Beretta 85 Review and Price

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Beretta 85 Review and Price
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Our Beretta 85 review and price exploration will give you all the information you need to make an informed purchase decision about this handgun. The Beretta 85 is the perfect gun for shooting, hunting, and home defense. But many people are hesitant to purchase a firearm because they don’t know all its features. Other factors make it hard to choose the right one, such as price range or availability. We’re going to cover everything you need to know about this model so you can make an informed decision when you go shopping for your next firearm. You’ll even find out how much it costs.

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Berettas are some of the most popular handguns in the world. They are used by police and military forces all over the planet. They’re also popular with civilians for hunting, target shooting, and self-defense. There are many reasons for this gun’s popularity, but its durability is one of the main reasons. Beretta 85 is made by Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta. This company Pietro Beretta has been in business since the 1500s, and it’s one of the oldest firearms companies in the world. Beretta is a family-owned business, and they are dedicated to making quality firearms that are reliable and affordable. This 80-series pistol is also famous by the name of Beretta Cheetah.

Beretta 85 Price

Buying a handgun can be confusing. There are many models, base versions, brands, and calibers to choose from. It’s important to know which features are essential, which are extra, and what you should expect to pay for each one. The Beretta 85 is an excellent pistol because it’s reliable and affordable. The Beretta 85 usually retails for around $854.73 new and $745.00 for an excellent condition used one. However, prices may vary depending on the retailer and commercial sale. Many people find this price a little bit high, but there are many reasons you might want to consider paying more than the bare minimum for nice pistols.


In this article, we’ll explore the Beretta 85 in detail by taking an unbiased look at what makes it unique and why it’s been so popular with shooters for years now. We’ll tell you everything about this gun, its features, and why it’s so much better than any other options available today. You’ll get unbiased information on all aspects of this weapon. We will start by exploring the features of Beretta 85.

Features and Specifications of Beretta 85

This handgun is perfect for a concealed carry gun or home defense. It’s also an excellent choice for target shooting and hunting. What features make it a great choice, we will explore further.

Grip and Textures

The frame is made from aluminum, making the gun lighter than some other options on the market. The open-top design is unique and gives this handgun a sleek look. It’s perfect for tactical shooters, but it’s also ideal for people who are just getting into the sport because there are no obstructions on top to get in their way when they’re shooting. The Beretta 85 also has a reversible magazine release so that you can configure it for your hand size and shooting style. It also has a textured grip, making it easier to hold onto when your hands are sweaty or wet. It is a great feature, especially if used for concealed carry or in the rain.


The Beretta 85 is available in different styles, including black and camo. It allows you to choose the best look for your weapon if you plan on using it for hunting or home defense. However, many shooters opt for black because they don’t want their guns to stand out when shooting targets at the range. The Beretta 85 has a traditional double-action grip that makes it easy to hold and fire. It also has a textured grip that provides a firm grip in wet and dry conditions.

Grip and Textures of Beretta 85

Size and Weight

The Beretta 85 is a compact handgun that’s easy to conceal and carry. It’s also lightweight, making it comfortable to shoot for extended periods. The Beretta 85 weighs just under 21.9 ounces unloaded, so it’s perfect for people looking for a gun they can easily take with them on their next trip. The Beretta 85 is a lightweight semi-auto pistol that measures 6.1 inches long, 4.8 inches high, and 1.4 inches wide. It weighs in at just under 21.9 ounces unloaded. This makes it the perfect size for a concealed carry pistol or home defense. It’s also easy to transport in a backpack or small bag when traveling.


It can also be used as competition pistols. It has a barrel length of 3.8 inches, which is shorter than some other options on the market, but it’s still long enough to provide accurate shots at a distance. The shorter barrel also makes it easy to conceal and carry. Its sight radius is 4.9 inches long, which is the average sight radius for most handguns on the market today.

