Stop And Magazine Release Controls Of Beretta 96

Recoil and Muzzle Flip

The Beretta 96 recoil and muzzle flip are very manageable, even for people who are not used to shooting handguns. The gun’s heavyweight and design helps keep the barrel down and reduce the recoil you feel when firing. The Beretta 96 also has a reversible magazine release that is ideal for use with either hand. It has a muzzle velocity of about 1,046 feet per second. It has a muzzle energy of 437-foot pounds. This means it is a little more powerful than most pistols, but if you’re shooting the Beretta 96 from within its effective range, there won’t be much difference between shooting this handgun and shooting a smaller gun.

Recoil And Muzzle Flip Beretta 96

Advantages of Beretta 96

Here are some things that we love and make the Beretta 96 a reliable handgun.


The Beretta 96 is a tested and proven reliable handgun with exceptional accuracy. It comes with a reversible magazine release, making it easier for you to use no matter what hand you shoot with. It has three different safety features to keep it from going off in a self-defense situation. And it has very low recoil, making it easy for anyone to handle. The Beretta 96 packs a lot of stopping power. This means that it is more powerful than most pistols.


The Beretta 96 is a durable handgun made of metal, which means that it has a high weight to durability ratio. This ensures that you can keep shooting it even in harsh conditions without risking malfunctions or other issues with the gun. It withholds minor wear and tears. The Beretta 96 is also completely weather resistant. It can handle everything from desert heat to cold temperatures and everything in between, so you can use it in almost any climate or condition without worrying about it malfunctioning on you.

Ease of Use

This handgun is designed to be as easy as possible for anyone to use, making it a good option for beginners and experts alike. The slide stop and magazine release controls are very easy to reach, making it easier for you to take down the gun or reload it while also preventing you from having to fumble around too much with tiny buttons. The Beretta 96 also comes with a high-visibility sight that makes aiming from both short and long distances a snap. And even though it is a large gun, it is still easy to conceal thanks to its design.

Disadvantages of Beretta 96

Meanwhile, there are some of the drawbacks that we found with the Beretta 96:


The Beretta 96 is not a cheap handgun. It costs around $1,200, which is more than many other handguns on the market. The price aligns with handguns designed for law enforcement or military use, but they can be a little more expensive than the average self-defense handgun.

Tritium Sights

For starters, the Beretta 96 does not come with tritium night sights available on other Beretta firearms. This can be a deal-breaker for some shooters who want superior visibility. These sights provide the added benefit of seeing their target in low-light conditions.


The Beretta 96 is also a bit on the heavy side. It weighs 34.4 ounces, which can be a little bit more than some shooters are used to carrying. This may not be a problem for some people, but others may find it too cumbersome to carry around daily. Overall, the Beretta 96 is a great handgun for just about anyone. It has plenty of features that make it easy to use, even in the most complicated situations. We would recommend it to anyone looking for their next firearm or looking for the best gun they can get at its price range.

Aftermarket Accessories - Beretta 96 Review and Price

With a good return policy, several different aftermarket tactical accessories and special tools are available for the Beretta 96. While some of these accessories are designed to improve your shooting experience, others are meant just to make the gun look cooler. You can also get special edition or limited warranty accessories for your Beretta 96. Some of the most popular options include rubber grips, Leather holsters, etc.


One of the most popular aftermarket sights for the Beretta 96 is the tritium night sight. This sight is made out of a tritium vial which allows you to aim your gun accurately in low light conditions without using any other tools or accessories.


As with many handguns, there is an abundance of holster options available for the Beretta 96. Some holster designs are more concealable, while others are more durable. You can also find holsters that fit specifically for the Beretta 96 or similar-sized handguns. You should keep these things in mind while making a holster selection.


If you want to switch up the look of your Beretta 96, you can purchase a new slide. This will replace the entire top portion of your gun with a unique design or color. You can find slides in various colors and designs, so you can customize your Beretta 96 however you want.


Just like the slide, the frame of your Beretta 96 is also replaceable. This will give your gun a whole new look and feel, and it can be a great way to trick out your gun if you want a new kind of weapon.

Magazine Extensions

One of the most common accessories for this handgun is an extended magazine. This will allow you to hold more rounds in your magazines before reloading, and it can also help improve accuracy. You have the choice of purchasing either a clip-on or a screw-on extension, depending on how you want to attach it to your magazine.


If you are looking for other accessories that aren’t about appearance, then an optic sight is one of the best options available. This will allow you to aim your gun more accurately than with just the standard sights, and it can also help do so in low light conditions. There are various optic sights available for the Beretta 96, so you can find one that is perfect for your specific needs.

Best Holster for Beretta 96

The Beretta 96 is a great handgun, but finding the perfect holster for it can be a bit of a challenge. A good holster help keep your gun from minor body scratches. Several different options are available, but not all are created equal. Here is one of the best holsters for the Beretta 96 that you can tell from its product description.

BERETTA Thermo-Formed ABS Civilian Black Belt Holster 

It is made of high-quality materials engineered to provide excellent concealment, comfort, and durability. It fits the Beretta 92FS, 96, 98FS, 92A1, and 96A1 perfectly and can be outside of your waistband. It is also adjustable to ensure a perfect fit for any shooter. Overall, this is an excellent holster for anyone who wants to carry their Beretta 96 concealed. It is comfortable to wear and is made out of high-quality materials. It also fits various handguns, making it versatile for many shooters. If you want a high-quality holster that provides excellent concealment and comfort, then the Beretta Thermo-Formed ABS Civilian is an excellent option. This holster will provide you with all of the features you need to ensure that it will be comfortable, safe, and reliable.


How is Beretta 96 different from Beretta 92?

The Beretta 96 is a semi-automatic, reliable pistol initially designed for military use. It was introduced in 1992 and is still used today. It was originally intended to replace the Beretta 92, which had been in service since the late 1970s and early 1980s.

How often Should I clean my Beretta 96?

This depends on the intended use of the gun. If it is not regularly used, you can clean your handgun once or twice a year to ensure that it works properly. If your pistol is regularly used and shot, you should clean it after every use.

Is this handgun good for concealed carry?

Yes, this is a great option if you want to use a Beretta 96 as your concealed carry weapon. It has a small frame that will easily fit under a jacket or into a purse, and it has a slim design that will not interfere with its use.

What are the dimensions of a Beretta 96?

The dimensions of the Beretta 96 are 8.5 inches in length, 5.5 inches in height, and 1.5 inches in width.


The Beretta 96 is a powerful double/single-action semi-auto pistol that offers plenty of benefits for those who want to own one. It’s easy to maintain, accurate and reliable. Plus, with its low recoil, you can shoot all day without feeling the effects on your body as much as other guns may do. If you’re in the market for a new pistol, we hope our Beretta 96 review has been helpful. We cover all of the features it offers and its pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision if it is the right gun for you. We hope that you found our gun review helpful in making the ultimate choice of your handgun.

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