Size and Weight Of Beretta 85

Stopping Power

The Beretta 85 is a powerful semi-automatic pistol that uses 9mm ammunition. It has a stopping power of 9 rounds, making it ideal for self-defense. It also has a magazine capacity of 8 rounds, so you can fire multiple shots before having to reload. This is an optimum feature if you’re in a dangerous situation and must fire multiple shots to stop your target. The Beretta 85 has a muzzle velocity of 1,003 feet per second. This gives it the same stopping power as other weapons on the market that are much larger and heavier. It’s easy to use at short and long ranges because it provides accurate shots every time.

Stopping Power of Beretta 85

Safety Features

This handgun uses a double-action trigger mechanism that enhances its distinct safety features. It provides smooth operation and prevents you from accidentally firing your weapon by striking the sides of the trigger. It also has an automatic safety that secures the gun when it’s not in use so it won’t fire even if dropped or bumped, making it extremely safe to handle. It also comes with a manual de-cocker, which you can drop the hammer safely without pulling the trigger. This is a great feature if you’re carrying the gun with a round in the chamber. It also features a firing pin block, which prevents the weapon from firing if it’s dropped.

Safety features Of Beretta 85

Slide Stop and Magazine Release

The Beretta 85 also has a slide stop and a magazine release, making it extremely easy to use.  This slide design lets you release the slide quickly after firing your weapon, which allows you to load a fresh round into the chamber. Apart from this slide finish, it also has an ambidextrous magazine release that’s easy to use with either hand.


The Beretta 85 comes with adjustable sights that make it easy to target your shots. The sights are fixed, which means you can’t move them, but they’re adjustable so that you can change the distance between them according to your preferences. This makes it easy to use at both short and long ranges. The Beretta 85 also has a sight radius of 4.9 inches long. The Beretta 85 comes with fixed iron sights that are easy to use even if you don’t have your glasses. It has an adjustable rear sight and a standard blade up front, so it’s easy to line up your shots when you’re aiming. The sights are also illuminated, making them easy to see in low-light conditions. It is a great feature if you plan to use your pistol for home defense or concealed carry.

Sights of Beretta 85

Advantages of Beretta 85

Beretta 85 offers many advantages over its competitors. What makes this gun different than the others, and why should you choose this over other handguns? Here are some of the benefits.

Quality and Durability

Beretta 85 is a premium Italian-made shotgun, which features optimum quality and durability. It is made out of steel that is durable enough to withstand daily use. The durability of steel and attractive features give an edge over other compact polymer pistols. It also has a 3.8-inch barrel length, which gives the user more control over their shots. This is great because it provides greater accuracy and stopping power at all ranges. The Beretta 85 is a double-action pistol, so it doesn’t require you to pull the hammer back before firing. This reduces the risk of accidentally firing your weapon because you have to do less work to operate it. It’s also great for people with weak hand strength or problems pulling back the hammer on a typical revolver.


The Beretta 85 is highly concealable, making it an excellent option for people who regularly carry their weapons with them. It has an overall length of 6.1 inches and weighs 21.9 ounces unloaded, which means you can easily conceal it in most places. If you need to carry your gun with you when you’re traveling, the Beretta 85 is a great option.

Disadvantages of Beretta 85

Although the Beretta 85 has many advantages over its competitors, it has a few disadvantages.

Long Trigger Pull

The Beretta 85 has a double-action mechanism, which is considered a “heavy” trigger pull. This means the gun is harder to shoot because you have to apply more pressure with each shot. The pistol also has a long trigger pull, taking more time and effort. This can be a disadvantage for people looking for a gun that’s easy to use. It can also be challenging to shoot accurately under pressure, leading to missed shots in a critical situation.

Aftermarket Accessories - Beretta 85 Review and Price

Fortunately, there are many aftermarket pistol parts for the Beretta 85. These parts can help you customize your gun to suit your needs better, making it an even better option than before. You can choose from several different sights and scopes to fit your weapon needs. You can also get custom grips designed for maximum comfort and control during use. We will explore these aftermarket accessories further.


The Beretta 85 has a few different sights options, including fixed and adjustable. Some of the most common sight options are:

Laser Sights

These offer a convenient way to improve your accuracy because you don’t have to line up front and rear sights before taking a shot. They also allow you to see your target more quickly in the dark or through a scope.

Night Sights

These work well for low light conditions where you may have trouble seeing your target. They glow in the dark, making it easy to get a clear shot at night or in foggy weather.

Scopes and Optics

The Beretta 85 also can attach a scope or optic for further precision. This can be an advantage when you need to take a shot from a distance. Some standard optics options include:

Red Dot Sights

are a popular choice because they offer quick target acquisition and allow you to shoot with both eyes open. This lets you see your target quickly without shifting focus between the front and rear sight.

Holographic Sights 

These are similar to red dot sights because they allow you to acquire your target quickly. They’re often smaller than other optics, which can make them a better choice for close-quarters combat or when you need to draw your weapon from concealment quickly.


There are also a variety of grips you can install on the compact size Beretta 85, including ergonomic and custom-designed options. Hand grips for this gun come in two different thicknesses: slim or thinner grips and regular. Slim grips have a smaller circumference than regular ones, which allows you to conceal your weapon more quickly. It is a comfortable grip but not easier to use with gloves because it doesn’t have any finger grooves, making it difficult to get a good grip on the gun. On the other hand, regular grips offer a little more surface area for your fingers and feel more comfortable in your hands after a long day at the range.


You can also find plastic grips or rubberized grips, which offer more control and help you keep a firm grip on your weapon even in wet or slippery conditions. You may also get wooden grips or checkered wood grips for your firearm. These ergonomic grips add great aesthetic value. An elegant checkering handle details or gorgeous laser checkering bring oomph to your gun. It is one of the classiest pistols available in the market.


There are also a variety of holsters available for the Beretta 85. You can find IWB (inside the waistband) and OWB (outside the waistband) holsters, as well as shoulder and ankle holsters. OWB holsters are the most popular option because they’re easy to access and offer a lot of protection from the elements. IWB holsters are a little more challenging to access, but they offer quick and convenient concealed carry options and added protection from rust.

Best Holster for Beretta 85

Many great holsters are available for the Beretta 85, but we think the UTG Special Ops Universal Leg Holster is the best one.

UTG Special Ops Universal Leg Holster

This holster was designed for maximum comfort and concealment, a significant advantage over other holsters. It’s lightweight and made of a moisture-resistant material that won’t fade or crack even after repeated use. The interior uses a special padded lining to keep your gun from getting scratched during the drawing process. This holster is also adjustable to fit most body types and worn on either the left or right sides. It comes with a quick-release buckle and an extra belt strap for added security. If you’re looking for a comfortable and concealable holster that will work with your Beretta 85, then we highly recommend the UTG Holster. This holster is an excellent value for the money and should help you conceal your weapon without any problems.


What is the Beretta 85?

The Beretta 85 is a compact handgun made by Beretta, one of the oldest gun manufacturers in Italy. It has an all-metal frame with polymer grips. Several variations on the original design offer new features, like added night sights or adjustable grips. Each Beretta 85 model is chambered in a 9mm Luger.

What are some common uses for the Beretta 85?

The Beretta 85 is most commonly used for self-defense, concealed carry, and home protection. Because it’s compact and lightweight, it’s easy to store in the glove compartment or under a car seat.

What are some common modifications for the Beretta 85?

There are several aftermarket parts available for this gun. You can find grips in several different materials, like wood or rubberized plastic, that offer more grip than metal. Other modifications include adjustable sights, additional magazine carriers, and laser sights that maximize your accuracy at night.

What are the primary benefits of Beretta 85?

Some of the primary benefits of the Beretta 85 include its lightweight and compact design, adjustable grip, and high magazine capacity. It’s also easy to conceal and has low recoil, making it an excellent choice for novice shooters.


Now you know all there is to know about the Beretta 85 and its features. The decision of which gun to buy ultimately comes down to what feels best in your hand, but if this Beretta 85 review and price guide has helped you make up your mind at least a little bit, we’ve done our job. Buy today with confidence by clicking on the link given in this post. Whether you want your new firearm shipped right to your door or are interested in purchasing a used one, there’s something here for everyone who wants quality without having to break the bank. Don’t miss these great deals while they last.

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